Climate Subcabinet Hoax?

Remember all the fanfare about Governor Tim Walz’ Climate Subcabinet? Apply today!

I applied. Thought I could bring perspective. But did they really want perspective?

I guess it was an easy job?
That Annual Report certainly looks to be running late… by a couple years now.

Yep. First and last.
Another nothing burger financed by taxpayer funds?
A boondoggle for friends to gather and pretend they were working?

No wonder we’re seeing things go downhill fast?
Who is really doing anything?


A Bunch of Losers… Finally Get a Win

If you aren’t ready to Lose – over and over and over again, and still keep on working – for the common goal to protect the water and stop the harm to the land – then I don’t recommend getting into the protection game.

It’s not easy work and the wins are few. Years go by as you Lose, again and again, because the system isn’t built for your team to win.

CELDF PM Press Pamphlet No. 0013: On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability - The Community Rights Movement in the United States 2015
CELDF PM Press Pamphlet No. 0013: On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability – The Community Rights Movement in the United States 2015

Yet, when you’re willing to keep documenting and sharing truth, no matter how many losses you encounter, or how many times you are ignored, even a bunch of Losers can have a big day. Eventually, if Courage persists and Wisdom gets a break, then Truth wins.

Against all odds, Waadookawaad Amikwag (Those Who Help Beaver) had a win this week. Recognition by a mainstream news outlet of Enbridge’s duplicity!!

Fox 9 Investigators: Enbridge Line 3 covered some of the work our group is doing and, in turn, laid out the deception Enbridge’s team used throughout their construction process, never accounting for the damages they were unleashing upon the land.

Your state agencies are not forcing Enbridge to come clean either and unreported sites of remediation continue to bring concern, especially here in Clearwater County. Thus far, they’ve only reported three aquifer breaches: Clearbrook at 57M gallons, LaSalle at 10M gallons, and MP1102.5 – just outside the Fond du Lac Reservation – where Enbridge’s construction errors have reportedly released over 219M gallons. And those figures are preliminary as it seems all three continue to bleed water from the land.

The Waadookawaad Amikwag blog adds insights to the coverage provided by Fox 9 News:

WA featured on Fox 9 Investigations about Enbridge Line 3/93 Environmental Impacts. Members of our team had a chance to meet with Nathan O’Neal of Fox 9 Investigations to reveal information about the long-term environmental impact of Enbridge’s Line 3/93 replacement project. As discussed in their coverage, the state has only publicly identified 3 sites of aquifer breaching along the pipeline corridor, while our team has independently identified and verified more than 40 sites of unnaturally upwelling water, among other forms of ecological disruption.

Waadookawaad Amikwag continues to monitor remote places where Enbridge harmed the earth and disturbed our water with construction of the Line 3/93 pipeline. Our field team and licensed drone pilots visit sites along the pipeline route, often away from the public eye. We document where these impacts to the land and the water continue.

We are concerned about dozens of sites of unnaturally upwelling groundwater, as well as “frac outs,” soil compaction, erosion, permanent impacts to wetlands, and more. As groundwater continues to flow from the aquifer breach sites it changes the volume and chemistry at the surface where it flows. We are concerned about potential impacts to manoomin. These environmental impacts affect communities all along the route who depend on this land and water, as well as everyone who lives downstream on the Mississippi River.

As Fox 9 highlights in this video, Enbridge claimed to have used safe and responsible construction techniques to build Line 3/93. However, it was their reckless work that caused such extensive damage. At the Clearbrook Terminal they explicitly disregarded the plans they had agreed to, digging much too deep and causing millions of gallons of water to erupt from the earth. They then failed to report these damages as required by law.

The company also claims to have “repaired” three sites of ecological devastation. That is not what our team sees at these sites. Instead what we see is that when the company attempts “remediation,” they cause further harm. They reinstall their timber matting and return with enormous heavy machinery that further compacts the earth. They cut more trees. They leave behind scraps of plastic and construction waste. At LaSalle Creek the company’s attempts to “repair” the aquifer breach they caused was to pour tens of thousands of gallons of grout into the earth to “plug” the breach, an ineffective plan that was poorly executed and resulted in even more ecological devastation at that site.

As we share further data about the sites of harm that we monitor, our ask for the state regulatory agencies and Enbridge is very simple: do no more harm! The pipeline has been harmful enough, by installing over 300 miles of in-ground heat, crossing through the largest bodies of freshwater and headwaters of Turtle Island, and exacerbating the effects of climate change. The implications of permanent harm will be studied for decades to come.

If you have information or inquiries, please email the Team at

There are the over 3 dozen additional sites of upwelling water yet to remediate along Enbridge’s Line 3/93 corridor based on the full-route thermal flyover data and ongoing ground-truthed evidence.

Please help share our truth as we work to hold accountable those charged with adhering to permits and all those state and federal agencies accountable to protecting clean water.

Capitalism’s Endgame

Abdul N.: “I was smart in that I picked Maintenance.”

There’s this math that just doesn’t add up in your favor… unless you’re the one who owns the factory.

Robots need no sick leave, no maternity leave, they don’t get benefits, they just need maintenance.

Next step: Maintenance robots.

Yes, the greed of capitalism continues its self-defeating work to ensure there are no wage earners to buy their products. Have the powerful calculated that no wage earners also means no taxes (from workers’ wages) to maintain roads, finance schools, fill libraries, or maintain fire departments? Have you?

I’m guessing the last thing to go will be the police force. I mean, once you’ve quelled the uprising of the citizenry, sure, downsize the ones who helped that effort. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say?

Robot dog cop videos are already all over YouTube. How soon until the powers that be implement them more widely in the process to insure their wealth?

Perhaps THAT is why they need so much of it?

There never was a plan to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, house the homeless or teach the ignorant. At least not for their “freedom”.

And our complicity is in our unwillingness to speak up for the unheard when we do have a voice.

Silence is violence.

George was just another martyr… in our revolution to justice.

Time Magazine – What the Artists Behind George Floyd Murals Around the World Want Us to Remember

Are you a Commodity?

Whatever they commoditize goes extinct.



Eagle fathers are only allowed to be in the possession of people native this land. Why? IMO because colonizers can’t control themselves. If something has value, it begins to disappear as it is extracted, hunted, or diseased out of existence.

Ted Kooser

A friend recently posted this noting it was”Red Friday” – a new one on me:

So I commented: Uh… This is a bit disturbing…Is the red for all the blood spilled by and from our soldiers?

Response: Jami Gaither remembering everyone deployed.

So I commented: I think the red is really telling. No reason for most of the military BS except to fatten the coin purses of the arms makers. America’s biggest business is military armaments and infrastructure.
Our tax dollars – more than half of them now- go to destruction of the world. (We call it protection of our rights or “democracy” which doesn’t even exist here in America… And truly never did.)
Our children are mere cannon fodder for the machine that makes money destroying places… in order for other capitalists to make money rebuilding the places we destroy. The loss of humanity… not even an afterthought usually.
Pretty sure THAT is why “they hate us”.👍And why so many soldiers die needlessly. 😞
The best way to support our troops is to keep them at home to defend our borders only when necessary.
Sadly, I think that need for homeland defense grows every day …as the government continues to absurdly seek war everywhere it can. 😵
One day, the others will have enough of America’s macho war games and arrogant deadly attacks, which often primarily kill women and children.
That day, perhaps Americans will learn the true and most horrific impacts of war?

Response: Jami Gaither I have friends deployed. I’m supporting those serving – not going into the rest of the stuff. They took an oath to uphold the constitution – not any of the other BS.

Closing: I’m pretty sure it’s the not “going into the rest of the stuff” that keeps the cannon fodder flying.
Civic engagement has been decimated by the rush of everyday Americans trying to survive on insufficient wages. A major reason ppl enter our military is… No Other Real Economic Options.
Perhaps the best way to support the troops is to ensure they don’t have to serve while their families rely on food stamps… because they’re living on starvation wages?
This is the system that keeps Americans on the edge, in fear, and willing to give their lives for the very country sacrificing all they hold sacred – love, life, happiness.
I’m hopeful we will all rethink these ideas of war. Especially as so many mothers tomorrow will be lamenting the senseless loss of their children.
I respect the willingness of our soldiers tremendously. 💖
I have no respect for the senseless way these humans are treated by those in power, willingly sacrificing their bodies to an economic cause for a few as they create chaos and terror for many around the world.😞

so… If people are a commodity:

It seems to me, the answer is community:

What to think…

What does it say about my long disdain for Fox News…. when I resonated with much of ole TC’s last show? Is that response ok as it appears he’s NOT aligned with Fox’s future?

Maybe it just says I keep an open mind?🧐

If you got a few minutes, check out my latest collaboration to help protect Wisconsin and Michigan the same fate Minnesota has faced with Enbridge. This 40-minute video will open your eyes to many of the concerns around Enbridge’s ongoing construction remediation on its Line 3/93 tar sands pipeline project.

Watch for more at the Waadookawaad Amikwag website, YouTube channel, and upcoming webinars to come.

Ever grateful to my language community and my fellow Water Protectors.

Our work continues.

All About the GIRLS!!!

So, the HARN has been completely restructured with the recent addition of two new roommates.

We now often find ourselves with Cat Gravity. And while I have a few photos and such here today, there are so many photos and videos we WISH we’d caught! There are so many antics. [You may have caught the recent Princess Party? And if you are playing serious catch up, you can start with Hour 1.]

Huggie falls into a FB hole with Mom – check out what they watched!! It’s all about the Beavers…

The best things about them are:

Huggie Snuggie (aka Ugly, Ugs, Uggie): She LOVES to snuggle! And she’s so full of joy! Sometimes she will be snuggling with Dan and I’ll ooh and aah over how cute she is from across the room… and she’ll hear me, jump down, and run over to me to give ME some snuggles!!

Twisted Sister (aka 90, Ninety-Niner, Agent 99): In addition to her rad-ass bent tail, she’s a spunky fighter with a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 punch rally that amazes! She may be smaller, but she’s also feistier.

In addition to our new girls, perhaps you will take a chance, as we did, to catch up on this amazing documentary This Changes Everything – all about the Women in Hollywood. Think about it… the revolution started in 2019. It’s not just about Hollywood, but how the rest of America works as well… or at least how it used to! #Revolution

Figuring out the Propaganda?


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It’s hard to say what has been most frustrating about my life as an activist but perhaps it’s the freaking absurdity of what continues to sell like hotcakes? Against all logic. Even though the deception can be discovered with the least bit of scrutiny? 🧐

Natalie sings of our situation…

Regardless of whether it is Big Pharma, our government, or Big Oil, my concerns about the players are finding themselves on solid ground. The proof continues to emerge on Enbridge’s Line 93 construction failures (while state agencies continue to remain silent on these as-yet-unreported concerns) and data keeps coming to light on the adverse impacts of the mRNA vaccines.

While it can be difficult to face the blowback from those who are not yet discerning the bullshit, I’ll continue to speak truth as I discover it. And I’ll be ever grateful for those who are willing to discuss life matters openly… to find truth together.

This past week shows recent concerns being wrangled:

1. The news on vaccines continues to come. None of it good, sadly, for those who’ve been inoculated with mRNA.

  • While we can’t expect the same here in the US, it was good to see the addressing of medical issues from vaccination in the UK. I like how he says government is supposed to be “of, by, and for the people”…. and data shouldn’t have to be pulled, like teeth, by Freedom of Information Act requests. It should just be given. Indeed. And on the Enbridge’s failures as well? Figuring out the oligarchy yet? And how it is killing us… Sometimes slowly with pollution, sometimes by the millions with an escaped gain of function research virus… And sometimes a jab at a time? FFS. Good luck, everybody.
  • Spike protein circulating in kids with Covid vaccination. Reports on myocarditis after inoculationStrangely no unvaccinated control group for comparison. Hmmm. 🧐
  • Here’s the US Senate report on the origins of Coronavirus. Knowing this since Mother’s Day 2020… at least… apparently I’m just brilliant? Or simply not drinking Kool aid from big pharma?
  • Adverse impacts from vaccines resulting in death. It didn’t have to be this way… Standard payment of ₺120,000 provided by UK government! In the U.S., it’s best to not count on any reimbursement. Don’t count on even any acknowledgement of possible vaccine in jury? FFS. The government is still PROMOTING VACCINATION! For BABIES!
  • New WHO Treaty And what might go wrong with giving the WHO even MORE CONTROL over pandemic response? After they failed so miserably on Coronavirus? Note: Within a few months, the UK has gone from inoculating babies… to restricting the Covid vaccines to ONLY those over 75. Will the U.S. follow this lead? Nah! Too many profits to be had!! Plus, Carbon Reduction Power!!
  • And today’s word: Miscarriage and stillbirths Again, more requirements for requesting specific data, rather than it being included for a FOIA. What are they hiding so thoroughly? The apparent lack of data since 2020 is QUITE DISTURBING. [Video comments are really horrifying on this one. Lots of anecdotal evidence shared. This was telling: “My wife and I chose not to take the vaccine and had a healthy baby boy 2 weeks ago. While at the hospital 2 nurses commented on how wonderful it was to finally have a woman come in without hypertension and a baby that wasn’t underweight. They said Covid causes that and that’s why they’re only just seeing these issues now. I’m sure the US government has data relating hypertension in pregnant women to the vaccine and id be very curious to see it”]

2. Even the Aspen Institute is now a Propaganda Program!! For crying out loud. Next thing you know Fox News will be telling more truth than MPR? 🧐 Lots of shake ups in MSM this week, eh? Feels collapse is nearer every day and we’ll only know about it if we’re watching alternative media. Perhaps you can check out these tidbits to learn more?

3. Industry failures that result in Environmental damages:

  • The Findings on the Keystone XL Failure in Kansas The overriding concern in day to day life here at the HARN is when Enbridge’s Line 93 might fail. With aquifer breaches throughout Clearwater County along its corridor, the most frightening place for failure is either LaSalle Valley or, my best guess, Walker Brook Valley. With this just in on the Keystone Pipeline failure last year, Walker Brook feels more likely every day. Fatigue is an obvious problem with a pipeline resting in a bog that is constantly rising and lowering with fluctuating water levels, eh?
  • Tesla supplier Talon Metals accelerates hunt for nickel in Michigan Yet the Upper Midwest appears to be catering to extractive industry clients? Learn more… from the salesmen. How’s that keeping with environmental safety? Spoiler alert: It’s not. See below.]
  • Meanwhile… ‘They’re destroying us’: Indigenous communities fear toxic leaks from Canada oil industry How many more signs of failure by industry, how many more tornados or hurricanes or floods, how many more puzzle pieces of horror will it take for humanity to see we’re pushing the limits and literally destroying the sources needed for our survival. (If you laughed once at those Easter Island photos as a kid… might want to look real hard in the mirror next chance you get.) 😭

4. How capitalism works…

  • Love this dude Matthew Desmond 💖 Why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep dying. Poor die at a rate of 500/day… Just because they are poor. Being poor is REALLY EXPENSIVE. SO MANY RULES that create strive for the poor while giving more help to the rich. Guess the rich got better bootstraps? 😭
  • Pamphlet #13: On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability Our laws are not designed for environmental rights… or workers’ rights for that matter!! Educate yourself on your own disenfranchisement? If you want to do something about all the madness?

And that’s to not even mention Guantanamo, the Canadian Kids, or Earth Day celebrations.

I’ll see you Monday! {Unless, like Tucker, my producer kills my show!!} 😬

The Most Recent Road Trip… Spring 2023


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What an amazing time we had at a jam packed event for AICHO -as stated in their event notice:

Dabinoo’Igan is empowering the voices that are often silenced due to Domestic Violence. “One Community, Many Voices, Stop the Silence” is an opportunity for our community to come together for the victims who are silenced. Enjoy musical performances by Erik Koskinen and Band, Anishinaabeg national music award winners Annie Humphrey and Keith Secola along with the Miziiwekaamikiinang Drum Group on April 6, 2023

AICHO is expanding our culturally responsive domestic violence shelter Dabinoo’Igan to help more victims of domestic and sexual violence in our community. …in partnership with the Ordean Foundation. All monies raised will go toward the Dabinoo’Igan Shelter expansion.

In the fiscal year 2021, the Dabinoo’Igan Shelter provided 490 unique individuals with shelter services, accommodated 2,509 bed stays, and answered over 577 crisis calls. During the same year, Dabinoo’Igan had just under 200 requests for services that were unmet due to capacity issues.

Victims of violence should never have to face these barriers when seeking safety and help.

Help us help our community in need. Dabinoo’Igan is Anishinaabemowin for “a place where you are safe, comforted and sheltered”. More about musicians, tickets, fundraiser: :

Top event sponsors: Ordean Foundation, Krenzen Auto, McKnight Foundation, First Nations Development Institute, Maurices, St. Louis County Attorney’s Office, Essentia Health, Ivy Vainio + Friends, Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, National Bank of Commerce, RBC Wealth Management-Duluth, and RSM US LLP. #AICHOFundDVShelter

from the event info

This event was incredible. Terrific organizing. Amazing performances. Annie is always powerful – EVERY time I’ve seen her – and the middle guys were stars with a big booming sound – really rocked it – then Keith came out and blew our minds.🤯 Great to see David Huckfelt. 🫶

Ivy and team did a fantastic job. The Ordean guy was terrific. Really could see the coherence in the group. Good to see some friends there to support the fundraiser and we really enjoyed the after party! 😍

More time with friends all the way home, including visiting our babies!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

So many good friends and family. 💖

Working this week on getting our place organized again for kitten arrival. After swearing I wouldn’t… ever again… 😵‍💫 Only excuse… Overwhelming cuteness.😻😻 And they say two is easier…🧐

Deep conversations and time in the woods all made for a terrific welcome of spring. 🌱 🌺

So many good friends and family. 💖 My life keeps getting better and better.

We All Have Value

If being a good ally means only following and listening, I am a bad ally.

Did Creator not make me as I am supposed to be? A questioning, puzzle-piecing, thinking, compassionate, metallurgical engineer?

Should I stop asking questions? Some say that my questions seem accusatory or critical, rather than inquisitive. I can work on my tone, yet…

I want to ask friends, “If you know my heart, why do you take my questions as criticism instead of inquiry?”

Pondering how to find my way.

[This was written some time back. I’ve worked on tone and approach as I continue to discover my own personal evolution, yet still, occasionally, this thinking arises.]

We’re all doing our best as we walk these paths through life. 💖