Can One Grout Closed an Aquifer Breach?


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Our normal Sunday trip now is to visit the Enbridge Aquifer Breach of their Line 3/Line93 Project at the Enbridge Terminal in Clearbrook. This Sunday was no different in that it found more work happening and a growing amount of construction.

This video contains the details on what we witnessed on 10/24/21:

  • New structure over the pump stations to the East end of the work zone.
  • New pipes and weight bags in the area of the breach.
  • Keller Grout silo truck in place as well as a Drill Rig.
  • Excavation at the southeast corner of the Terminal property (which the Strib caught in their drone photo)
Yellow Area is where the new excavation is happening (Strib Photo)

MN DNR Resolutions… Still Awaiting Resolution.


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DNR Update on Enbridge Failure to remedy Aquifer Breach in allotted time frame

Still no answer on SOOOOO Many Questions around the Enbridge Line 3 Tar Sands Relocation and Expansion Pipeline Project. And today we’ll give a video explanation of what we’re seeing at the Aquifer Breach at the Enbridge Clearbrook Terminal that remains… Un-Resolved. So, as much as DNR has given another Resolution to Enbridge… we see no resolution of their many egregious damages along the Line 93 Corridor – as the Canadian Company has named their new pipeline.

Reporting on Sunday work on both 9/26 and 10/17 at the Clearbrook Terminal Aquifer Breach (One of three Enbridge is reportedly addressing.)

La Palma: Not even enough to Awaken?


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Presentation on Enbridge’s Aquifer Breach and other Impacts of Line 93 (New Line 3) Construction

Well, after re-watching the presentation by folks regarding the aquifer breach, and knowing that Enbridge is still being allowed to move forward on their work… it seems nothing will stop the insanity we’re seeing as the State of Minnesota continues to seemingly collude in assuring Enbridge a new Line 93 to smoosh tar sands sludge through Northern Minnesota watersheds… risking everything from the Red River Valley to the Mississippi Headwaters to Lake Superior.

Enbridge’s latest status update, as evidenced by lies and coverups revealed in the video above, reveals a meaningless “Environmental Updates to Note Since the Last Report: The Project work activities continue to be monitored daily by Enbridge Inspection staff, Third-Party State Agency Monitors and Third-Party Tribal Monitors.”

I say meaningless as these are the SAME PEOPLE who have been monitoring FROM THE BEGINNING… and now we have multiple violations of permits without action by Minnesota agencies, frac-outs all along the Enbridge Corridor of Death, and an unremediated aquifer breach.

Latest Quakes in La Palma (

It seems to me that perhaps even the ongoing concerns in La Palma may not be enough to awaken folks though perhaps we’ll see? Some like to say pipelines are safe… as some insist this island is… though, time always tells.

On Day 22, Bushcraft Bear reports eruptions in La Palma continue to concern. The north side of the cone has collapsed and huge chunks of lava continue to flow. This video shows a cut-off portion of the island and, if the island does fall apart, as some predict… (that red line about 1:45 into that video is where volcanos are currently erupting) there will be about 7-8 hours to evacuate the east coast of the United States for possible tsunami impacts.

Realistically, as all the data to date hasn’t worked to awaken folks… my guess is that NOTHING… perhaps not even a La Palma generated tsunami wiping out the east coast… ever will.

Though there is someone who may change your mind… Friend, David Huckfelt wrote an amazing piece for the Duluth Reader this past week and he makes good points:

With the potential to raise global temperatures .4 degrees Celsius, Line 3 is a glaring example of spiritual bankruptcy and greed, the alcoholic’s equivalent of just one more drink. 

An interview I did with Duluth TV station WDIO generated more than two hundred comments on Facebook, a litany of vitriol and misinformed insults from people who apparently love oil as if they drank it for breakfast.”

In a climate emergency, every pipeline leaks David Huckfelt in the Duluth Reader

I’ve always said, we all need a 12-Step Program.

Good luck, Everybody! Hopefully we all get to keep coming back! 😀

The Beginning of the Existential End?


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As we continue with the ongoing and increasingly horrific climate catastrophes, just thought I’d give a bit of insights for your consideration.

As you regular readers know, this blog has written much about Line 3 – now Line 93 as Enbridge says they are already pushing tar sands through it… regardless of the fact that there are many water issues remaining to be resolved, perhaps most significantly, the aquifer breach adjacent to the Enbridge Clearbrook Terminal, which has been leaking since January… and there appears to be no immediate remedy in sight.

Ron Turney of Indigenous Environmental Network has put together some amazing drone footage covering the problems, for which the Minnesota DNR and Pollution Control Agency (those agencies charged with managing our natural resources to assure clean land, air, and water for all) seem to have no care or time.

Aquifer Breach at Enbridge’s Clearbrook Terminal – leaking since January 21, 2021 with no remediation progress in sight. Photo Credit: Ron Turney

Watch the Line MN has a great “Guest Blog: Former pipeline inspector raises serious questions about the effectiveness of the current regulatory system” this week:

It’s unfortunate that humans can never anticipate all the myriad ways that an accident can occur. But once an accident does occur, PHMSA wants to ensure that the same scenario never happens again. So the agency requires regular inspections on every aspect of the pipeline, from its corrosion control measures to the calculation of maximum allowable pressure within the pipe. And this means a regular and frequent presence of state and federal inspectors traveling the pipeline, poking around pump stations, taking pictures of workers welding, looking through manuals, and sitting in on table-top disaster response drills.

However, the inspection agencies are funded by the pipeline companies, including inspectors’ salaries, office equipment, personal protective equipment, and vehicles for conducting inspections.

If the agencies conducting the inspections are funded by those being inspected, who are the inspectors really working for?

In addition to a flow of oil and funding, there is a flow of personnel. An enormous amount of job-shifting occurs between the inspection agencies and the pipeline companies, similar to the famous revolving door between legislators and lobbyists. That means that pipeline companies get personnel who are fully trained in the regulations—and who also understand how to keep certain issues, even violations, from the eyes of the inspectors. In turn, the inspection agencies sometimes get personnel who might give a pass to certain possibly unsafe practices. …

When an inspector does find a problem, from anything as minor as the company failing to do a timely inspection on an element of the pipeline to something as consequential as causing a death, the inspector may impose a fine. While the regulatory codes are extensive, penalties for violations are small. … They remain comically low compared to the profits that the company rakes in.

Even then, companies argue and litigate over those small fines and penalties. Penalties are often reduced or eliminated altogether.

How effective can an inspection be if the companies don’t face repercussions for bad behavior?

What is the message sent to pipeline companies if the already miniscule slap on the wrist for violations is further reduced?

Enter Enbridge Line 3. Given the amount of scrutiny over pipeline construction, why didn’t Minnesota’s state pipeline inspection agency send increased numbers of inspectors to the construction sites, if only to give the appearance of understanding the public’s concern about the pipeline? Instead of paying for the enhanced “security” during construction, why didn’t Enbridge instead pay for enhanced presence of inspectors, people who are supposed to ensure the safety of the public?

It is clear that Enbridge is beholden to its profits and not to protecting the public. 

Watch the Line MN Guest Blog by a former pipeline inspector

If the Minnesota PUC, MPCA, or DNR HAD required Enbridge to fund added INSPECTION instead of added security, we’d have likely not had an aquifer breach, that happened in January and remains unresolved to this day… and we’d likely not have had so many grandmas and children in hand cuffs by overly aggressive (and financially incentivized) local law enforcement care of Enbridge. [***Thanks to IEN for the footage of the aquifer breach as I continue to not have found the ability to finalize my own footage yet Nice coverage, Simone, Dawn, and Ron.***]

So, while Enbridge fails to clean up their current mess, they are claiming their pipeline is pushing tar sands by 10/3… or was it 10/1? As they appeared to be hydrostatic testing the pipeline in my neighborhood on September 30th this past week… I kinda think that this is really a “Hey, we hit the On-Time Deadline! Bonuses can be paid! (But slow roll those sands as we’re really still building here! Shhh… ‘Substantially’ is where we’re at… not complete. Shhh!) Shareholders, rejoice as we’ll be making money instead of bleeding it!! Hoorah for Enbridge! (Well, we’re still bleeding money on the build with that darn aquifer breach… toughie, that one, eh, but we’re sure we can afford enough grout to seal it closed once we… uh… flow oil? {gulp})…”

Afternoon of 9/30/21… RA-05 portion of the NEW Line 93: 250th Crossing in Clearwater County (Spread 2 of the LR3 project)

Meanwhile, the world is falling apart in so many ways. This week, I’ll give a shout out to Beau of the Fifth Column, who puts it this way when it comes to water shortages in the Southwest. The impacts are staggering… and with the historic droughts… the most severe in paleoclimate and historic records… it MIGHT (maybe?) be a good idea to consider water as a most critical resource. Uh, you know, water? The source of all life?

We are running out of time.”

Beau… in the video noted above.

Criminal Charges Pending Against Enbridge


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It’s been another whirlwind of a week in Enbridgeland.

As most find themselves accepting a future Enbridge wishes – and promotes daily on the radio still… and with large ads in the paper too? [I wouldn’t know as we don’t get a paper. Perhaps for the best to not have to see Enbridge lies…] Their favorite, in these end days, is the one about how well Enbridge works with the Tribes. [FFS. They’ve done all they can to DIVIDE Tribes!]

This weekend, we discovered a new tagline – financed by Enbridge I’m guessing, based on the large billboards and signs being for the companies who have long supported the Line 3 project …for what recompense, I know not, though perhaps some foolishly support them without compensation? These new signs are perhaps the scariest yet… so I’ll save them for the end of the blog.

Yet regardless of all their advertising, Enbridge could not be in a much bigger mess at this point in the game.

As we saw with Dakota Access Pipeline on their final river crossing, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe brought out tremendous support AGAINST a pipeline running through [not the white neighborhoods of Bismark… but] the Native lands of the Sioux People. All along the Line 3 process in Minnesota, we’ve seen the strong and vocal opposition, based in science and standing on the treaty rights of the Anishinaabeg.

Yet these citizens were stymied again and again by state agencies in apparent collusion with Enbridge as commissioners were nearly completely unwilling to meet with citizens or scientists, state representatives literally campaigned for the oil transport company to be paid millions of dollars in back taxes, and even the MN Court of Appeals seemed to find that, even though there was no demand forecast provided… deferring to the Public Utilities Commission was A-OK anyway!

Nevertheless, Enbridge is finding its project also falling apart at their last crossing… of the Clearwater River, no less. Ironic, no? As they are trying to wrap up construction, there is evidence of a frac-out once again.

We saw on July 20th the public outrage grow as Enbridge experienced mulitple frac-outs as they drilled under the Mississippi Headwaters in Clearwater County. These failures followed unreported frac-outs at the Willow River after the company had already drilled under the Mississippi’s second crossing (near Palisade – outside the allowable construction period no less, which restricted work from 4/1-6/30 each year – though a reported frac-out of 6000-9000 gallons of drilling mud occurred on… June 25, 2021) of Enbridge’s preferred route for their new pipeline, now named Line 93 as the official line markers are installed along the new corridor. It took public monitors and Senators and Representatives writing to the MPCA to FINALLY hear from the agency of the more than two dozen frac-outs that had already happened!!

To this DAY, STILL the Mississippi Headwaters continues to show evidence of frac-out drilling mud seeping up through the wetlands and rising to the water surfaces, and into Misi-ziibi. All coming downstream to a drinking water source near you?

RISE Coalition, Red Lake Treaty Camp, Camp Migizi, Honor the Earth, and Indigenous Environmental Network are holding Enbridge accountable for their destruction of our wetlands, waters, and lands. While the MN DNR and MPCA seem to do near nothing but allow Enbridge to continue said destruction. [Love Forever to Ron Turney…]

That was just the beginning of their HDD (Horizontally Directional Drilled) water crossings and their luck has continued to be poor as we now see the frac-outs at the Clearwater River, as well as the larger problem of Enbridge’s VIOLATION of their Construction Permit which resulted in their BREACH OF AN AQUIFER in Clearbrook – WAY BACK IN JANUARY… which the DNR claims to not have known about until June 15, 2021, and for which the public was not informed until just this month. This aquifer CONTINUES to leak as Enbridge finds no way to remedy their rupture. NINE MONTHS LATER… [FFS, I could make an entire HUMAN in that time!]

Keep in mind that June 15th was just ELEVEN (11) DAYS after the DNR approved an almost 10-fold increase in dewatering allowance for Enbridge. DID NO ONE CONNECT THE FUCKING DOTS ON THIS SHIT??? FFS How thoughtless ARE the DNR agency representatives???

Separately, the DNR has also referred this matter to the Clearwater County Attorney for criminal prosecution. The DNR has determined that Enbridge Energy violated Minnesota Statute 103G.141, subdivision 1, which makes it a crime to appropriate “waters of the state without previously obtaining a permit from the commissioner.”

The criminal referral and civil enforcement orders resulted from an investigation of Line 3 construction activities near Enbridge’s Clearbrook Terminal. Should the company violate the DNR’s restoration order, it would be subject to additional misdemeanor charges under state law.”

DNR Announcement of Orders Against Enbridge

On Saturday, we discovered a large Enbridge holding tank farm in SE Bagley, just between the golf course and the nursing home facility in a small cul-de-sac neighborhood of quiet homes. On discovery, I wasn’t sure what this holding tank facility was all about, though on review of the footage at home that evening, I determined these were likely settling tanks for the large amounts of water Enbridge was removing from our landscape as they try to finish their work.

What are the contents of these tanks?

It seems two things, based on aerial and on the ground footage… and NO INPUT FROM THE DNR OR MPCA to Citizens of the dangers entailed.

First, they appear to be tanks for the frac-out contaminated waters vaccuumed from their HDD locations to be placed for settling – as their designed dewatering systems were FAR TOO INSUBSTANTIAL to accommodate the LARGE QUANTITIES OF FRAC-OUT CONTAMINATED WATER.

Approved Dewatering Site – 260th Street crossing of Line 93 in Clearwater County

Enbridge dumps water in here and hope the bales filter out any sediments as the liquid – water with any contaminants from the trench – flows back into the environment. Or so I hear… never saw one in use here in Clearwater County.

This was taken at the 250th street crossing where these dewatering stations never were installed.

Second, with the aquifer breach near Enbridge’s Clearbrook Terminal, it seems clear there could also be water coming from that location as well. AND at least one truck leaving this job site was marked not as “Non-Potable Water” but with HazMat Code 1993 – FLAMMABLE LIQUID.

Access Road 15C is at the Aquifer Breach at Enbridge’s Clearbrook Terminal

We saw multiple trucks leaving an area on Fairgrounds Road directly east of the Bagley dump. Not only did we see dump trucks (one that dumped its load in the dump) and “Non-Potable Water” trucks, but also another with HazMat Code 1993 – FLAMMABLE LIQUID, following that one directly to the tank farm facility SE of Bagley.

HazMat Tool Info

SOOOO….How did this Breach of the Aquifer happen?

It seems Enbridge decided to willfully violate the Construction Permit for their “Line 3 Replacement” project… which we all know now is a relocation and expansion project as their easement was clearly was cut for more than a single pipeline installation.

The Administrative Penalty Order issued to Enbridge found Enbridge far exceeded plans presented to the state of Minnesota for only an 8′ deep trench in the area:

Beginning on about January 21, 2021, and continuing through the date of this APO, Enbridge has violated Minn. Stat. § 103G.223 by causing reductions in groundwater resources available to the Leon 33 calcareous fen (Steenerson and Deep Lake Fens) (calcareous fens) without an approved calcareous fen management plan. In 2020, Enbridge informed DNR, in its request for a no effect concurrence, that its construction activities were unlikely to negatively impact the nearby calcareous fens because Enbridge intended to excavate about an eight foot deep trench. Instead, when Enbridge constructed the pipeline at or near the Clearbrook Terminal, Enbridge excavated an eighteen foot deep trench and installed sheet piling to a depth of 28 feet. Because Enbridge deviated from its plans, Enbridge breached an artesian aquifer, causing uncontrolled flow of groundwater. The uncontrolled flow affects the same aquifer that upwells into the Leon 33 calcareous fen (Steenerson and Deep Lake Fens) and is located approximately 4,800 feet northwest of the calcareous fens. Enbridge failed to submit a calcareous fen management plan for DNR approval prior conducting an activity that may drain, or otherwise degrade, wholly or partially, a calcareous fen.”

DNR Administrative Penalty Order dated 9/16/2021

This situation is also noted in the Restoration and Replacement Order:

In an email to Randall Doneen dated July 7, 2021, Kristen Lenz of Merjent, Enbridge’s consultant, stated that as of March 19, 2021, the quantity of water pumped was estimated at 3.8 million gallons. Enbridge had not taken any flow or volume measurements since March 18. Attachments to the email showed that the depth of the bore pit was 18 feet deep by 45 feet long by 12 feet wide. The sheet piling was 30 feet long with 28 feet installed into the ground. This email contained maps, boring logs and other information about the area.”

Enbridge Lies FB Acct

That many still support Enbridge is a sign of a poor media capacity to shine the light on the egregious way Enbridge is already damaging our state, including for the last nine months, by bleeding water from our landscape – itself experiencing severe drought – as the pipeline company begged the DNR for a HUGE increase in their use of water from the state, all while not revealing their company’s BREACH of an Aquifer because they FAILED to CONFORM to their Construction Permit Requirements!!!

The media has failed – always seeming to drink the Enbridge kool-aid… perhaps because of all those big ads… that generated much-needed revenues during a pandemic? From scarcely reporting on the death and near-death of two Enbridge employees early on in the project work… to barely noting the inclusion of Enbridge pipeliners involved in sex crimes across the north… to not reporting on the police brutality by DNR Officers, State Troopers, and local law enforcement – with much exception here in Clearwater County where we’ve seen Sheriff Halverson honestly, fairly, and transparently enforcing the law. And while they are not covering those very serious and traumatic events, we watch them give the same short shrift to explaining to the public how the state agencies and local citizens have been duped by Enbridge money and propaganda. The media seem just another paid promoter for Enbridge.

Which brings me back to those scary new banners.

Now I know where I’m NOT getting a trailer if I need one…
#Boycott King of the Road Trailers

For those who cannot easily name their product, they choose another word in their star-spangled banner ads:

At US Hwy 2 and Clearwater County 2 – the Heart of Enbridgeland?

I’m hoping this time, the public sees the already atrocious concerns being raised simply by Enbridge’s CONSTRUCTION process, and that they will certainly be rising to assure Minnesota is protected from this foreign corporation destroying even MORE of Minnesota than we’ve seen to date.

We surely have seen that no one in the State Agencies are coming to our rescue.

Update 9/29/21:

Bad news: PUC apparently giving Enbridge the Green Light… even though there is SO MUCH MESS STILL REMAINING! Exposed and incomplete wiring not done at many crossings along the RA-05 portion of the route – even at the Clearbrook Terminal.

Photo taken 9/26/21 at east side of Highway 92 just west of the Clearbrook Terminal.
These kinds of loose wires are rampant throughout the county, yet Enbridge proposes their project “complete”??? Who inspected this fucking project? Apparently, Minnesota Agencies trust Enbridge for that too…
This was taken on 9/25/21 at the Line 93 (that’s its new name…) crossing of 298th Street.

Note the VERY WIDE CORRIDOR which Enbridge seemingly hopes to be able to move all their pipelines into – as their easements for their pipelines thru Leech Lake Reservation end in 2029. Wishing more had understood the critical reasons we have worked so hard to #StopLine3.

To Worse: Inewz.TV reports Enbridge plans to flow tar sands by Friday.

Cree Prophecy? Chief Seattle quote? Debwewin. Truth.

Today, RISE Coalition, Red Lake Nation, and White Earth Nation all stand in opposition.
Stand with them in every way that you can.

Update: 10/18/21 – And STILL the Enbridge Aquifer Breach at their Clearbrook Terminal… remains unresolved.

Trust DNR on Climate Change? I think not.


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When we moved to northern Minnesota back in 2016 we were pretty surprised to see so much animosity towards the Minnesota DNR. We’d moved to Minnesota for the abundant water and large trees we found in Clearwater County. We figured the hunting and fishing crowd would be real excited about what the DNR typically does – making trails into forests for ATVs, managing woodlands and wetlands (so we thought) for the citizenry, and generally assuring their Mission:

The mission of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is to work with Minnesotans to conserve and manage the state’s natural resources, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and to provide for commercial uses of natural resources in a way that creates a sustainable quality of life.

MN DNR Mission Statement

We’re getting it now…

After 7 years of work in trying to protect the clean waters within our landscape, we’ve watched the DNR work more towards destruction than anything. They’ve been helped along by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency but we’re focused on the DNR for today’s Emergency Blog.

Perhaps taking a look at the DNR’s explanation of their mission statement will give some clues…

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources works to integrate and sustain the interdependent values of a healthy environment, a sustainable economy, and livable communities. DNR’s integrated resource management strategy shares stewardship responsibility with Minnesotans and partners to manage for multiple interests. DNR protects the state’s natural heritage by conserving the diversity of natural lands, waters, and fish and wildlife that provide the foundation for Minnesota’s recreational and natural resource-based economy (M.S. 84, M.S. 97A). DNR manages natural lands such as forests, wetlands, and native prairies; maintains healthy populations of fish and wildlife; and protects rare plant and animal communities throughout the state. DNR manages the state’s water resources, sustaining healthy waterways and ground water resources. DNR provides access to enrich public outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hunting, fishing, wildlife-watching, camping, skiing, hiking, biking, motorized recreation, and conservation education through a state outdoor recreation system that includes parks, trails, wildlife management areas, scientific and natural areas, water trails, and other facilities (M.S. 86A). DNR supports natural resource-based economies, managing state forest lands for multiple forest values (M.S. 89), ensuring the maximum long-term economic return from school trust lands (M.S. 127A), and providing other economic opportunities in a manner consistent with sound natural resource conservation and management principles.”

MN DNR Mission Statement (my emphasis)

So, it looks from here like MDNR is “managing” our natural resources for their “economic” value with their… “partners“. Yeah.

I once sat at lunch with Commissioner Strommen and asked her why it seemed the statutes for MDNR seemed mainly about overseeing the sales of natural resources and documenting to whom they sold them. She asked if I’d read the whole statute… but couldn’t tell me more about why they aren’t just about that. So I asked for her proudest achievement as Commissioner of the DNR. Now… granted, this was December 3, 2019… so maybe she hadn’t been in the job long enough to find a better one… still, her answer was pretty disappointing. She mentioned being super excited for a DNR public town hall that was REALLY well attended! I was nonplussed.

Today, we found another opportunity for a public gathering with the MN DNR and I’m betting she wasn’t NEARLY as excited about it. Let’s find out what happened!

The meeting was scheduled for 2 PM – ironically, at the same time many Environmental Groups opposed to Line 3 were ALSO meeting. Hmmm… No coincidence there? Divide and Conquer – that is the way of Empire.

I noted this comment pretty much summed up my opinion:

Gail Nosek, Communications Director for the MN DNR encouraged attendance with her re-tweet of the event:

So… I had to ask – afterwards:

Turns out, THIS was more the result of their “Office Hours” meeting:

What questions DID they hear? It seems the DNR was excited to tweet about that too! Though, as noted by the Minnesota Department of Snark, those didn’t include mine…

So, what was my question? I’m glad you asked!!! …though the MN DNR didn’t quite answer it.

My question is in regards understanding how the Minnesota DNR as land manager will adequately address climate change in Minnesota, especially as Commissioner Strommen mentioned the power of trees, and others spoke of water mgmt, both of which factor into my question.

In addition to other concerns in my past experience with MDNR, my recent reading of the Restoration and Replacement Order issued to Enbridge on their Line 3 project, troubled me as the DNR, following not just one or two but at LEAST SEVEN reports from the Independent Environmental Monitors, did nothing to intervene with expertise.

The February 2, 2021 report noted: “Due to excessive groundwater infiltration the site was backfilled and sheet piling was initiated. Despite backfill, groundwater has flowed to the surface.”

I’d ask WHY at that time NO ONE with MORE EXPERIENCE from the DNR came to review the situation. What did the Monitors think of this unrelenting groundwater flow? Why was this not seen as a situation that might require more expertise than theirs?

On February 20th, a Saturday, even the Environmental Resources Management group’s Technical Director “agreed that the turbidity was unusual for a well point dewatering”… 

Mid-March (on the 13th, 15th, & 16th) provided several reports in close succession regarding fine clay sediments and included in the final report a notice that “Enbridge issued [itself] an unacceptable report for improper dewatering structure” yet there was STILL NO MENTION from Enbridge OF A DIVERSION FROM THEIR CONSTRUCTION PERMIT, which might have assisted in far earlier resolution than a full three months later, when on June 15th, the IEMs happened to be asked by DNR staff about the “uncontrolled flow at the Clearbrook Terminal” of which (reportedly) “DNR staff were not previously aware”.

How were the DNR staff unaware when there were at least 7 reports regarding this situation in Q1? This mid-June report also notes: “Though the condition generated an Enbridge-issued “unacceptable” report in March, Enbridge did not bring the issue to DNR’s attention at that point either.” Does Enbridge have to ASK THE DNR to READ THEIR REPORTS? Is ANYONE AT DNR Reading the reports? Or are you all just trusting Enbridge to do what is right and “let you know” when you might need to hold them accountable?

Mr. Doneen took action the next day demanding more information, and, the following day, informed Enbridge to stop construction at this location. Why not STOP CONSTRUCTION for ALL ENBRIDGE WORK finding such an egregious error that had gone WITHOUT RESOLUTION by ENBRIDGE for almost 6 months!?!?

A full month later, flow continued and, though a 7/7/21 email from Merjent, Enbridge’s consultant, noted Enbridge was not monitoring flow or volume since March 18th, AND the bore pit was found in excess of that allowed in DNR’s constructon permit, AND on July 8th it was reported that a SECOND emergence of UNCONTROLLED FLOW “likely a direct result of the initial breach of the aquifer confining layer”, NO FULL STOPPAGE OF PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION OCCURRED! HOW can the citizens of Minnesota TRUST that the DNR will do ANYTHING PROACTIVE to assist in Climate Change when this is how poorly they oversee a project which is known to bring an incredible amount of exacerbation to the climate chaos we are already experiencing?

Jami Gaither question during the DNR’s 9/23/21 Office Hour

You decide for yourselves. But they also didn’t answer these other questions, also in the chat…

  • I am not feeling you have understood my concern… that DNR is not ON SITE in a major way during construction of such a large project that impacts climate implies a “let corporations do as they will” mentality. How can we trust your stance is NOT for major corporations as the Legislature may not allow you to be more proactive?
  • Will Enbridge be allowed to have tar sands flow through their new pipeline BEFORE the aquifer situation is remedied?
  • At what point WOULD DNR pull a permit? If the company WILLFULLY VIOLATED their Construction Permit – and it remains able to build their project, that seems to indicate the Permit you issued has NO VALUE.

I wrapped up by noting these things:

On Becoming a Deplorable


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I’m finding the power of MSM to take people to a place where, instead of ingesting information for themselves and deciphering truth from it, people are emboldened to simply dismiss, without consideration, the input from those MSM has othered as “anti-vax” or “disinformation” mongers.

Instead of asking questions, ppl stand firmly in their silos of “TRUTH” which prop up the given narrative of the CDC, FDA, Biden Administration, Dr. Fauci… all of whom have been proven, time and again, to be ruthlessly ignoring facts, and worse, creating harm, rather than preventing it.

This is true whether the topic is the pandemic, Afghanistan, or climate change.

Here are the questions I continue to have about the ‘management’ of the pandemic in ‘Murica:

  • WHY are there no TREATMENTS for C0VlD-19 from the CDC? [When many are finding – AROUND THE GLOBE – that there ARE safe, effective, INEXPENSIVE treatments? 😔 Spoiler alert: If there are treatments, it negates their ability to enforce EUA vaccines – which require there being NO AVAILABLE TREATMENT.]
  • WHY are C0VlD+ people told to simply go home to wait and see what happens… when there are MANY GOOD SUGGESTIONS for surviving the virus? The medical community instead seemingly wants only to hospitalize (That’s the BIG $) people once they are REALLY SICK. [Though still, no real treatment… save – here in MN anyway – Remdesivier and ventilators (which other countries have found to hasten death).]
  • WHY are there no recommendations on immune boosting, Vitamins, sleep, diet? Instead managers and MSM promote ‘VACCINES’ as ‘OUR ONLY CURE!’ [As we see more and more breakthrough cases…]
  • WHY is there such a focus on the “unvaccinated infecting the vaccinated” – implying us deplorable folks – who still question the validity of mRNA vaccines as ‘fully-tested’ – are HARMING those who’ve been prudent in taking their prescribed EUA jabs? [The idea of vaccines as “safe, effective, and free” may be wrong on all three counts… as we know it is for sure on the last, as us taxpayers funded not only the development but the purchase of said jabs.]
  • WHY all the shaming of those – having been given no other option than vaccination – who try other means to protect themselves, be it immune system boosting, exercising, staying home, masking, and/or minimizing contacts? [Yet, even when MSM information is found to be false, like about all those horse dewormer victims filling hospitals in Oklahoma, it remains on the web. As ‘fact’.]
  • Meanwhile, good doctors – who are saving C0VlD-19 sufferers – are being harassed, chastised, forced to NOT Rx drugs they have seen work… [FFS, how is this not obvious as a political battle AGAINST public health?!?]
CDC Breakthrough data NEW disclaimer, now suggests their data includes also victims of other causes of death? This helps muddy the waters, eh? Just another in the ever-changing data reporting… that we’re all supposed to trust?

It feels to me the powers that be are truly getting scared of the information that is defying their idea that Vaccines are the ONLY WAY OUT of the pandemic. Is it perhaps their fear that Ivermectin could, in fact, replace MANY other patented and expensive Rx that are less effective? Are they seeing the simplicity of safe and well-known medications – used as off-label taking down their high-profit (and thus highly promoted) meds?

You know about off-label uses… like Viagra for hard-ons and Rogaine for baldness – FFS is it ONLY OK if it does something MEN want??? Fuck nurses and teachers who COULD be PROTECTED with prophylactic Ivermectin – like Argentina discovered? Or India?

Conclusion: Two-dose ivermectin prophylaxis at a dose of 300 μg/kg with a gap of 72 hours was associated with a 73% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers for the following month. Chemoprophylaxis has relevance in the containment of pandemic.

Role of ivermectin in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers in India: A matched case-control study

Actually, there are lots of off-label uses… from Ativan to Beta-Blockers to Lorazapam, and MANY OTHERS that are used EVERY FUCKING DAY. Like 20% of all Rx are off-label… but suddenly, there’s an all out war to demonize Ivermection as a possible Covid treatment?

Did you hear that Merck poo-pood Ivermection – as it’s manufacturer!! What???? You don’t say???
[Whisper: they left out that they are… wait for it… No, Really, you’ll love this…
They’re working on creating a new oral Covid treatment. SHHHH!!!! It’s gonna be patented and cost a TON of money because it will be so popular – a pill to prevent getting Covid, Oh, My!
I mean… SHHHHH!!! Keep it under your hat]

“Merck said its new trial will study experimental drug molnupiravir for the prevention of COVID-19 among adults in the same household as someone diagnosed with symptomatic coronavirus infection.

Pfizer, Merck launch new trials of oral COVID-19 drugs

I’m especially confused by those who can easily see the Regulatory Capture Enbridge has unleashed upon the state of Minnesota, but fail to see that Big Pharma has taken over what now seems… the entire US Government AND the control of all media.

I will continue to pursue truth.
Regardless of those who lose faith in me.
I’m not the first to be ostracized by those who once I thought were friend, trusted confidant, comrade.

If we get to the point of the government forcing us unvaccinated to wear a Big Yellow “A” on our chests, I sure hope none of my “friends” will go for the bounty of turning me in… as an enemy of the state.

Too dramatic? We’ll see how far this goes, folks.
[Did you notice Biden is heartlessly deporting people back to Haiti too? New boss… same as the old boss…]

The vaccination narratives are dangerously reminiscent of what I read about happening in Germany in the 30s… sweet potato hitler or no.

Today I’m wondering how many of those Germans back then cried all day long wondering why their fellow citizens would not awaken to the brainwashing of ‘Jew as Vermin’ from their “leaders”. 😥 At least I know they weren’t just Jews crying back then.

Our kids know…


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A few months ago, on about day 500 of quarantine, an official hippie declared us “Hippies”. It was quite a day, as I’ve long worked to be a hippie.

Early on in C0VlD days, on a phone call to a sister, bitching about how I felt about all of the bullshit going on with Line 3… and living in rural Minnesota and being ignored… and the white supremacy idiocy… and all of that. My Indigenous Sister laughed and said,  “Oohhhh, yeah, now you know what it’s like to be Native!”

It was bittersweet, and though I’ll never really know what it’s truly like to be Native, I’m learning more every day. The up side is it drives me to continue to bring a new world… one where the ways of the Anishinaabeg are again revered and practiced more widely.

I was texting my son last week, as his company Deck Nine Games prepared to launch their newest offering, “Life Is Strange: True Colors“.  I’m really proud of what he’s done and I think this game has a timeliness to it that’s almost magical.

True Colors Square Enix website

A few days ago, he called to let us know how it was going… to give us an update on how he’s managing through the launch. And things were going pretty good.

Critically, True Colors’ story is well-rounded, with a satisfying and definitive ending for both its central mystery and for Alex’s personal journey (and as all good thrillers should offer, there is a resolution you can deduce for yourself if you are paying enough attention). It’s not a failing to me that True Colors tells a lean story which prioritises quality over quantity, feelings over finer details, and a sense the series, like Alex, has come back to its roots after a period of absence and change.

Whereas Life is Strange 2 acted to disrupt the original’s formula and engage in heavier themes, True Colors is a safer riff on Dontnod’s debut, but one whose quality allows it to stand on its own without feeling too much like a cover band. Deck Nine is a supremely talented studio, True Colors makes clear, and more than worthy of continuing the Life is Strange franchise.”

Life is Strange: True Colors review – Eurogamer (my emphasis)

While I spoke with my son I shared about how I’m feeling right now, just pretty overwhelmed with being steamrolled by the pipeline project, aided and abetted by the Walz administration – and their lack of conscious, courage, compassion, cognizance, creativity, and common sense.

I spoke about how it feels hard to imagine that there’s any meaning in doing anything at all except just holing up in the woods and playing video games all day long… plugging into the electrons and pretending that the outside world doesn’t exist as it does. Feeling hopeless about how much time there is left for humanity. Feeling frustrated at the lack of any lack of any action – by the powers that be – that feels geared to serving the people.

I told him that I often think of how he shared with us, midway through our now 560-day quarantine, about the fact that he’s known most of his life that his generation would be the throwaway generation… that they would get nothing. I told him how horrible I felt about my inability to do anything about that.

His response?

“Welcome to being a Millennial.”

Family, State, Nation, World – Divided


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They’re destroying the world, our living spaceship… and the source of all life.

The only thing we can hope is that they stop in time.

Thanks to (I updated Minnesota…)

The powers that be have trained us to oppress each other via division. We’ve seen too much of that in recent years. The result is that the status quo continues to support the elites, those with power and money, and those who cannot see the oppression of the majority, for whatever reason.

While the vaccine program, rushed and heavily promoted as the ONLY ANSWER, divides families and communities, it seems a failure similar to the ways that Racism and Climate Change have failed… where mostly white elites continue to find no way forward to a new way of life that supports all people and allows for egalitarian access and opportunity.

We see youth, angry and frustrated with the lack of recognition of the urgency with which we need to act.

We have watched as crowds have grown, standing in opposition to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag. From Minnesota to India, half a world away, we see suppression of the voices of the people most connected to the land.

We see farmers in Minnesota who are left in the dust, literally, as Enbridge dewaters their landscape, draining shallow aquifers and removing water access for the people. [Unfortunately, with Republicans urging a firing of Commissioner Malcolm, a technique they’ve used repeatedly through the pandemic to combat the Walz administration, there may be no September session meaning farmers (and nurses, who were also on the agenda to be helped) may get no relief.]

We see farmers in India standing against the policies that are preventing them from earning a wage or even growing enough food for their own families.

And we know that the Arab Spring was started by a farmer in Tunisia, Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi (Arabic: طارق الطيب محمد البوعزيزي‎), who set himself afire in the market as he realized he had no other options… “His self-immolation was in response to the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation inflicted on him by a municipal official and her aides.”

So what is to come? I fear the only response remaining is Revolution. People in the streets.

As we watch the eviction moratoriums expire, and we see today – HAPPY LABOR DAY! – the elimination of the unemployment supplement that has kept many hanging on during the pandemic, my guess is, the streets will have plenty of people with little to do except shout for justice.

Meanwhile… I’m with her. And RISE Coalition. And Taysha

“When we take to the frontlines, please remember why we are here. We are not here to fight the police. We are not here to intimidate workers. We are here for that water. We are here for each other. We are here for future generations.”

Taysha Martineau, Camp Migizi

Let’s stand with and for Nibi.

‘Cause if we don’t, we’re all dead.

HARN Update ~ August 2021


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Just turn back now if you’re already running low on spoons… Or have not enough bandwidth to process more (possibly) mostly bad… and very little good news in today’s blog.

Or if you’re just overwhelmed, I’m gonna say, go get yourself a warm/cool beverage, put your feet up and relax with a bit of meditation… or cool jazz, hip hop, thrash metal, christian contemporary, whatever your jam… and chill.


If you wanna hear some of the recent ramblings from here at the HARN… Read on.

On Line 3 and Minnesota Environmental Protections:

While the Appeals Court dissent on the PUC case seemed the grounds for the MN Supreme Court taking up a case that considers the very future of, not just Minnesota, but our entire planet [Just my opinion], nevertheless, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided not to take up the case.

Today the ruling on the MPCA case comes. Will this be another arbitrary and capricious decision? Or will justice for Mother Earth be served? Will the Water… and thus the People, be Protected?

We’ve seen a big uptick in rain here of late… which is good for Enbridge as, if we were still in drought, the farmers themselves might bring pitchforks to protest their water usage for cleaning the mud from the roads. One could argue that they shouldn’t be mucking around in the mud anyway… as it is harder on the equipment and more dangerous for the operators, not to mention, it just being a huge mess.

But a billion dollar Canadian Corp with access to 5B gallons of our Minnesota water, thanks to the state’s Department of Natural Resource… just does what it wants. They’re in a hurry installing this pipeline as they’ve been delayed for many years by Water Protectors in courts and on the land standing to prevent this project from bringing ruin. The industry is on the brink of bankruptcy so, if Enbridge is to recoup it’s many recent losses, it REALLY NEEDS THIS WIN. [Though based on a lack of investment in the tar sands, I’m wondering what the loss of all our trees and invasions to our land will really bring Minnesota in any taxes… especially as Enbridge’s recent wins in tax court (mostly as Minnesota failed to show up for the work) means they will pay less and less for their more and more unwanted infrastructure.

Not much doubt for most of us locals about Enbridge being a factor in the proceedings around the rivers running dry. This graph depicts the drops in water levels in St. Cloud… which seem to coincide with the Enbridge dewatering, approved June 4th:

As reported in St. Cloud on August 17th: “The city of St. Cloud announced Monday that it was shutting down the second unit of the hydroelectric dam after water flows dropped to just 700 cubic feet per second.  The city says this is the first time it has had to completely shut down the dam since the drought year of 1988.

We have failed over and over to convince the Minnesota Governors, DOC, PUC, DNR, PCA, and even the USACE to join us in holding water more sacred than oil. While it’s cold comfort, we’re surely being proven right now, as we watch unfolding climate devastation on never before seen levels.

On Environmental News around the Country:

We’re now watching Hurricane Ida… last year we got to Zeta. How much worse are the storms going to get? We’re in early days of the season, eh? And it ain’t looking good at all for Louisiana thus far. Not good at all. New Orleans has lost power. Yes. The. Entire. City.

What about the fires burning? Are they going to be worsening as the drought continues in many areas?

US drought map 8/24/21 data – didn’t need moisture where they’re now getting loads!

And NOW it’s getting VERY SERIOUS!!!

“Asked how he will fill his new firetruck if the state’s worsening drought continues to drain local water sources, Manning took a long pause and said: “That’s the big question, isn’t it?”

Local grower also Fire Chief in Drought, wildfires create new challenges for California cannabis growers 8/29/21

Interesting piece… though not for the faint of heart [Man, it’s so depressing, I don’t even feel like I can make a pot joke anymore. Is that one of the signs of the apocalypse???]

So… On Cars and… Cats:

If you’re into street racing, you might want to check out my Bro’s YouTube channel with his buddies: Dayton Small/Tire Mafia.

As I write up this blog, Gaazhii finds himself in the woods, escaped from his leash… again. We’ll see how he does… and I’m hopeful he comes back to the porch soon. I can hear the wolves howling nearby.

Y’all have a good week now, y’hear?