I am so fired up!! This weekend’s Rocket Stove Round 2 was amazing!


It’s still just me and Dan but we’re chugging along. Though we did have a couple guys come by Sunday morning to check out the project and hear more about Rocket Stoves, they didn’t stay long enough to get their hands into any cob with us.  We are planning on having a cobbing workshop on the 17th so perhaps with a bit of notice, we’ll get some cob workers to come learn about building rocket stoves and donate some of their sweat equity in getting this rocket mass heater closer to finished.  Isn’t it true… if you feed them, they will come!?!

This weekend we were able to make:

  • Two more buckets of cob, which we turned into thermal cob with fire-clay/sand additions
  • A few buckets of clay slip (of varying thicknesses for multiple uses)
  • Fire-clay mortar
  • A tarp full of pearlite/clay-slip mix (functions as an expansion joint)

We used all this to build our stove:

  • Mortared in the manifold
  • Coated “hot” surfaces with pearlite/clay-slip and then thermal cob
  • Wrapped the heat riser with k-wool, machine cloth and clay-slip
  • Loaded the barrel and sealed it with a gasket, aluminum tape and a barrel band




Twigs here were gathered at the TLUD (Top Load Up Draft) Stove class Dan taught this summer. These little stoves are made from recycled cans.  Check out more on this blog post: https://alexandriacardinals.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/how-to-build-a-rocket-stove/


We lit it.


As you can see, it rendered me speechless.  I finally realized I needed to give some narration but was still pretty overwhelmed with simple amazement that this was working.  I am so proud of this accomplishment.  Dan’s core has been transformed into a functional heating unit.  We now have a smokeless Rocket Stove and once we get all the cob work done, we will have a fabulous Rocket Mass Heater.


If you want to learn more, go visit Ernie & Erica Wisner http://www.ernieanderica.info/rocketstoves or their main page http://www.ernieanderica.info/