This past week has been another full one.  Busyness has again been my friend and a not unwelcome one as I’ve also had time for quiet contemplation and reading, which is its own kind of busyness.  I seem to have an unending penchant for new information and experience but of late I’m finding a comfort with whimsy, allowing serendipity to guide.

A week or so ago, I ran into Tudy at the library, the same place I have met her half the times I’ve met her since we originally met.  She is a newer friend in my journey of life who has been a refreshing ray of sunshine.  Always buoyant, smiling and with a childlike wonder of goodness, we both agreed during this latest library meeting that we enjoyed another’s company and that we should make plans for an outing, likely the upcoming day on which her partner would be playing music at the UU church.  True to her word, she called a few days before the event and we agreed to the outing.  In the end, my partner Dan joined us for a foursome drive to Underwood.

At the service, where we discussed the soul, we ran into another new friend Lee and her partner Reed and afterwards, Mikko invited us all to lunch at Ruby’s in Ashby where we enjoyed a meal of good food, conversation, and wondering.  It was a fantastic day with friends and quiet, comforting time enjoying the sunshine and beauty of the rolling hills.  And it seemed a perfect wrap-up to a week full of happening onto fun.

Mid-week brought Storytelling group and Book Club where we spun our own yarns and discussed John Green’s “Paper Towns”, respectively.  The diversity of conversational paths taken during these two groups is always surprising and informative.  I learn much from the sharing of these wise women in whose midst I find myself since moving to Minnesota.  It’s been a gift to find welcome immersion amongst these crones. And if I find myself half as beautiful, glorious, intelligent, thoughtful and comforting as these women are when I approach my 70’s, I will be richly blessed and a blessing to those around me.

Earlier in the week, I’d forgotten all about the meetup to discusMN Caucus Event 10-29-15s the MN Caucuses until a friend emailed me “introducing” me to the convener and I remembered to post on FB that I was going later that day.  It was also a full day of volunteering at the Voyager Book Room, storytelling at Nelsen Gables and a conference call to end the day and getting together with friends to learn about caucusing ended with another last minute invite to a surprise party planned for Saturday. (That’s me in the turquoise shirt behind our presenter.)

That too was a kind of serendipity as Rita had quickly whipped up the idea of getting new friends to their recently acquired home in Alex by having a surprise 60th birthday for her husband on Halloween and I helped with spreading the word.   A dozen or more of us gathered for food and fun to, in part, wish Jon a Happy Birthday but also to give a warm welcome to new friends in town by finding their digs and joining in some spirits.

Halloween 2015

And a spirited time was had earlier on Saturday as we joined Anthony Miltich for a bittersweet time at Carlos Creek Winery.  He had his brother Jim and friend Victor joining him, making for a lot of fun, but we also were getting word that he’s moving from the area and realizing our meetings may be less frequent in the near-term was a bummer.  But, always the optimist, I’m looking forward to more potential for meetings in the future as we are all apparently heading North!


As I end the week with some reading, I’m taking on two new advance copy arrivals from the bookstore: Colin Beaven’s “How to be Alive ~ A Guide to the Kind of Happiness that Helps the World” and “No Baggage ~ A Minimalist Tale of Love and Wandering” by Clara Bensen.  Both are focused on minimal living, trusting in the moment to bring what is needed as you faithfully walk forward into the risky unknown.  And the result is joyous and serene fulfillment, sometimes sprinkled with the unknown of discovery which can feel both terrifying and miraculous.  I have seen throughout my life, that when I walk along with the flow, following somewhat of a schedule but also allowing adventure to come as it may find me, I find myself smiling abundantly.  Life seems to be an easy journey.

go with the flow

As such, I’m working on trying to not overcommit, though with my love of experience it’s sometimes a struggle to say NO in the planning stages.  By allowing time in the schedule, I give the Universe the space to bring the unknown caper or two into my week.  And I give myself time to contemplate for a deeper understanding of all that She is bringing me.