This past week was full of fun again!  This “retirement” thing is amazingly busy & full of excitement and entertainment.  My level of “busyness” came up in conversation several times this week and what I am finding is that, since leaving the rat race, I have enthusiastically jumped into so many new things because I’m delighting in finding new friends and learning new things.  I’ve involved myself in a variety of passions and have found myself to be quite useful in some activities and not as aligned in others.  At this point, I am figuring out where to continue to give of my time and energy and how to keep in check my desire to “do it all”.  There is an abundance of fun things to do and interesting people to get to know and as I meet new people or hear about a fun idea, sometimes I just need to remember that I can’t fit it all into every week!

Some of the things I always told myself I wanted to incorporate after I quit full-time work have not yet made their way into my schedule.  I am working to bring in formal yoga practice again, though at present it’s just some stretching at waking, a bit of Mountain Pose at the Post Office, and some Forward Fall in the afternoon or evening.  I long for a more rich meditation practice but so far it’s more a sporadic grabbing of quiet moments and taking time to BE.  And while the new group of crafting ladies that has formed here in Alexandria is wonderful, I’m still not getting quite as much time in creating as I’d hoped.  On the upside, I’m working on implementing new things on a once a month basis which seems to help bring in the new without overwhelming the calendar.  But I see that I will have to let some things go or just not give as much time and energy to them as I have in order to find a happy balance.  And perhaps I need to block out time on the calendar for just sitting!

One of my early commitments to District 206, the local public school system, was to judge the Science Fair and this past week Woodland Elementary hosted their Fair and I judged the work of four young ladies.  All four experiments involved food in one way or another, from orange juice to popcorn, Jolly Rancher candies to cheese. All were interesting.  All but one were well presented with charts and detailed paragraphs of information.  Half were well-prepared to answer my questions though I’m not sure what part nervousness played.  As I toured the fair to see the remaining exhibits, it was typical with some level of low-energy, unoriginal work and some stand-out presentations and ideas that caught my eye.  There were a couple kids who were obviously re-presenting overdone Googled ideas and a few who really wanted to learn something new with their work.  One kid had made his own fishing lures, evaluating the level of dye needed for opaqueness and he did a great job at explaining his work.  I’m hopeful he will take my idea of determining which level of dye catches the most bass to heart this spring as I think that would make an interesting project, and may well take him into a business venture.  It reminded me of an old friend as I thought of Greg who created his own business making bass lures from his garage… and did quite well as I understand.  The young man who welcomed me at the entry table was a real joy and each time the kids raced to their poster as I approached, it just tickled me.  I would be sure to let them know I was on an unofficial visit if that was the case.  But they still worked hard to explain, even when I was just a Visitor and not a Judge.  There was some evidence of parental assistance, but nothing overly done from what I could see.  Next week will be round two and I will feel fulfilled at having been a small part of the lives of our youth and getting a brief chance to recall all the fun times had with my son during his school adventures.

That is just one of the many fun things pending for this week but today is a day off with little planned so I’m making dinner tonight – chicken alfredo lasagna!  Having time for cooking is lovely so I’m going to enjoy this day to the fullest, as I will with every moment I can this week.