V-Day2016 (2)

Today is Valentine’s Day and I am finding myself blessed and want to share some of the beauty that has come into my life.  These photos today are from friends who swap fabric postcards – literal mini works of art – as a hobby.  It never ceases to amaze me when I see the variety of ideas and it tickles me to know the love and attention that goes into making these cards.  All through the last couple weeks, I’ve been getting love in the mail.  This first card was the first to arrive from my lovely Momma Christine Moore. This is a perfect card for us because, when we are together, it is BIG LOVE! She is my hero and guru for staying young via an ongoing crafting addiction. 😉  She sends out love every week in handmade cards (her specialty) and she gives so much to her friends in teaching crafts of all kinds. She also is a prolific quilter. I can’t wait to see all her projects next time I visit. I am really looking forward to getting the chance to spend time with her when I head to Indiana in May.  We always have so much fun crafting away.


V-Day2016 (3)What’s shakin’!?!  This card above is from Marilyn Earles and while it’s not clear in a still photo, it has loads of seed beads trapped between the fabric and a plastic overlay creating a card that you can shake to create pattern after pattern and a lovely noise like raindrops falling.  Marilyn is pretty new to our group and it’s neat to see the progression of her work.

This card is from Les Clarke – a beautiful embroidered heart.  I absolutely LOVE hearts.  They are my kryptonite.  If I see heart beads or buttons, it’s always hard to resist buying them for crafting.  And embroidery is so intricate and fun – creating pictures with thread – magic.  And this one came all the way from Australia.


V-Day2016 (5)

Fran Andrews’ card arrived this weekend, just in time! And how lovely!  Fran has such a perfection about her cards, balancing colors, adding dimension and detail.  It’s always a joy to see a work from her in my mailbox.  This is a great example of her classy style.

V-Day2016 (1)

This last one is a card that I made.  It is for Mom & Tom who celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss this Valentine’s Day.  It seems many people celebrate a Valentine’s Day anniversary.  I was telling my puzzle friends Dale & Marlys Weber of Special Memories this past week about how my parents still share a wedding anniversary even though they’ve been divorced for decades, because both re-married on February 14th.  And these puzzlers too had married on this same day!  Even my son and his girlfriend celebrate this as the day they began dating.  Ah, love is in the air!!

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