Super Tuesday is this week.  And I am hopeful for Bernie’s chances in Minnesota.  But it will be an uphill battle as Hillary continues to fight for her second chance at the White House.  It may well be a Clinton/Trump final faceoff.  But how much of a faceoff will it be?  Two ultra-rich people who propose they are going to make the country great again for the rest of us.  I’m having trouble buying it…


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You see, it’s hard for me to see either of these millionaires getting into power and doing very much to change the system to allow the rest of us to benefit.  If elected, they will have been carried into office by their friends and donors. And I believe they will (as Molly Ivans often said), “Dance with the ones that brung ‘em.”

On the other hand, Bernie is inspiring millions, bringing people into the election process for the first time and bringing back those who had given up the hope needed to stay involved.  He’s being carried forward by me and you and the masses of Americans turning out to hear him speak, to praise his ideas, to believe in his message of hope.  Hope that we CAN take back our government from the oligarchy it has become and make it into a system that provides for ALL, not just the wealthy few.  Hope that, together, we can remove the money from politics, restore our corrupted system of justice, provide care for our veterans, and restore our crumbling infrastructure.  Bernie is drawing huge crowds and is largely supported by small donations from the grassroots.  This means that he will represent US.  He will work to remedy our broken political system so it begins again to work for All the People.

LA Crowd

But what about Foreign Policy?  Name all the Presidents with foreign policy experience prior to coming to the office.  Anyone?  It’s a pretty limited list.  GHW Bush and Eisenhower probably had the most but how much does it matter?  Even teams with lots of experience have had pretty disastrous results.


But all the Foreign Policy experience in the world doesn’t help you if you can’t get into the White House.  First you have to be elected. (I will forego a coronation comment here.)

So what about electability?  All the latest polls show Bernie beating the opposition:Bernie vs Repubs


Clinton vs Repubs



The DNC says, “When we Vote, We Win!”  I agree.  When Democrats come to the polls, we win.  The candidate likely to bring out the votes needed to win, to prevent a Trump victory, is Bernie.   Why won’t Hillary have the votes to win?  She doesn’t have support of the young people (18-35) like Bernie does.  She has women, but many women have left her side over the years due to her hawkish nature and her incorrect stance on environmental issues and trade policy.  (Of course, she sounds a lot more like Bernie on these issues of late…)  She says she has the black vote but will they come to the polls for her like they did for Obama?  I’m thinking not.  Besides, every redneck in America can’t wait to vote AGAINST her.  I’m pretty sure Bubba will stand in a 2-hour long line for that opportunity!  I foretell that a Hillary nomination will call out the Republican voters in larger numbers than Democrats.  And I’m not alone.  https://www.currentaffairs.org/2016/02/unless-the-democrats-nominate-sanders-a-trump-nomination-means-a-trump-presidency


Portland Crowd

Bernie is bringing out the Democratic voters.  Why?  Because he is giving them hope that we can again have a system of government that works for the people.  He is talking about a Revolution where we will again have a voice.  And people are ready to have their voices heard.  They know:

  • We need a BIG change in how things are done – our current system is broken.  And the word “Socialist” doesn’t scare them.  The 1950s are over.  With the internet and global communications, we are a much more informed society.  We get that what Socialism means is, “We pay taxes = we get services.”  It’s not scary, it’s logical.
  • We need a candidate committed to overturning Citizens United if we want to have any hope of one day re-claiming our government from the rich and powerful who currently own it.  When the rich and big corporations can contribute as much money as they please to support a candidate, the power of the vote diminishes.
  • We need to start by asking for everything we want if we ever hope to attain some of what we want. Yes, even Bernie knows that it isn’t likely to achieve ALL his promises.  But if you aim high, you have a chance of progress.  When you want $12 minimum wage, you don’t start by asking for $10.10, you start by asking for $15.  Once people see that a $12 minimum wage doesn’t kill the economy but instead actually makes it thrive, then you can get a $15 minimum wage.  It’s called negotiation.


Madison crowd

I am caucusing for Bernie because I believe in what he represents.

Bernie Sander’s candidacy is based in love.  He sees the humanity in each of us and wants to fight for all of us.  And he HAS BEEN fighting for us.  In Congress he is known as The Amendment King.  Amendments he built with bipartisan support created progressive legislation to help the working people, veterans, women, and the neediest among us.  He increased funding for heating for the poor, expanded free health care, protected pensions, increased accountability in corporate crime, expanded funding for the National Guard, and exposed corruption in the military-industrial complex.  And he was able to do this whether Dems or Reps were in charge!


I urge you to caucus with Bernie on March 1st.  Locally, our caucus is at Alexandria Technical & Community College, Law Enforcement Building Rm 743, starting at 6:30.  You must be in line by 8 PM to be able to cast a ballot for Bernie.  Please be there.

If you are caucusing elsewhere in MN, here’s how to find your caucus location: http://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

Bernie is a real person.  He understands what it’s like to live without millions of dollars, something that seems to be harder and harder to find among the representatives in our political system.  His campaign is financed by everyday Americans, not big corporations or wealthy friends.  He believes in the little guy, the average worker, regardless of color or religion.  He fights for the most vulnerable among us to assure we all have a chance at success.  He believes in a living wage, access to healthcare as a right not a privilege, restoring fairness to our system of justice, and a chance to better our lives through education.  Bernie believes in the same things that most Americans believe.  And he will fight to bring these things back to the American People.  If only we stand with him.


San Antonio Crowd

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