So I say to Dan, “How old am I?”  Then, as is often the case, I don’t wait for him to answer but say excitedly, “48!!”  He smiles at me, as he often does, slightly shaking his head.  “Oh. 47?” I say.  I quickly try to do the elementary math but these skills are not a strong point for me. I got all the way through Differential Equations in Engineering school but the simple arithmetic of daily life is a stumbler every time.  It should be easy to remember that I’m one year older than the year… so 2016 means 47.  But I don’t remember.

This age confusion has been an ongoing theme my entire life.  I never seem to know how old I am.  I remember long ago some police came to the door of our home (at this point I have no recollection of why… or why I was the only one home at the time) and one of the questions they asked was my age.  I said something like, “14? No wait…”  I can’t recall how old I was at the time but I do recall not being able to tell them with any certainty.  And I remember about 4 years ago being at the Evansville Art Center and signing their guest book which for some reason asked age; I wrote “44”.  I was only 43.  I just never seem to have it right.  But I usually don’t do myself any favors with my guesses.

Jami's 40th 4 blogHere I am with another year under my belt and I’m feeling pretty fabulous about it.  Life is full of fun and I am enjoying so many wonderful happenings.  And it seems to keep bringing amazing opportunities.  My problem is saying “No” to some of them!  I’ve been doing well with this of late, though it really is a struggle.  I’d like to do it ALL!  But there are only so many hours in each week.  And I can only be one place at a time.

I feel good about the time I am spending, though there are still a few things I need to find time for of late.  It’s a good thing a few more things are getting ready to fall off the schedule real soon.  Just in time for a lot of travelling to come on board and for the Harn work to begin in earnest for the season!!

I keep doing my best to fit in the most important things and figure out every day what I can and can’t include.  Yoga has still not made it back onto the list but I have done a good job of incorporating daily meditation time this past week!  I’ve cut it close but have been able to keep up with all the Book Club books being read on time, though sometimes this has meant some late nights.  And Mom and I had a nice walk this morning down to the lake and enjoyed sharing about the wildlife and plans for some fires this year.  I like the little surprises like this that sneak into the schedule and probably need to free up more time in each day to be able to capitalize on these opportunities.

It’s a process.  I am hopeful to continue to learn this year about what is important and to implement those things that will make a real difference.  I hope to get a bit wiser and to enjoy many wonderful experiences that will teach me what I need to learn.  I hope for many smiles and laughs and only a few things that make me want to cuss.  And I am hopeful for many more years to come on this lovely trip we call life.