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This week, I’m at Rec Lab (more formally known as Northland Rec Lab if you want to check out FB).  Last year was my first year and I had an amazing time.  I made a bunch of wonderful things, met dozens of lovely people, had a load of wonderful conversations and was truly inspired about crafting.  So I knew I’d be back this year and was hoping Dan would come with me.  So he’s at the weekend portion of Rec Lab and I’m staying the whole week.

Last year I made a couple stained glass items, a stepping stone of the property, a water stone for the frogs, kumihimo, a flute, a mixed media craft, a rainbow bottle stopper, a peyote beaded keychain, a switch plate and lots of other polymer clay things.  It was amazing fun.

Rec Lab 2015

Last year I also participated in the closing ceremony with my new Rec Lab friend Laura Burlis – she is a total hoot!  She’d planned this whole Oscar Night spoof for Rec Lab and I played the “first year” who was always running everywhere trying to be involved in as much as possible.  Yes, no acting skills required.

Laura taught the Polymer Clay workshop and I fell in love with this stuff.  I made a few really cool items even though I had to miss some key classes due to other craft workshops I’d elected.  This year, Polymer Clay is my number one priority!  I am hoping to get to Make Tamales as well… I’ve always wanted to know how to do this.  And of course, more Stained Glass.

Stained Glass

So what exactly is this Rec Lab?  It’s basically a week of summer camp but held in spring and for grown ups.  There are people there younger than me who attend but I’d say our average age is closer to 65 or 70.  Just like when I used to hang out with Gramma Callecod and her Seniors, I had a blast with these “old folks”.  Though I will admit, these Seniors look a lot younger now that I’m so much closer to being one myself!

Here’s the pre-work I did for my stepping stone.  It depicts the property up north including the road, tamarack pines, driveway, popple trees, ruffed grouse, red squirrel, iris, big rock, woodpile and Harn.

Prework 2

And here’s the mid-way point of my switch plate cover.  The first step was creating a color blend with the clay.  Love this technique.Prework 1

Next week I’ll have a full update on the week of Rec Lab. Not sure I’ll get nearly so many crafts made but… we’ll see!!