Travels in Indiana

(Celia’s summary of the planned blog: I visited this person, this person and this person and now I’m visiting my son for his graduation. Plus key life lesson of the week. We’ll see if her prediction is correct!)

IndianaBernie I feel like I’ve been in limbo for a month.  Since Rec Lab, I’ve been going here and there and the last week and a half has been spent in Indiana.  I left Uncle Cam and Aunt Karen’s in Minneapolis, after a fun night of storytelling, so I could arrive in Indiana on Primary Day in time to celebrate Bernie’s big win!  Almost all the counties went for Bernie.  The weird thing I’m finding here in Indiana is that two things are true:

  • If the ticket is Trump/Clinton, Republicans and Democrats alike tell me they will vote Trump.
  • If the ticket is Trump/Sanders, Democrats will vote Bernie and Republicans will either vote Bernie or think hard about their decision.

Yet, the Establishment (as “they” are known) continue to support the coronation plan for Hillary.  I think it might backfire on them but we’ll see…

Fun Fact: As I was driving through Milwaukee, I stopped to gas up Smartie (my little car) and caught the attention of the guy on the opposite pump, who just happened to be… David Bowen, local Super Delegate for Bernie!!!  He liked my Bernie shirt. 🙂 I was too slow to think of getting a selfie… but here he is:

David Bowen

Stopped for dinner with Lisa at my favorite NWI restaurant… Five Star Thai.  It’s great food and you should get the pot stickers and house special fried rice if you visit.   http://www.yelp.com/biz/five-star-thai-cuisine-crown-point

Virginia housed me for the first couple nights and it was good to catch up and relax with her and the grandkids, Mariah and Anthony.  We got a chance to play with polymer clay and Mariah is a natural with it. We made some magnets and pens that were super cute.

While there is never enough time, I was happy to catch up and hope it’s not too long until my next visit.  One last photo before I go… in our matching jackets that Jake got us back in 2006 and by VV’s Bernie sign.


I headed south to see The Boy!!  Gave hugs to Celia, Booker & Austin as well and we headed to Taco Rico – best place in Lafayette – for dinner.  Lots of stories to be told… but don’t ask about the Corona poncho story in front of Celia (or Booker for that matter).  Off to Fran and Ed’s for the night next as I had to get Smartie to Indy for service.

The weekend involved playing with clay with Fran – more cute pens, tins, and magnets (see her work below) – and then to Steph and Steve’s for the big move!! Got to see my buddy Rookie and helped watch him while we packed the little house to move to the HUGE house.  I forgot how much energy a baby can require, especially when he’s got molars coming in on all four sides of his mouth… but we survived and got everything moved too.  Little Rookie is amazingly adorable and he is smiley and laughy most of the time.  And I still love him even though I have now had my first cold in almost 2 years.

I had time to get together with my Indy Crafting Ladies and we tried this amazing restaurant called El Sabor Catracho – Fran (not pictured below but present) says this means something like Taste of Honduras.  We decided to get a bunch of different plates and then have everyone try everything!  Super fun.  I recommend the Papusas and the Pastelitos de Carne most especially, but everything was fantastic.  In case you decide to go, either be ready to point to items on the menu or bring along a Spanish speaker as the staff speaks no English.

It was good to touch base with Momma Chris.  She showed me all her latest crafting and we toured her amazing craft room and dining room with all the updates.  She is my hero.  I’m getting closer to being a super crafter like her but it will be a while before I have my organized craft space like she does.  And I have a long way to being as prolific as Chris!

I also stopped at SDI and took time to say hello to old co-workers.  It was so nice to see their smiling faces and catch up with life.  I didn’t have enough time for my buddies at Bar Finishing as I was running late to meet Janette for lunch in Broad Ripple.  This stop involved a visit to Graeter’s Ice Cream which was amazing… Chocolate Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip.  Yum!!

Fran and Ed welcomed me back after the big move for one final night and Dan, Mom & Tom arrived safely Friday evening.  So GOOD to see the hubby!  We were able to visit our favorite restaurant in Noblesville ~ El Palenque… and see our old friends, Alex & Sal

before heading up to see Les, Carol & Leif.  Leif just turned seven so we had presents to deliver!! Leif (This photo is at The Silver Dipper with the Mini-Monster sundae.)  He loved the books and impressed me with his reading.  After a long week and fighting migraines a bit, I finally got to bed before midnight for a change.  Then we were up for a cold & windy tee ball game for Leif.  Everyone won!!  I forgot how awesome tee ball is with everyone getting a chance to bat, no outs or foul balls, and cheering all around.  So nice to see kids having fun playing without a lot of parents shouting for their child to “kill” the opponents.  It was fun watching the coaches teaching the kids about throwing to first, touching home plate, and how to hold the bat.  Everyone eventually hit the ball as pitched from the coach so we didn’t have to resort to the tee.  And our fans were the best, cheering for both our kids and the others as they made contact with the ball.

Headed up to see Jacqueline and hear all about her week. It’s so good to catch up with old friends!  We dropped by The Boy’s apartment and chatted with him, Celia, and Dan.  Watched a bunch of Overwatch videos, Big Hero 6, and talked about the future.  It will be fun to see how their lives unfold from here.  The big graduation was a success and as Big Tom and I were heading over to Knoy for the Cake and Coffee, we headed through the Mechanical Engineering Building to find bathrooms and who was walking right toward us?


TOM!!  So exciting to see my grad.  We all headed over and it was a joy to hear the positive feedback on Tom from the staff in CGT.  I have high hopes for his future.  We had a lovely time with Celia & Tom’s parents & grandparents that made it to the event.  It was good getting to know everyone a bit better and taking lots of photos of the kids.  A highlight of the day was when Tom honored Papaw Ed with his stole (the gold fabric over wrap on his shoulders above) which is meant to be given to the person who gave tremendous support to the grad.  It was really touching – we were all crying.

And we wrapped up the tour with a visit to Uncle Dick’s for the evening, along with a stop at Jim & Dawn’s for dinner.  Jim has been really progressing with the “white house” converting it from a dilapidated condition to livable space.  Adding a huge amount of windows and removing walls makes it a beautiful open plan which is quite modern.  And it was great to just see everyone and catch up on all the news.

Our final stop was planned in Minnesota on the way home but we didn’t leave early enough to make it for Minerva’s birthday party in Osakis. 😦  I’ll have to give her my present on Thursday when we have ESL training.  I have sure missed meeting with her these weeks I’ve been gone.   I hope to impress her with my story of how I was able to order at El Sabor Catracho. 🙂

It was sure a blast seeing old friends, making new, and helping friends.  I love that I have so many people who will take me in for a night or a week so I can travel in comfort.  We’re definitely glad to be home again with the kitties.  We’ll have another trip down in June for the 100th annual Black Family Reunion.  For now, I’m getting some sleep!!!

Well… Celia was right.  What’s the Life Lesson?  Take time to enjoy your friends and family every chance you get.  Congratulations, Tom & Celia!!