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I’m getting back to daily life here in Alexandria.  Back to Cherry Street Books where I can catch up on all the latest book news, back to volunteering with ESL, and back to enjoying my kitties!  Mom & Tom finally made it back over the weekend so home will feel like home again.

Dan suggested a bike ride after work Wednesday so we rode up to Cherry Street Books and I was pumped up (pun intended!) at how fun it was to ride.  So Friday, I rode to work on my bike.  Felt really great to be able to propel myself to work instead of relying on fossil fuels.  I am gonna start doing this more often as it fits in with my… once again… realizing I need to focus on health a bit more than I have been.  I got my blood work done while on my Spring Tour and, while some things were improved, some had deteriorated. Though I had an explanation for my low hemoglobin result and increased white blood cell count, and maybe even my jump in cholesterol, I felt like this was a wake up call.

So I’ve been eating better this week, more veggies and more consciousness.  And I’m looking forward to our Ploughshares CSA baskets starting in the next week or two.  We will be getting lots of good green food to keep us healthy.  I just hope I can find ways to cook the stuff that may be foreign to me.  I’m not sure how this CSA will compare with previous but I plan to cook and enjoy the fresh, organic produce each week.  And Farmer Gary has lots of recipes to help me out in this.  In case you’re interested in trying some of them, here’s a link to my farmer:  http://www.ploughsharefarm.com/  Recipes are in the right column near the bottom of the page.

We wrapped up the week with a visit to Reverend Raven and the Chain-Smokin’ Altar Boys in Forada.  Thought the show started at 7:30 so we were there by 7 at our reserved table (thanks to Deb & Paul!).  Almost every table in the house was reserved.  Some pizza and chips & cheese were enjoyed as we waited and at almost 8 ,the Boys began to play.  Westside Andy was there with his Harp and he reminds me so much of an old buddy at SDI that I had to grab a shot of him to post on FB.  I definitely think he looks like my boy Ronnie “Gaither”.  Sure miss those guys.

Photo Op

Well, they started up and the crowd was primed for the show.  The Rev took a sec to wander the dance floor checking out his crew.  Lookin’ good.

They were about 4 songs into the set and… poof!  Out went the lights.  But Jody was quick to bring out candles for everyone!

Without juice, The Rev was dead in the water…  We thought we’d have a short delay… but it turned out to be longer than that… it never came back.  Danny called it, noting that there were two flickers and then it was gone, indicating the sub-station had lost power. We’re guessing someone hit a pole as the weather was fine.  In fact, we enjoyed hanging outside chatting up the band and enjoying the evening.  The moon was a bit orange, perhaps commiserating with us with it’s own little brown out.  It was a good time for a photo op with the Reverend outside his darkened venue.

Me and Rev outside dark venue

The longer it went on, the more rumor stirred.  Someone noted power was out in Alexandria too.  Oh, no!  This brought on speculation of the end of the world.  What if this was our final juice?  Danny mentioned Lights Out by Ted Koppel, a book that has jumped to the top of my reading list…

It brought thoughts that we might just need to pack up the truck and head to the Harn. I realized how unprepared we are for something of that magnitude.  We’d need to stop for supplies but how much would we really get?  Wouldn’t it be chaos?  I figure we’d have a couple days max before everyone figured out that they are, by and large, fucked.  I mean, they haven’t freaked out about climate change yet, perhaps hope would spring eternal with a major power outage!

It’s just another 15 minutes, people!  No worries, power will be restored!  Our technology will save us!  Just hold on, keep doing what you’re doing and all will be fine.

But, without power, you are pretty limited in this day and age…  No TV, so how will you keep on top of what’s happening with Trump?!?  You’d still have interwebs for a while to look up his latest moves.  Whew!  But what about heating/cooling? How long would you last without these?  In winter we’d hang in there with wood stoves.   Thank goodness it’s cool in the morning but soon, it’s gonna be warming up and we’d really be buggered in the heat without our A/C.  And what about cooking and washing clothes?  This is when it starts to get tricky and we pretty much eat every day so…  Yeah maybe we’d have a day or two at the most before people got desperate in a total blackout.  And the big issue will be the toilets.  Did you know you need electricity to pump the water to your commode?  Yeah, that will get you motivated to find a solution.  It’s definitely something to think about.

So this big question Friday was… Where were you when the lights went out?  Forada, MN enjoying a show with the Rev!!  Not such a bad way to end it.  It was almost two hours post blackout that we finally packed it in for the night.  Yep, hope sprung eternal as we awaited the Rev getting back up on stage.  Thank goodness we had those last two pieces of pizza to nosh as we waited!  (Some folks went home with their made-but-not-baked pies.) The Rev did wander the crowd with Westside Andy doing a few songs through the evening and keeping people hanging in there.  And he even gave our table a personal serenade as we ended the night.

Final Serenade

Did you miss the Forada Blackout Show?  Don’t worry, you can catch The Rev August 5th at the Maritime Museum Garden Show or at the Bayfront Blues Fest in Duluth August 12th (he’ll be playing Roscoe’s the rest of that weekend). Here’s where you can track him… http://www.bandsintown.com/ReverendRaven/start_tracking?came_from=176