Harn updates for June included finishing up more in the kitchen and bathroom.

We were able to get the Humanure bin constructed for our indoor bathroom, which will be nice for using when it’s raining or in the middle of the night.  I will still continue to jump out of the truck and squat to pee… I’m like a little boy now with this new freedom to urinate in the outdoors!  I still love going out to the porch for a poop too.  Something about doing your business in the outdoors really appeals to me.  I just love it.  This is another reason to honk when you arrive – it’s not something you want to observe if you can avoid it.  I was also walking through the woods topless this weekend for the first time so, fair warning, you really want to honk.  We are working on getting a driveway alarm installed so we have a warning when guests arrive.

Right now, we’re getting our quotes on the work for our water system and hope to have that in place by the end of the month.  We’ll see.  Getting all the parties in place to have us on their calendars is a bit daunting.  We’re hoping to get things set this weekend for mid-July if we can.  Once the water is in, we’ll have all the utilities.  Just need to button up the Rocket Mass Heater with more Mass later this summer. There will probably be some clay digging in the next few visits.

Here are some photos of the humanure bin build.

I think we put as much into this bathroom as we can fit.  But it’s still a pretty nice space – not too claustrophobic – for the potty area.  [We absolutely planned the Infinite Black Blend Coffee Bean bag above the humi-bin.]


We were able to get some more projects done over the 4th of July weekend.  Here’s a couple videos…

Here’s a list of our accomplishments:

  • Add Marine Vinyl above Shower and Silicone Caulk the Joint with the Shower Enclosure
  • Polyurethane the HumiBox
  • Meet with Darren to Review the Excavation Plan for the Cistern Area
  • Have Don Push Stumps and Excavate the Yard to Flatten (and Prep Pad for Water Tank)
  • Hang Welcome Sign on Porch
  • Kilz the Bathroom Cabinets
  • Spread Clover Seed on New Dirt Yard
  • Mow (now we need to also fix the mower blade…)
  • Meet Gary to Review the Shed Addition Plan for over the Cistern Area
  • Dig out the Pad area for the Water Tank to prep for Insulation Board
  • Replace the Front Entry Light Fixture with Motion Detector LED fixture
  • Prep Fan Boxes for Garage Fans
  • Install Shower
  • Move Items to the Bathroom (only a bit of trim work remains!)
  • Drop Trees to allow for Boom Crane to place Cistern Tanks
  • Prep new Firewood Location and Process Trees to Wood for Fire
  • Bury Three Buckets of Humanure
  • Put Insulation and Garden Water Tank in Place, Covering Insulation with Dirt
  • Cut in Outlets in Garage and Hang 2 Ceiling Fans
  • Train Jami as an Apprentice Electrician (bit of a learning curve but she did OK)
  • Cover Insulation at Garden Tank with Dirt
  • Relax Sunday Night with a Fire!

We also made a three pots of French Press Coffee, cooked hot dogs in corn tortilla wraps, killed a couple ticks (really, three or so), took many breaks, and slept in Monday (until almost 10! But we were up until after 1 or so…).  It’s looking good for probably getting our cisterns set the 15th so we can prep the shed for Gary to come in August… or whenever that hard working guy can break free for us to hang rafters and steel!  He’s in high demand for a reason and we are finding that we’ve learned a lot from him so it’s like an Apprentice Workshop every time he does a job with us.

It feels good to have made more progress.  It’s getting more and more like a house and feeling more and more like home.  But we’ve still got a ways to go…