What a horrible couple weeks of disappointment.  I think in the end I am most angry with me.  As often accused, I naively believed there could be real change in our political system.  I believed the people’s voices could be heard, would be heeded, and we’d finally get some breakdown in the Corporatocracy. But, as many of us suspected all along, there was collusion between the Hillary’s campaign and the DNC with the MSM.  There were major failures in the voting process that allowed HRC to claim wins in several states.  And, as is typical of most primaries/caucuses, the voices of the Independents were not captured.  It is speculated that Independents make up 50% of the voting population so, in my mind, it made sense to go with a candidate that would garner more of that Independent vote, and maybe even some Republican votes.  But the DNC was never going to let Bernie win.  They were going with their Democrat, because as some keep telling me, “Bernie isn’t a Democrat”.  Regardless of what the people are saying we want… more progressive policies, more protection for the environment, less allowances for corporations, more income for the masses…  we’re not gonna get it.  God forbid we pay people a living wage.  No way are we going to eliminate fracking, even if it will destroy the planet.  Let’s Just Keep Moving Forward!! 🙂

I have been slammed for sharing things on FB and in this blog that show the true feelings of many in the Bernie camp.  I understand, many are responding in fear so I try not to take it too personally.  I’m living in fear as well because I just don’t think Hillary can beat The Don as easily as Bernie would have done.  Many of us were disappointed in Bernie’s loss and were completely disillusioned (and pissed off) with the Wikileaks release of DNC collusion.  I am sure that I will continue to take negative comments and blame from now until November and I’ve reached a point where I’m like, “Sure! If it makes you feel better, blame me for it all.”  I personally think that our corrupt political system is to blame and it’s easy to understand after the last few weeks why many people just say, “Fuck it” and don’t vote at all.  I’ve had those thoughts a lot in the past week.  Doesn’t matter what I want, those in power are gonna make it turn out the way they want.

I did get this from one friend:

As a Bernie supporter, I’d like to thank the DNC for giving him a venue to express his views.  They were under no obligation to do so. He is not now, nor never was, a Democrat.  The Democratic Party sponsored and ran their primaries and caucuses.  It is not surprising, and certainly not a scandal, the party wanted a Democrat to win.  And that’s the way it’s always been and those were the rules going in. Is it the most democratic?  No.  That would only be achieved through national primaries.

Does this mean it was OK that the DNC rigged the system for Hillary? Bernie pissed So what was Bernie’s purpose?  Just to assure Hillary didn’t have to debate herself?    I think Bernie was included to assure he would not run as an Independent that split the Democratic vote.  [Which is I’m sure why he decided he would not do that as well. And I think he may end up regretting that move.  As Chris Hedges said, he knew from the beginning when Bernie committed to backing the nominee, Bernie couldn’t win.  Should have listened to Hedges from the start…]

But I think it was short-sighted for the DNC, and Dems in general for that matter, to not see what a boon it could be nominating Bernie and, rather than pushing his people away, actually drawing in MANY MORE people to their party.  Not just young people and those who jumped in because Bernie gave them hope their voices would be heard,  but also Independents and possibly even Republicans.  Hell, there are Republicans talking about voting for Hillary now with Trump as the nominee, something I would not have believed could happen.  So.  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe she’ll win.  I just have a feeling there is greater apathy/disillusionment on the Left and bigger anger on the Right which could make it Trump Time.  Lots of angry Republicans can’t wait to vote against Hillary.  Let’s hope they vote Johnson instead.

Better was this from another friend on hearing I have pretty much decided to leave the DFL/Dems completely:

Sadness …Come over for a beer.  I won’t try to change your mind, I promise.  Take time. Be pissed.  Go north.  Listen to the wolves … Read Chris Hedge’s new book on revolution.  Be more pissed.  Take more time.  Drink too much for a short period of time.  Cry … cry that one kind of cry that is an odd combination of pissed/sad/get-even cry.    Then come back.   Robert Reich debated Chris Hedges yesterday and Hedges made more sense about the state of things, but Reich gave good reasons to be hopeful.  I am planning to go with Reich.  Peace to you dear Sister!

At least with this message I felt like my feelings were being heard and validated.  I wasn’t just told to put on my big girl panties and suck it up.  Maybe that’s what many of the Bernie people need, rather than being chastened for “being ridiculous” and not “falling into line”, to instead be told, “Yes, you got screwed. The system worked against your candidate from the start and you were never gonna have a chance to win.  We admit it.  We appreciate your efforts in making the Democratic party more progressive than we have been for a long time and for holding the platform to a place that tries to support the little guys.  We thank you for your hard work but we hope that you can move to a place where you are still with us.  Even though we know, we have our own issues with corruption and the candidate we chose is not supporting many of the things you see as important.”  But I’m not holding my breath to hear any regret or admission of wrong-doing.

Maybe if there was some acknowledgement at the DNC Convention of the scandal but everyone was all excited and acting like the Wikileaks revelation didn’t happen.  Don’t look behind the curtain!!  I actually had someone email me:

I had hoped this would have been a united convention but the Sanders people still haven’t grasp the fact that Hillary Clinton one the nomination fair and square.

Wow.  Really?? Fair and square?  Hmmm…   maybe that’s as “fair and square” as it gets in this country.  At least we had an illusion of having a voice.  If only for a short while.

Maybe if Hillary actually SPOKE to the Bernie people in a way that truly made us feel like she was sorry for the corruption instead of giving DWS a big appointment that rewarded her for being so successful with her immorality.  [I think America is the laughing stock of the world now.  Both parties are bullshit.  We should NEVER AGAIN go into another country to assure they are running “fair elections” because we obviously know nothing about that.  Of course, perhaps our experience makes us really good at finding corrupt practices…]  Maybe HRC is saying something to the Bernie people and I don’t know it… because I admit, I can no longer stand to listen to her.  Every time I try, I see someone who is just saying what she wants us to hear, not speaking truthfully, as she has done time and time again.  She seems to forget we live in the 21st century and we can actually re-read and review her past statements online.  I’m not able to get past the arrogant way she’s taken this nomination.  And I’m just not able right now to see any way to support a warhawk candidate who still thinks fracking is a good solution.  Sure she loves women and children.  Who doesn’t?  But there have been a lot of women and children who have suffered under Clinton policies/votes.  Sure she’s better than Trump in some ways but really, will the decisions be that much different under her administration?  We’ll still be pumping up the war economy, because that’s what America does!  (Plus it helps us eliminate a lot of those poor people who serve in our military and that helps unemployment go down!)  We’ll still be destroying the planet as quickly as we can because that’s what big corporations want!  We’ll still be fracking the hell out of our country.  Who doesn’t love flammable water?!?

So how will it turn out?  Who knows?  I’m starting to wonder if we’ll have a 4-way run and the system may not be able to elect anyone with enough Electoral Votes.  If we get a bunch of people voting Green and Libertarian, we may get two new political parties in the mix, two that have to date been largely ignored by big money as they have no influence in the political system.  That would be a Revolution they aren’t expecting!  I’m thinking a vote for Green may at least bring a new party to the table next time and, with that, a possibility of a candidate who isn’t bought and paid for by the powerful, but is instead responsive to the people.  Maybe my vote can make a difference in the long run.  But I wonder how much time we have to fix things.  The weather gets crazier every year and people live on less income too so our economy keeps tanking further.  Someday they will figure out when people make a living wage, they buy shit.  And THAT keeps the economy going.

However, the fear propaganda machine is working overtime (see “Fear Brokers” by Senator Thomas J. McIntyre with John Obert   https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/thomas-j-with-john-c-obert-mcintyre/the-fear-brokers/) and it will likely continue to sway many to hold their noses and pull the lever for whichever they feel is the lesser of two evils.  Many are afraid to make a stand and vote their true conscience.  “It’s a wasted vote!”  “It will be your fault the bad guy/girl won.”  I figure I voted for Gore so maybe I’m due my Nader vote.

I have Republican friends in Indiana who were planning to vote for Bernie as they just can’t stand Trump.  That is no longer an option for them.  They are also firm believers in “anyone but that bitch”.  And with experience living in a system ruled by Mike Pence, they will be voting Gary Johnson this year.  [I have this strange feeling The Don will tire quickly of his position, and the inability to just get what he wants at his every whim.  And then he will say, “OK, Mike, she’s all yours, I resign.”]

I’m not sure what I will decide in a few months.  Who knows what will happen?  No one.  But there are plenty of sure statements rolling around on MSM trying to convince us of what we should do.  And there are many who will continue to berate me for expressing my frustration, my anger, my disillusionment, my apathy.  But here’s something I know.  Shaming people doesn’t usually work.  My vote is my vote.  And while you can feel free to blame and shame me, it’s probably only going to push me further from the Dems than ever.  And no matter what happens, we’ll all be okay in the end.  Everyone smile pretty now!!


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