Here are a few of the things we learned of late:

  • Lay out the project BEFORE you dig
  • Don’t dig the hole until you need it
  • Foam floats
  • Water WILL get in the crack
  • We get about 8 gallons per inch of rain from each foot of roof catchment; 6 gallons for the non-shed areas
  • Drawings look nothing like reality in carpentry
  • 15° is more angle than you realize
  • 92″ isn’t as long as you’d think

Another busy weekend at the Harn.  Lots of communication breakdowns but it’s all working out… At least Dan and I are communicating well. 🙂  We did quite a lot of organizing and clearing of stuff which is making things look more like a home and less like a construction site.  I was able to gather two buckets of clay for an upcoming Cob Workshop so I’m feeling like that project is moving along.  As with many of the projects, clay gathering was much quicker this time than the first.  I was able to get about a bucket per hour.  I learned that it’s easier to get the quick clay and, when you get to the stuff with little rocks, to just can those handfuls.  I have a giant hill of clay and got a pretty high return with less than 5% “tailings”.  Clay shortage will NOT be a problem with this project.

I was also able to get the final coat of Thoroseal painted in the two cisterns (again, much quicker this round) so they are ready to go.  Dan and I decided that we’d jumped the gun on digging the root cellar as we don’t really need it and should be able to use the cistern shed itself as the root cellar.  Ah, well… expensive lessons.  Going to a good cause – money in the local economy.

Dan did some weed whacking to clear a path up to our SE Hilltop near Scruffy (our large White Pine).  In the process he discovered a great deal of storm damage so he took me out for a tour.

I also got a couple little clothes lines put up until we can find our retractable lines we brought up from Indy.  And we cleared a lot in the Hightop.  We’ll have room for moving out more things from the Harn garage as we prep to pour another extension in our concrete pad.  We did some more lumberjacking to clear some dying trees along the driveway.  It looks real clear now and we’ve got another small woodpile.  We need little dates for these things to keep them all in order!!

We built the legs for our solar shower but decided that we’ll wait until Spring to put it up.  It’s getting too cool overnight for the water to heat during the day and we really don’t have all the plumbing paraphernalia to get it done at present.  And I picked some chives for my sandwich – one of the few things I’m growing here.  It was DELICIOUS!  Dan also opened a bank account locally – one more step in the process of transitioning up here more permanently.

We cleaned the yard up with a mow, which we don’t have to do but about once a month with all the clover we’ve planted.  Dan finished this job just as the belt broke on the mower so we’ll be getting two more of those to replace it and have a spare on hand.  He’s quite the handy guy.  Think I’ll keep him! 🙂  So the Harn is ready for some upcoming weekends with visitors.  I hope they love her as much as I do.

Here are some links to videos from the Harn I finally got a chance to upload.