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Super excited at how life is falling into place of late.  Major progress is being made and some great opportunities have come into being.

Last weekend I was able to have our first non-family overnight visitor to the Harn.  Sherry said the guest bedroom was like a little nest and she loved it.  Dan noted it was about the size of a jail cell, which is true… but it’s homey!

I also was able to participate in a wonderful Women’s Awakening with about 250 other women in Ottertail.  It was a beautiful event of connecting with each other and all the beings on Mother Earth.  We called in the directions and it was magical.  There were eagles and gulls flying overhead but the most spectacular animal arrival for me happened as a woman was speaking and saying something that rang true to my heart.  This huge blue heron, one of my favorite birds of all, came swooping in above her and sweeping down over the lake with its tremendous wingspan.  The beauty then swirled over the water behind her and up into a tree.  It was a sign to me that all she was speaking and all I was feeling were in line with the Universe.

We met lovely women, tried the hula hoops DSCF0020and I even got my first henna tattoo.  It expresses the nature of Divinity to me.  We closed the day with again calling in the directions.  Along the shore, we called to the Water and, as we bowed down to Mother Earth, the waves lapped the beach.  There were no boats, they hadn’t done this all day, but the powerful call to the water drew it to us and I was in awe.  I am learning that we can be in harmony with the Earth and She does help and heal us.

Saturday evening was Macho Nachos at Zorbaz in Ottertail.  That little place was packed!  And the drive back to the Harn was relaxing – I felt pretty zoned out and we ended up crashing pretty quickly into bed that evening.  Slept in late Sunday too – that Energizing sure takes it out of a girl!!  But Sunday was productive as I was able to get in place the stones for the north side of the Rocket Stove footprint.  I also finished the south side of the barrel and added more cob on the end of the first duct.  One more duct to cover with pearlite expansion mix and thermal cob and then we can start working on the structural cob.  I’m gonna host a few workshops in September to explain to some people how we built our Rocket Stove and show them how to make and apply the cob mass.  Hoping for some extra feet to mix which will make the job go much more quickly.  We ended Sunday with a big fire, burning the last of the deer stand.

Monday was Backhoe and Bobcat work to dig an overflow graywater pit and finish up the insulating and grading around the cistern area.  The videos give a good explanation:

The most amazing thing happened Monday as we drank coffee after a morning full of hard work.  I had gone inside to get the coffee and Dan came to the door saying, “Come out quietly and slowly.”  Turns out, the fox I’d seen on two other occasions had walked into the clearing from the east and across to the west side as Dan watched from the porch.  Our screens are thick and it must be just blank, black windows from the outside.  We were able to stand and watch as the little pup took a bath, yawned and scratched, and enjoyed the morning sun.  Dan snuck into the garage where we’d left the camera and was able to get a nice shot of him just as he was heading out of the area.  Gorgeous.


We also did some business in town… paying our material supplier, Hillside Lumber, and getting me onto the local bank account.  We dropped off come recyclables and tried to get a library card but the library isn’t open on Monday. 😦

So progress on the Harn was magnificent and we also got word on the way home that our son had secured his first official JOB!  Super exciting to hear about his process and walk with him through it all.  We are SO PROUD.  He is actually headed into Denver as I write and we will be taking his possessions to him the week of Labor Day.  I am SUPER STOKED about this for a number of reasons:

  1. He’s GOT A JOB!!!  A good job.  A fun job.  Doesn’t every kid want to make video games?
  2. We get to go to Colorado!! (We did Spring Break out there in 2004 and loved it.)
  3. This means we drive halfway across the country and, along the way we will stop at Dancing Rabbit!! I’ve wanted to take Dan there ever since I left in September 2014.  I had given up on getting there until at least next year with everything happening but this works out perfectly to give Dan a chance to meet the fine people of DR and see what an Ecovillage is all about in person.  We have been reading the blog for years and, having been a part of the place for a few weeks, I now feel like family.  I hope Dan can capture that feeling as well.  Our hearts are with the mission of Dancing Rabbit. Check them out at DancingRabbit.org  Can’t wait to get in that pond.
  4. I will take an opportunity to purchase marijuana legally!! Another chance to be a part of history.  Someday our grandchildren will laugh at the fact that weed used to be prohibited. A buddy of mine did this a few years back and made a guy’s day as he handed him the weed on exiting. It was all about the buy.

So lots to be excited about in the near term.  I will take a break on the blog next week with all the traveling but I will be having a wonderful retreat up in the Boundary Waters in the coming week and I hope someday to write about that experience.  I am humbled and honored to have been asked to be a part of this group of women on this mission and I am really looking forward to this next adventure.  Life is certainly wonderful, isn’t it?

Until next time, may you be happy and may life fall into place beautifully for you and all you love.