I’ve been running like crazy in the last couple weeks.  I realize I’m squeezing in a bunch of town stuff before I head North for the Winter.  I know I’ll enjoy my time alone at the Harn but it’s good seeing everyone now.

Had the last Crafting Ladies of Alexandria meet-up… unless they decide to continue crafting-10-10-16without me.  It was fun making cards and gift bags (from maps!). Thanks, Deb!
I plan to spend a lot of time at the Harn crafting but it’s always more fun when you’ve got your buddies with you.  Maybe Char will hang with me up North.  Or maybe we’ll get a new group of Crafting Ladies together up there.  Time will tell.

Dan and I had dinner with some friends (Sylvia & Joe, Jon and Rita) and it was fun talking hot dogs, politics, new buildings, community, and more.  I will miss being able to jump in for a quick chance to spend time having dinner with my Alex buddies.  But again, I’m hopeful they will all visit at the Harn!

Meditation Group was great again.  Such wonderful time and good conversations with thoughtful people.  My U Group met too and I love seeing these friends.  I’m committing to coming back to town for this once a month gig. [I think Mikko would cry if I didn’t.  Love that guy!] It’s such a fulfilling practice and it will give me a chance to come visit Mom too.

My ESL friend, Minerva, came back from amiranda-me-2016-abe-esl-dinner long trip to visit family and it was so good to see her!  I missed our time together while she was gone and it reinforced what I’ve known for some time now… that my time with her is going to be one of the things I miss most once I move to the Harn.  I have so enjoyed learning from her and getting to know her.  She and her husband are so nice.  I am grateful to have them as friends and I’m hopeful they will visit the Harn someday soon.  I am also hopeful that we will be able to continue chatting and learning via Skype.  I think about all she’s done since I’ve met her and I am amazed.  Her biggest accomplishment (in my mind) was getting a job.  I was SO PROUD of her work to create a resume that focused on the skills for the job she was seeking and her hard work in preparing for the interviews.  And I was tickled pink when she called to let me know she had gotten a job!  Since then, her vocabulary and ease of speaking continue to improve every time we talk.  She is an inspiration to me and occasionally I feel like I’m learning a bit too.  But my progress is much less noticeable!  Once thing we share – we’re both skinnier now than when this photo was taken.  Though again, her progress outshines my own. 🙂

I also made time to run out the Lakes Area Radio Theater for one more tailgate party.  We meet ahead of the show and grill and snack on the deck.  Sherry, Katie and I had a blast and enjoyed two fantastic performances.  Then we hung out with the show folks.  It was windy but nice to just relax and tell some stories.  Plus, marshmallows! Can’t beat that.

This weekend I headed to the Cities for a Rec Lab burlis-sale-10-16-16Board Meeting and was able to see a bunch of Rec Lab friends. Plus got to work a yard sale which was amazing fun.  They had awesome cool stuff!  It was really fun to catch up with everyone and I’ll see these guys on Skype and such.  But maybe a few of them will visit the Harn too!  While I was doing this, Dan was up at the Harn seeing my new friend (I assume this is not my old grouse, though the photos this week make him seem as big as he used to be).  I’m really looking forward to seeing him every day!DSCF0123.JPG

I’ll be spending time next weekend with friends7-20-16-4 up North.  Katie and Wyatt turned 13 recently and I am looking forward to seeing them now that they are teenagers.  I’m hopeful they are still fun and sweet kids and they never get to be annoying teenagers.  😉 My son was pretty good at avoiding the annoying stage as I recall so maybe they can too.  They really are smart and fun and thoughtful.  We’ll have some chili and they can tell me stories of their recent adventures.

I’m excited about seeing the progress Dan made while I was in the Cities.  The Harn gets more homey each week.  We might even get indoor plumbing soon!  A real shower!!  But never a flush terlet.  😉