Every weekend brings me closer to the move to the Harn!  I realized this weekend that it’s kind of like living there already as we’re pretty much spending 2 to 3 days a week @ the Harn.  Soon after the election, I’ll be moving Lucky to the North Woods.


We were able to make quite a bit of progress this weekend with installation of my freezer and dryer [note my Bill Belichick sweatshirt – it’s a rag Tobert passed down.  Once I move to the Harn I will probably dress like a vagabond most days!]  We also re-installed the workshop pallet floor and migrated much of the interior clutter out to the garage.  This frees up space for me to organize the house and make it less construction zoney and more homey.


We also got some more wood pulled into the garage after re-loading the inside woodpile. With the predictions for a cold and snowy winter, we want to be sure there is plenty of readily accessible wood.  We’ll also bring in about a half cord or so to just inside the garage door so I can reload this wood box as needed even if there is a week or longer storm.  I imagine cold, crisp days will find me gathering kindling and wood in the forest as this will be a good way to warm up and get some fresh air.


We made a trip to town which I thought  would be quick – back by noon I promised Char, so I could deliver her new Anne Dunn signed copy…  Our intention? To anne-dunndrop off the mower for addition of the snowblower attachment, pick up supplies from Menards for the closet, and grab some frozen food for the new freezer, then stop at Char’s on the way home.  As we headed out, we decided (ok, it was ME!) that we probably need new tires on the trailer too.  So we asked Brett at the Home Repair Professionals  https://www.facebook.com/hrpbemidji/ about them he recommended used tires since most tires on a trailer are never used before they begin to show signs of rot… like the lovely examples we now sported.  Actually, ours were relatively bald too.  So we headed to Tires Plus to get a quote.  Ended up getting two “new” used tires for a really good price.  Our buddy Sebastian was fantastic and got us on to our next destination, Menards.  We spent almost two hours here – oops!  Noon already!  As Danny had been fighting a sinus headache all morning, and neither of us had eaten, we swung into Dickey’s BBQ for a quick lunch.  dan-rest-11-6-16Then we picked up the trailer and headed up to our buddy Bryan’s for some pallets and barrels – since we have the trailer with her new tires and all.  Then back to town for frozen food and then, since it was 71°F, we decided we’d stop at home to drop off supplies before heading to Char’s. We unloaded barrels and pallets, put our food in the freezer, I put Danny onto the couch for a quick nap and I headed to Char’s.  I needed a bucket of poop so that took an extra minute so even though Char wasn’t home, I gave Dan a nice rest.  I got back after 4.  There went the day!  We still managed to work until almost 10:30 so not a total loss.  But boy, a trip to town can be an all day affair!

Once we cleared everything out of the house cleared-bedroomto the garage – well, most of it anyway! – I discovered that we actually have LOTS of space to get organized.  I will be spending some time getting things from Indiana unpacked and put away, placed into boxes for donation (we brought too much stuff north) or put into the back of the truck for the refuse station.  The addition of the cistern room for protected storage and the spray foaming in the garage for insulated space will both give me more options.  Some things must just stay inside to prevent freezing and the utility closet will give me space for that.  It was fun thinking of all the things that still need to be done to settle our home and only a bit frustrating at how long everything takes to get done!

We were able to get the closet system started by closetinstalling a rod and one of the two large shelves on the south wall.  This little DIY project was under $50 and will give a versatile space for accessing clothing.  I am imagining that we will have winter clothes out now and summer clothes stored since our space is limited.  But we’ll see, maybe we’ve downsized clothing enough to have room for everything.  I’ll have to post AFTER photos once I’ve unpacked it all.

Unbelievably, we had the Harn windows open to air out the house this weekend.  It was in the 70s!!  In Northern Minnesota!!  Crazy.  But I’ll take it as it gives us that much more nice weather in which to prep the place.  There’s still a ways to go but it looks like Lucky and I area gonna be in good shape in a few weeks.