dscf0006What a week of busyness.  A drive to town for holiday groceries was cut short as the Internet installer was coming earlier than expected.  But, hey, INTERNET!!  So glad to be reconnected to the web.  It’s like the Harn is a whole new place.  Can’t explain this amazing difference.  I feel way more connected but am wary to not spend too much time online.  I still want this space to be a place of relative getting-away-from-it-all.  And the first few days have been good.  I spent time cooking a pie, making dips and dinners, and enjoying conversation.  Also got some more reading and card-writing done.  And now I can post blogs without having to drive 10 miles to get WiFi!

It was really nice to have Mom, Tom and Dan arrive Friday evening for a tasty Harn-cooked

meal of pork roast, potatoes, and carrots.  Of course the real visit was to assure Lucky was being well treated and he got the first lovin’.  I did manage to get a hug sometime after Mom had assured her little man was in good shape.  She expressed worry about how inactive he was but I explained he had ALL the pork blood from the roast that morning so he was a fat and happy cat.  [And here I was worried about how to dispose of raw meat juices at the Harn…  Not a problem!]  Mom was so tired after a relaxing evening of story-telling that she was ready to head to the Hostel early and I didn’t realize until they’d been gone for almost a half hour that we’d forgotten to eat the pie I made for dessert!  Ah, well, I had a small bite of it before an early bedtime and then Dan and I had pie for breakfast.  Delish!

Christmas Eve was some tightening up of the pump room and fixing of loose wires in  an outlet and installing a new timer on the pump room heat lamps.  We heated the place up for Lucky and headed to the Hostel for presents and ham supper with Mom and Tom.

Tom’s chili was yummy for a little bite of late lunch and then we chatted and cooked.  I haven’t made caramel corn for probably 15  years  but this little batch turned out ok.  I had popped some corn earlier in the week but it wasn’t as good as usual and adding some caramel made it yummier!  Mom and I took a walk down to Lake Itasca for the sunset where Dan was taking photos.  It was gorgeous and full of color, getting better as it went.  We were able to enjoy it for quite some time.

My first Christmas Day at the Harn has been largely uneventful.  Christmas songs on the radio but family was all gone by 9 AM so it was a day for me and Lucky to lounge. He enjoyed a long fire in Clay and stretched out on the blanket-covered cob for his long winter’s nap.  I was able to Skype with Tom and Celia and it was a real joy watching them open presents with the grandparents joining in on Google Handouts – my new favorite place!  Here’s Celia trying on the beard hat! It’s a little bit big!!  She’s adorable… even with a big beard!


With all the worries of weather, it’s not looking too bad.  Had some sleet on and off late Christmas afternoon and evening but the morning light showed that we had no ice damage as expected but simply a fresh coat of snow falling. I swept the porch pallets and there was a bit of a thickness to the snow at the bottom but it swept off pretty clean; just a light iciness on the suet-2wood slats.  The snow continues to fall so perhaps we will get a bit of a blizzard.  The driveway was a bit deep – maybe 6-7” – making for a trudge out to the mailbox.  Tomorrow the post lady will gather my holiday letters and take them on their way to friends and family.  I will take the last few out later this afternoon and see how deep our snow has gotten.  But I will mostly stay bundled inside, warm and busy with unpacking and organizing, and letting my mind think on what comes its way.  I was able to get the suet up for the birdies so I hope they eat well in this little blizzard!  Mom sent this up from Alex and it smells peanut buttery delicious.  Thanks, Mom!!