I had the lovely experience of receiving a card in the mail this week.  CardIt was most humorous and produced a huge smile. I was so tickled to receive it that I had to post it on FB.  This was a card to let me know how appreciated I am.  There weren’t a lot of words inside but every one told me that the person who sent it loves me bunches.  And that means the world to me.

I send a lot of cards myself and I’m usually much wordier.  [Imagine that!]  Sometimes I write all around the inside sentiment in order to send as much info as I can and I was struck by the huge impact of the simple few sentences that I got in this card.  It’s true that notion that a lot can be expressed with a few words.  Though I don’t know that I can much change the way I’ve always been.  I’m just a wordy woman.

I occasionally send the thinking-of-you card but more often, it’s a thank you that I send.  Momma trained me well as she always encouraged my brother and me to send thank you cards when we were kids.  I am convinced these days that it is one of the most important reasons for my success.

I always sent thank you notes after interviews.  Even when I knew I didn’t want the job.  I believe that this simple act, this quickly completed task, did more for cementing my relationships with people than the actual interview experiences.

It’s a different world we live in today… one of electronic communication, Facebook and email.  All these are great for keeping in touch day in and day out and I love being able to see and hear about what friends and family are doing all the time.  And, as I commented to my husband just today, “When Aunt Inez sends you a comment on Facebook, it’s like you can hear it in HER voice!”  It makes me feel like getting a little hug from her every time!

But I do believe that paper cards, sent in the snail mail, help you stick out in the crowd.  I wouldn’t doubt that a thank you card could very well have been the deciding factor in whether I got hired in more than one case.

Though I will probably never really know the impact of most of those cards I sent, occasionally I do get feedback.  We have an International Dinner group that we joined recently and, after the first one, I sent out a couple cards of thanks.  At the most recent event, I was told by one recipient that it was a Very Nice Card.  And you’d be surprised how many people send a thank you card back for a thank you card you send!

I very much enjoyed spending some time with my good friend, Momma Chris, this week.  She is a Card Sending Maniac!  And the wonderful thing about her cards is that they are all hand made.  When Fran and I arrived for our visit, it wasn’t long until we were looking at all her recent creations.  Of course, we had lots of questions.  “How did you do that?  Is that a stamp?  Was this done with alcohol inks?”  Chris, of course, had other examples to show us and when she went back to her Card Studio, I told Fran we should just follow along.  Within minutes, she was running us through a tutorial using blue painter’s tape, ink pads and paper.  It was so outside the concepts I envisioned.  She is a master of so many ways of making beautiful cards.

And where do all these cards go?  They go to everyone.  People she hears about with illness, those who she just misses (lucky me!), friends of friends, people in her church. I don’t know how many she sends out every week but she has people on rotation to help them get through whatever they are going through.  She told us a story of recently meeting a husband of a woman to whom she’d been sending cards and he was so delighted to meet her because she’s brought such joy to the woman.

I think what Chris gets out of the deal is an ability to never age.  She’s closing in on her mid 80’s but she looks as young as I’ve ever seen her on this visit and I’ve known her for almost 10 years.  I recall Carl Kasell once telling me, “If you want to do what you’ve always done, you have to keep doing what you’ve always done.” (Or something along those lines.)  He is another seemingly ageless gem of a person.  And I believe this spirit of giving demonstrated by both Carl and Chris just goes to show that Karma is a real thing.

A while back I made a book of a bunch of cards… some I sent, some I’ve received, photos and stories about these cards.  I am so grateful my mom gave me this wonderful habit.  I believe it’s just about the simplest and sweetest way to send a little love.  And who doesn’t need a little love?  I think I’ll send a few cards out soon.