So I love how things just “happen” in life at what seems like just the right time and in a totally unexpected way.  I do think you have to keep your eyes open to see them coming but sometimes they are just real obvious.  And sometimes you have to reach out to capitalize on them when serendipitous moments arise.


This past month I worked the Hostel and there was a great young lady there.  She was reading a book about intentional living and so I mentioned to her that I was trying to live more intentionally.  I basically said that my husband and I had decided to move to the woods and live more sustainably and simply and that we were “happier than ever”.  A couple hours later, she stopped by the office and said something like, “I’ve been thinking about what you said earlier about being happier than ever…”  So I said, “Let’s sit and chat awhile.”  Here she is, considering life and how she really wants to live it and she runs into someone who has decided for themselves how to make this transition to a more meaningful life and was available to chat.

We spent the next hour and a half talking about all kinds of things.  I learned about her world travels, her work experiences, her family and I shared about my life today, some of what led me to where I am, and some of the challenges to making this shift in life.  It was a fun and fulfilling conversation and I applaud her for having the gumption to reach out to me and ask for more on an idea that intrigued her.  And I was tickled to hear more about her story.

We’d invested a couple hours of time in sharing life stories and those little details will carry us forward and make impacts small and large on how we weave our upcoming adventures.  I think we both left hoping for the best future for the other.

At the end of the weekend, a friend texted asking if it was okay for her and another friend (just an acquaintance to me) to stop by the Harn as they were travelling to the area.  I replied, “Sure. We’re making chicken and chorizo but if we need a veggie option I can make some soup.  Let me know.  What time?”  She said they should arrive around 6.

Well, the friend she was bringing was a Producer/Director for a Film Company.  They just happened to be doing a short film on the Paddle to Protect project – you may remember that from a previous blog.  Dan and I were big supporters of these courageous kids as they made their way from the Headwaters of the Mississippi to Big Sandy Lake spreading a message for us to “Love Water Not Oil” and fight the Line 3 project currently pending approval in Minnesota.  These kids get that Water is more important to Life than Oil.  They know that if they want a planet that will support their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it will require clean water and air.  And they are approved as Youth Climate Interveners in the legal battle against Enbridge.

Well, this filmmaker could not believe she’d lucked into staying at a place where there would be people so aware and connected to the project so… she decided to interview us for the film!  She kept saying “Serendipity” and I knew exactly what she meant.  It’s kind of funny how things seem magical sometimes but I find it often in my life.

I don’t know that we’ll get much of a part in the short film but it was really interesting to talk with these two powerful young women in the fight against the Fossil Fuel Industry.  And it felt good to hear about the work they are doing to support these young people in their fight.

I don’t know what life will bring next, but once we have a link for the film, I’ll be sure to share it with you all.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy graphic… I’ll have to spend some time with my son getting tutored on how to do things like this better.  😀