Well, it’s that time of year again… time for resolutions.  And, time for Dan’s birthday!


In the past, he would get for his birthday whatever he didn’t get for Christmas a few weeks earlier.  The joys of a January birthday!  But this year there wasn’t really much we wanted or needed for Christmas.  So there’s not really anything to get him for his birthday.  The will be a small gift arriving – hopefully in time!  But regardless, I think he’s pretty happy just to be married to me, living in the Harn, and enjoying life these days.

And I’m happy with him.  He’s a pretty amazing person.  He knows history and is always informing me of  some aspect (often something of which I am oblivious) that puts current events in a new perspective.   He is really thoughtful and it’s a hopeless battle to try to give him a more well-thought gift than he will give you (I’ve completely given up on trying).  He makes me laugh – a lot.  And his biggest goal in life is to be sure I’m happy. It doesn’t get much better than this in a partner!  So I hope he has a Happy Birthday and a Wonderful Year.

But to resolutions…

There is some school of thought that says we shouldn’t all be making resolutions on the first  day of the year.  Some believe we should make them on OUR birthday – our personal “new year”.  So if you’re a New Year’s Baby, that’s YOUR day,  But the rest of us can wait a while longer to focus on the idea of resolution.  I find some truth in this.  I did such a birthday resolution thing a few years back and, as I remember, it was quite successful.  Anyway, it seems so much pressure to make New Year’s resolutions… but I guess that way we have lots of company about January 19th when we realize we have not stuck with the plan!  I realized a few years back how big this resolution thing is when my Yoga classes were overflowing the first two weeks of January.  A few weeks in and we were back to the usual suspects.

I have been contemplating this idea of resolutions and making commitments to improve our lives in some way.  And I don’t think a once a year attack is really productive. What I’m realizing is, I need to work daily on just being the best me I can be.  And accepting that I will fall short… I will forget and lose focus.  And I need to make the efforts when the thoughts arise.  I guess I’m feeling like it’s more of a follow the gut or listen to the heart thing.

So what have Dan & I been working to do of late?

  • We attended a friend’s “Let’s Watch X-Files” party.  It’s all about improving social skills and having fun! Hey, resolution can’t be just about losing 10#!  [Note: Jeff and I were not very well behaved in that we kept making jokes and such! So you might not want to invite us if you are serious about your TV party…]  We decided that the Nova special on the Hubble that followed was much more interesting and exciting.  Is it just me or is the new X-Files just really jumpy, drawn out without a lot of anything happening, and full of horrible acting?  I remember the original show being much more sharply presented, exciting, and fun.  We decided to cancel the remainder of our X-Files Party plans.
  • We invited a buddy who’s going through a major life change over to dinner.  And I sent him home with leftovers to assure he’d have one less thing to figure out when lunch rolled around the next day.
  • We answered the call for help from the Alida Country Store owner who is preparing to re-open the store (just around the corner), hopefully by summer. It’s usually a quick job that he just can’t manage single handed and since we’re so close, it’s easy to run over and lend a hand when he needs it.  I really enjoy helping with the project and I’m excited for the  possibilities.  And good deeds always seem to bring blessings in return.  We’re now using the wood splitter that helped us prep wood at the store to prep wood here at the Harn.  Saved us going all the way to Solway to rent a splitter.  And, when we return it, we can visit with his momma!
  • I’ve been trying to get out and visit with neighbors – though this is something I have to work to do… as extroverted as I am, I often would rather just stay home and read or craft.  Luckily for me, I have a bit of a reprieve as the Queen of Alida (89 year old gal who lives smack in the center of town) will be away for a while.  Maybe if it warms up I’ll find it easier to get those check-ins with the neighbors done!

On the other hand, as many of us find in living, I’ve had many occasions to see the downside of my ways.  These awareness raising events and situations help me to realize exactly where I might need to work on being more compassionate or helpful.  I continue to struggle with being the best person I can be.  But this year, no formal resolutions for me.  Just continuing in my commitment to daily try to be aware of what I might do to help make the world a better place.

I wish you all the best on your own journey through this thing called Life.

Happy 2018!

Photo Credit: https://www.birthdaywishes.expert/top-100-original-and-funny-happy-birthday-memes/