These days it does not feel like there is much to be proud of here in the United States. We are caging innocent children after transporting them across the country from where we ripped them from their parents arms and some see this as a “good” thing.  And, in the process, U.S. taxpayers are being charged thousands of dollars to not only fly them across the U.S. but to house them at $775/day.  And meanwhile, the administration drags their feet at remedying the situation.

When you think about the expense of child care, it’s pretty astronomical these days, though $775/day/child seems a bit much.  Many parents will tell you that child care is actually more expensive annually than college tuition these days.  And you’d think those who hate immigrants and complain about how much they drain our resources would WANT to FORCE them to care for their own children.  It makes so much more sense for the children to stay with parents economically and logistically.  Is it that there is such an extreme hatred for these people that those running the show would rather cruelly separate them from their children, regardless of the cost to taxpayers?

Arms Dealers

Some of those crossing illegally into the U.S. may not always be citizens that we most desire ~ you know, only the best of the best, as that is what we [erroneously] think we are…   But in fact, many of these people are refugees fleeing horrific lives or lives where resources are depleted, just like our forefathers.  And worse, many are fleeing situations in their home countries which are a direct result of the actions of U.S. manufacturers and politicians.  Their country’s resources were raided by U.S. corporations, or their governments were diddled with by U.S. meddling, and the weapons currently in use have in large part been provided by U.S. manufacturers who are aided by U.S. politicians, most recently for Saudi Arabia (who are accused of bombing civilians in Yemen).  We could expect refugees from Yemen… except 45DD has banned them.  How convenient!


I was recently reminded that we are not truly “America” as America is actually much bigger than just the U.S., though with our arrogance, I can see how we have taken over the title to completely mean “just us”.  (It’s actually two continents…)

In reality, we are a small part of the globe… and an increasingly smaller part of the global economy (at least the productive part) and 45DD is making that ever smaller with policies and insane rants that are, once again, pushing U.S. businesses overseas.  The interesting part is that Europe and China are retaliating in this tariff war with very specific targets like: bourbon whisky (sorry, Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky); butter, cream, yogurt, and Harley Davidson (sorry, Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin), soybeans, sorghum, and live hogs (sorry Iowa and Nebraska, 45’s rural agricultural base); oranges (sorry Florida).  They are quite strategic it seems with their targeting of 45’s base.  Perhaps some will begin to question why they are so fanatically supporting this yahoo that keeps fucking up their lives rather than improving them.

It’s not going to be good for the American farmer. ~ Brian Grossman, a market strategist at Zaner Group in Chicago who used to farm in North Dakota

Bank of America Merrill Lynch US economist Michelle Meyer warned late last month that a “major global trade confrontation would likely push the US and the rest of the world to the brink of a recession.” Here’s how the dominoes could fall: First, businesses would be hit with higher costs triggered by tariffs. Then, companies won’t be able to figure out how to get the materials they need. Eventually, confidence among executives and households would drop. Businesses would respond by drastically scaling back spending.

This is the current President of the United States – what a sad state:

45DD No organ

And his supporters love him and sing his praises.  You can watch them in this video – the above quote is at 36:36.  It’s sickening to watch as he spouts nonsense and then they applaud.  How brainwashed they all are… perhaps by Fox Noise?  The only good part of this video is 45DD claiming he has “no organ”… which might explain a lot.

So we are losing jobs, losing allies, losing rights, losing land, maybe even losing benefits (like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – to which we paid into, they are NOT entitlements) and 45DD calls it “winning”.  Likely because he and his ultra-wealthy cronies are walking away with all the treasure.  Yet, what is winning more and more with the public these days is Medicare for All.  And this is more widespread than just Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ base, contrary to what Tammy Duckworth seems to think.  The Left needs to recognize that many in their base are ALL FOR a single payer system.

I recently had someone send me a link to a rendition of The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin which was all about how bad immigrants are to America.  This was the response that followed:

Me: There is so much in here that is not based in reality. Though it is a good performance by whoever sings it. And it does expand that notion that Mexicans are to blame for all the troubles in America when truly, the corporate fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank with every penny they steal as we fight among ourselves. This kind of thing couldn’t make them happier. You really want to win, try NOT supporting those who are making life worse for you. “Patriotism is fierce as a fever, pitiless as the grave, blind as a stone and as irrational as a headless hen.” -Ambrose Bierce

Them: I just don’t want anymore people fleeing to America..she doesn’t need more problems

Me: Lots of immigrants are actually doing good work here. There are fields rotting with food because they can’t get people to pick it. We’re going to see big increases in food prices because of this anti-immigrant nonsense. There are surely bad people who come into our country too, but by and large, these immigrants, especially from south of the border, are good, hard-working people. Think about this… Have you ever seen a latino homeless person? How about one in a nursing home? It’s because they take care of each other. In fact, they take care of us. There are MANY of them who are illegal – and use a false SS# which means that they pay taxes for OUR services – roads, schools, police. And most never file a return because it may draw attention to themselves. AND they cannot access things like food stamps and medicare without proving ID so they are often not using any social services – which is a big claim by the Right. Using common sense, these people are by and large a benefit to the US, not a drain. Our biggest problems are with the rich who keep getting more and more of the pie while the rest of us fight over scraps. It’s time for a living wage – this will help ALL working Americans. Medicare for all – so the insurance companies can go fuck themselves and we can have reasonable costs for good health care. With these two things we can come a long way toward making things better for many. Oh, and I’m all for legalizing marijuana too which would eliminate a lot of our prison population. But that too would be money out of the fat cars hands so don’t look for our prison population to go down for any reason any time soon… We do have a lot of problems in this country but the Right is trying to convince you that they are not the problem while they take your rights, your money, and your health. Think about it a while and you’ll see the only one benefiting from how we’re doing things now is China. Cause all we can afford is Walmart.

It’s frustrating to me how many poorer, less educated white folks believe in the scapegoats thrown at them.  Rich white dolts too but they will not be hurt badly by the orange one’s policies and practices.  If they are more well to do, they might even be part of the “winning” circle.

And I don’t know how to combat it.  These fear-filled ideas are pitched to them with glee and hate and anger and righteousness but the messages are mostly full of lies.  That doesn’t stop many from eating it right up and believing “the other” is the problem, refusing to think critically about the true source of their struggles and problems.

Maybe it’s time to read in full Grandpa John Obert’s book The Fear Brokers.  I started reading this a few months back and found the introduction to be quite relevant to our current political situation.  Politicians have discovered how well fear works in manipulating the general public.  After I finish Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean, I think it will be my next read.  Here are some reviews for The Fear Brokers:

This is an intelligent book about the dangers and techniques of the radical right, whose politics the authors say are filled with hatred and whose major technique is described as manipulation; of a radical superpatriotism; of religion, particularly of the evangelical variety; and of racism. ~ The Christian Science Monitor

Though it sounds initially like a political tract, this scrutiny of the Radical Right by former Senator Thomas J. McIntyre is even-handed and in some respects revealing.  Kirkus Review

The former U.S. Senator comments on the Conservative resurgence in the U.S., arguing that the New Right has exploited the fears, resentments, and grievances of the people. ~ Google Review

And we have reason to fear.  It is pretty evident that we are seeing a real push for fascism, not only here in the States, but also in Europe.  The Hitler references, historically a bit over-the-top, are truly becoming apt.  A recent article by Fintan O’Toole in The Irish Times details what is happening, charging that 45’s immigrant-children-in-cages is just a test-run to see how we will react and to concurrently desensitize many to the atrocities to come.

I am, however, proud of many who have stood up in opposition to the forces that work to keep down the masses and fill the pockets of the elites.  A recent Yes! Article talks about a few of these and, as you likely missed this in History class – since we don’t talk about the work and victories of the losers –  you might want to read up on some REAL U.S. history.

We are also seeing a good turn in politicians that are winning (this link is perhaps the best in this blog), although this is sadly being somewhat balanced by the Nazis and openly pedophilic that are running.

The Bronx activist represents a new generation of bold and uncompromisingly progressive leaders, many of whom are women and people of colour who hail from grassroots social justice movements. They stand in marked contrast to an old-guard political system that has relied on corporate patronage and has failed to address the myriad social and economic maladies in the US. This, as the “all white men” of the Trump administration make decisions impacting women, and the members of racial minority groups who will constitute a majority of Americans in coming years. ~ David A. Love Opinion column (above link)

People like the ones in this YES! article, and the activists we see getting more vocal and active every day, most especially my Water Protector friends, truly give me hope for our future.  My good friend Virginia had a saying about cleaning the closet and how, “it’s a lot more chaos before it gets more organized.”  I continue to hang on to the fact that perhaps all of life is like this.  Sometimes we have to swing to an extreme to fully recognize where we have gone astray.  I am working to maintain a hope that we are going to soon turn the corner to a place of more acceptance, love, and compassion.