Well it’s been a productive time at Anne’s place.  I am finally feeling like we are going to make it with getting her a place for winter.  We have a nice week ahead of us and the recent progress has been amazing.

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Less than 2 weeks ago, the trailer had a saggy kitchen, holes through the floor, two old electrical boxes (one with screw-in fuses, one with breakers), a cracked toilet.  We had no electricity, no heat, no plumbing.  We had two scrappy trailers in the yard that need to be hauled away.  Then there was a ceremony for quick progress and, like magic, it seems to be working.  Thank you amazing goddesses!!

Thanks to many people (and for sure I am forgetting several someones) we have made a TON of progress.  Noreen Hautala, Ralph and Paulette Friday, Larry and LaVonne, Peggy, Steven and his buddy, Cheyenne and Gene, Cedar, Becky Littlewolf, Corey, and, of course, Anne herself.

The old bathroom toilet and kitchen cabinets have been removed.  The floor has had all the holes fixed and new No automatic alt text available.subfloor is in the process of being added to the LR/Kitchen.  And the flashing and caulking have been done for the doors so no more moisture infiltration! 😀

The kitchen has been primed! This top cabinet may still have to go…  it looks really saggy and we can give Anne something better.

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All  the windows have been covered with plastic for winter.  It already feels warmer.  We have a new electrical panel which has been hooked up and THERE IS ELECTRICITY!!  It was positively roasting in there with two space heaters Anne has in the LR/Kitchen – I had to take off my coat, & long-sleeve shirt and wear only my short-sleeve t-shirt!

The Bedroom is painted and has the new subfloor, luan, AND FLOORING installed!!!  Just need the trim, boxing around the electrical wires, final light fixture repair, a bit more paint and we’re ready to install furniture and decorate!! Image may contain: indoor

The sewing room was pretty good though Anne has really made it hers with a paint wash on the barn wood wall – it looks really great.  Perhaps in another year or so, all the walls will have this treatment… 😉

The bathroom has a good floor but we’ll need to tweak the cabinets for better storage.  And, we still need to get the plumbing in place…

This week we hope to get a propane tank set – let’s hope the furnace works!

We hope to finish the subfloor so we can begin the kitchen reconstruction.  We need to move a bunch of stuff around and then reconfigure the outlet for her new fridge placement.  Then we’ll need to build some new cabinets and paint as Anne sees fit.

Meanwhile Anne is there everyday getting lots accomplished.  I’m feeling better as we’ve made good progress and I’m going to hope it continues.  It’s a village working on this and it’s been really fun to be a part of the crew.