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As the year closes down,we still have a long list of things to do here at the Harn.  We still have yet to get to cobbing the RHM.  But we’ve been doing lots of other stuff and I’ve been sending lots of cards and letters though I still owe a few…

We continue to work on activism and helping others with their projects.  An unexpected accident in November of a couple friends changed our calendar a bit and we’re all learning from the experience.  Life is not always what we plan but it’s been nice seeing so much good come from what was a fatal tragedy for another family.  When you almost lost a friend, it makes you look hard at what is important in life and we have decided that one of the most important things is spending time with those we love. 

The simple things like cooking become a gift and a privilege when we do them for those we love.  It’s been a cooking month and I have enjoyed cooking for St. Lucia in Osage at Bruce & Budd’s, Alida Church Potluck, and several visitors we have had at the Harn, some of them bringing lovely gifts like a beautiful wood cook stove from Bruce & Cheryl O’theShire. 

And baking together is a real joy as well as being productive. The Alida Baking Club again allowed me to join them for candy making and I took home a HUGE platter of cookies and candies that we were able to share with friends and family.   Connie’s platter looks lovely and Glenda enjoys her beverage while Ada likes a bowl.  I did miss the Shevlin Garden Club as we we’re spending the time with Anne (see below) but I am happy to have passed the Phenology baton to Janine.

And I’ve been making a bunch of pendants – really loving this fun work.  I happened to make a couple for one of my bookseller friends and ended up giving three away when I happened upon a CSB Bookseller Gathering on a recent trip to my old workplace. And you can see the new scarf I picked up at Char’s Yarn Basket – it’s a daily wear for me now as I just love it!

Dan has begun his work as Citizen Advisor to our local Electrical Co-op.  I’ve been lucky to get to the symphony twice recently thanks to Connie, a neighbor who performs in the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra. And we both enjoyed the Babe City Roller Fundraiser with DJ Divewire and Corey Medina & Brothers.  What a great night though we needed a “disco nap” to be able to make it through the evening.  

Catching some zzzzzs in the Wally World parking lot.

Little did I know I’d win Anne’s quilts… I didn’t even enter!  But Ann Zick got the winning answer and gave her prize to me!!  Anne and I celebrated with Dan – the First Tea Party at the Home at Crone Cross – after we installed a new carpeting from Jamie Sandberg.

And I’ve continued being political…  I recently sent to Tina Smith(and also to Amy Klobuchar with one sentence removed):

I voted for you though I didn’t want to.  I am sickened by your stand for Polymet and against the clean waters of Minnesota.  I am disturbed by the financial contacts you maintain that seem to create a conflict of interest for you serving the people of Minnesota instead of your corporate friends. I don’t know how you can call yourself a Minnesotan and not care most for our clean waters.  Recycling efforts for copper offer much more opportunity than mining.  And fossil fuels are on the way out so it’s time to stop investing in pipelines, especially for Tar Sands which must remain in the ground to have a habitable planet.

I don’t have lots of money to entice you with but I hope you will answer to your conscience and start standing for clean water, the most valuable resource on the planet.  Maybe this will help… Just think how RICH all us Minnesotans can be if we’re the only ones with clean water in another decade!!! 

Please use your brain to do some critical thinking.  Use it to consider our children’s future.  Then make decisions and votes that align with children, clean water, and a livable future for our state.

UPDATE 12-21-18: After receiving a form letter response which gave no answer to any of the content in my letter from Ms. Smith, I sent her the following input:
Form Letters say to your Constituents, “I’m not listening to your input, here’s what I believe and what I will continue to believe.” If all you are going to send as a response is a form letter, you should know that form letters are not usually helpful when someone sends you information for consideration. Unless, of course, that is what you’re trying to communicate – basically, “I don’t care about you or what you think”. While this is unbecoming of a Senator, I am pretty sure it’s exactly how you really feel. At least that’s what I feel at this point in our communications. But, I know, I’m just a lowly citizen in out-state Minnesota. I’m not expecting any better from a Senator with financial interests that appear to supercede the importance of clean water, safe industry, and respect for Indigenous citizens, let alone little ole me. [Man, I’m pretty blunt and sarcastic, eh? I guess sometimes that helps me feel like I’m sending a clear message of frustration and anger…]

And on hearing Zinke resigned, I encouraged Senators to replace him with a candidate that will work for us, not Big Oil: We need pure water, clean air, and a healthy ecosystem,NOT continued devastation of our lands. Let’s take a note from the Indigenous who lived sustainably here for thousands of years before the colonists arrived.  We have destroyed so much in a short time.  It’s past time for land stewardship that assures we have a livable planet for our generations to come.

I don’t know that my actions will make a difference but I have to act as if they will.  There was good coverage in the Pioneer recently saying that actions do make a difference and I am glad to live in a place where people feel compelled to stand for their fellow citizens, truth,and justice.  And I’m even more glad to know so many of these wonderful citizens personally.

Here’s to success in 2019 for Justice, Truth, and Compassion.