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I’m kind of thinking we might not really have much of a chance to win this one… You know, the saving of the planet for human life.  I will continue to try but it’s pretty obvious from the recent IPCC report that we are not likely going to make it.  Though I am inspired by the actions of Sunrise Movement and the fight for transparency that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is bringing to American politics as she pushes for this deal.  And I am uber excited about people like this teen from Sweden…  Her full speech to the United Nations plenary at COP24 in Poland is quite blunt.

If you want to read a bit more about the historical…   And Alexander Kaufman wrote an article expanding on the historical and how the Green New Deal of AOC (the idea I support as it is ambitious and integrated) is better.  Of course, he wrote this back in June and what have we done up to now?  Not much.  See how quickly the hope can be dashed?  

“Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support efforts to reduce climate pollution and increase renewable energy capacity, even if it comes with a cost.”  – Alexander Kaufman, Huff Post article

If you know a public official that wants to help, please direct them to sign on to support climate justice.  There are many who’ve signed already.

[Update: Since writing this blog a few days early, it looks like we’ve gotten more bad news… losing hope again. Should have added to the title “Denial ~ How Pelosi Destroyed the Planet.” But back to when I was more hopeful and wrote…]

Dan & I chose to watch live the Town Hall hosted by Bernie Sanders and several major environmental groups and activists.  It’s worth the watch.  It’s about as long as a movie but will likely give you much more that informs your life than a typical movie.  And there’s even a great Republican who gives me hope (though these can be a bit hard to find in the climate movement).  The message starts out a bit grim but as more and more is shared about how this is possible, you end feeling like this Green New Deal is really doable.  And it will save not just the planet but it will resolve many of the social and racial justice concerns of our time.  If people, especially government and corporate leaders, come on board that is.  As long as we have people sitting on the sidelines and not getting involved, we may not have time to save things for humans.  If you prefer reading, this is a good article.

This Republican, Dale Ross, gives me hope.  

If you’re interested in learning more on how we’re doing globally, you might want to check out Climate Action Tracker where you can find data galore.  Spoiler Alert: It’s not looking good…  

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But the good news is that the planet will go on.  Yes, we will take out a lot of species with us – heck, we’ve already made a wasteland of this planet in so many ways so no surprise there.  One of the most visceral photos for me is this one…  You can read more on this here.

Image result for pile of buffalo skulls
It’s photos like this, and my knowledge of how many greedy, thoughtless people there are like this on the planet today, that make me doubt our chances.

But then, there are also many wonderful young people, Indigenous people, and activists globally, who are standing up for climate justice.  Will you stand with them?