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With all that has been transpiring regarding Line 3, and the seeming push for Line 3 by new Democratic Governor, Tim Walz, I feel we need to take bold action and we need to continue to drive home that we MUST be HEEDED in our requests to STOP LINE 3.

Walz’ Native American, but so far SILENT ON LINE 3 Lieutenant Governor, Peggy Flanagan should also be getting some of our input. I personally have not yet made direct contact with her but perhaps I will do so by THIS Friday. So, what is EVERY Friday about? It comes from hubby Dan who realized that it seems most Fridays since Walz has taken office, MN350 (or some other group) is making an effort to be IN Tim Walz’ office EVERY Friday. And we are getting press and creating buzz about how critical it is that we Stop Line 3. Dan decided that EVERY Friday, he will take SOME ACTION to let Walz know supporting Line 3 is unacceptable. It’s about setting a commitment to EVERY WEEK, do something, take some action, to engage as a Citizen.

So what does it mean to be a “Citizen”?
The definition is simply “a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.” However, with citizenship comes responsibility. Unless you don’t care if the powers that be simply do what they will, regardless of how you might feel about the issue. And regardless of how it might hurt you. Or the planet.

For years, the politicians have been making decisions, largely with corporate and big money interests directing their actions. Why do you think the wealth gap has increased so dramatically since the 1980s? Why do you think we have so many people living in poverty? Why do you think it took a concentrated effort by citizens to get 1) women the right to vote, 2) workers a reasonable work week, or 3) civil rights recognized? Why do you think there is almost NOTHING being done to mitigate the Climate Crisis? Because rich people are happy when we are fighting amongst ourselves, busy just trying to make ends meet, and without any time or power to stop them from walking away with all the gains from our economy. Oh, while they recklessly destroy our land, air, and water with pollutants, gouging into the earth, gobbling for themselves the limited resources of our planet, and dismissing that these should be for the COMMON Good, not just to enrich a few.

More and more are standing up against the status quo, the powers that be, the corporate controls that are killing our planet and doing something. From a thousand students going on strike in Australia to each Friday seeing thousands of students in the streets of Brussels. My personal hero in this is Greta who recently went to Davos with her strike (while tens of thousands walked in Brussels).

While they seem to be leading the way, this work isn’t ONLY for children.

Can YOU commit to taking some action each Friday? Call your Governor’s office (Walz is 800-657-3717). Write to your Representative in Congress (find your here). Or visit your Senator for a chat (they make it a bit harder to find them – click the link at the top left corner of the page here). Or you can take Direct Action like these four Catholic Workers did. Sure they did it on a Monday – TODAY! But if by each Friday you can say you took some action during the week to make a difference, I think together we can make BIG changes.

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And once we defeat Line 3, we have plenty more on which to focus with regard to Climate Justice. The Divestment from Fossil Fuels, the Green New Deal, 100% Renewables, and, for Minnesotans, fulfilling our commitments made in the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act and Renewable Energy Standard are just a few of the things we all need to work on to help save our planet.

Thanks for your support, encouragement, and sharing of this vitally important idea.