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Wow!  What an opener!  So much color, so much action, so many voices and dancers!  Gorgeous.  And that it’s a Latin song, about Havana no less, was beautiful too. 

Alicia Keyes did a fine and laid back job of hosting making it feel like you were in her living room enjoying this show front row.  Just another sister hanging out… Her opening with Gaga, J-Lo, Michelle, Jada was beautiful – full of love and acceptance and the power of music. 

There were some great and needed songs performed by Shawn Mendes & Miley Cyrus & Kacey Musgraves’ song Rainbow  And Gaga’s speech was a beautiful outreach to everyone on this same subject.

And there was a great performance from Janelle Monae doing Make Me Feel.  She really reminds of Prince.

The move from one segment to another where the camera guys got their time ON camera was really neat – a shout out to the people behind the scenes I thought.

The live show feel with Red Hot Chili Peppers was almost overwhelming for TV until I realized it was truly simulating feeling like you were at a live show IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!  A lot of the performances tonight were like this – creating not just a performance but a whole vibe.  Small to large, minimalist to over the top, a really tremendous array of moods and styles and excellent performances

I LOVED the Dolly Parton tributes/combos, most especially their take on Natalie Merchant’s After the Gold Rush. This performance is also wonderful.

H.E.R. was unexpectedly impressive.  I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but she was amazing.  It’s really more I like that the song can kind of be multi-applicable – I think it could be a woman to her lover or a woman and her child, friend, parent…   She’s pretty cool.  Dan likes H.E.R. too. (I see what he did there!!)

Cardi B’s message was really unattractive to me but her costumes were amazing.

Loved Kacey Musgraves winning Country Album of the Year for Golden Hour.

Alicia’s dueling pianos was AMAZING.

Drake’s acceptance speech again reiterated the message of how wonderful all artists are – the Grammy is not necessary – the fact that someone sings your songs knowing all the words – You’ve Won.

Almost 75-year-old Diana Ross also spoke to the power of music beautifully.  And so interactive with the audience – really a string of “we’re all together in this” throughout the entire Grammy evening.

Lady Gaga sang Shallow in her own way. And when we came back from break, was it too early?  Or was that choreographed?  Alicia giving a shout out and nod to the audience and then… coming back to “on camera”. Regardless, the feeling I got from it was good – like being in the space in a personal way.

Smokey Robinson, Neo, and Jennifer Lopez supposedly got negative reviews but I think they did a great job of bringing the feel of that era to the stage for all these songs – from the costumes to the dancing to the music.

And the Grammy for Best R&B Album goes to…. H.E.R.!!!  And bringing her team up? What!?!  Nice.

Brandy Carlisle’s Joke was amazing.  What a great message.

Best Rap Album went to Cardi B and I was taken by her complete difference in Acceptance than she showed in Performance. 

That the Best New Artist acceptance speech was cut off seemed ridiculous to me.  As they were cutting to commercial anyway, they could have just cut away leaving her to speak to the crowd at least…

Record of the Year – Chilish Gambino This is America though I really liked and hoped for Brandi Carlisle’s By the Way, I Forgive You.

Album of the Year – Kacey!!!! Gotta love that one…

This is my third Grammy Awards at the Harn and I do believe this is the best one yet. I loved the feeling of love, the acknowledgement of the power of music, embracing of everyone being in this together. Such a diverse lineup of music with something for everyone from 17 to 97 and while some pieces were a bit risque, I appreciated the focus on love of all kinds. So many of the songs were about love, or songs about the human condition, or songs of strength. Inclusivity was the message of the show. And it’s about time.