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Well, I never thought I’d jump into it but… I had a workshop this past weekend around how to use Twitter as a activism tool. And WOW! It is pretty powerful. I remember years ago watching all those news shows with tweets popping up in their broadcasts and thinking, “Who really cares about what these people have to say?” But I realize now, the power of linking voices in a platform that allows me to find supporters, target changemakers, and possibly even fix our climate catastrophe.

Twitter Page Header 2-25-2019

Why Twitter? While Facebook has some tagging ability and much sharing potential, Twitter allows one to direct message any group or individual with a Twitter handle. OK, handle is one of the many words I’m learning have a different meaning that I originally thought. But handle is a good word as you can use it to grab a handle on someone to get their attention. When you want to tag someone in your Tweet, you use the ampersand: @JamiG4MN When you want to label a Tweet as associated with something, you use a hashtag: #ActOnClimate Another new word is “card” which is the picture that pops up on your Tweet. [Yes, I am feeler younger by the minute!]

At present, I’m just beginning. I have had to delete 3-4 Tweets as I didn’t like the way they presented. So I’m a SLOW Tweeter!! But I’m getting there. I’m following some folks and some are following me (mostly my friends from the Twitter workshop!) and I look forward to seeing how this works as a tool for generating change.

If you’re a Twit too, come follow me! Together, perhaps we can change the world.

UPDATE 3-8-19: Oh, boy!! I got a mention at MN350 this week after the #SeenAndHeardTraining – yes, check out our fun class on Twitter! 🙂

Guess that 200+ hours I’ve put in since 2019 started is really making a difference! Kinda feel like I’m back to work but it’s working for a cause in which I truly believe so that brings hope, just as Greta Thunberg promised. Power to the People, indeed!! Love her and the school strikes for climate. “Why should we be studying for a future that soon may not exist anymore?” I’m with her. Focusing on saving the planet is way more important than any job I’ve had before.