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Today is a short one. Mostly because the time I have for writing is being consumed by the work of activism. But there was some seemingly good news on the Line 3 front last week.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources issued a joint statement on Tuesday (6/18/19) to publicly state that the schedule had changed for their permitting work for Enbridge’s proposed Line 3.

DNR’s webpage notice

While noting that they are committed to their work, they agreed that the Minnesota Court of Appeal’s decision declaring the current Line 3 Environmental Impact Statement inadequate means that they cannot release draft permits and the 401 water quality certification on July 1 as previously scheduled. They MUST wait for the additional PUC environmental analysis before the MPCA/MDNR can initiate their public comment process.

While the exact path of getting to an “adequate” Environmental Impact Statement was not made clear, and while my inquiry to the PUC revealed they do not yet have a plan from the Department of Commerce, the bottom line is that delay is good. The longer we delay, the more people will awaken to the fact that Fossil Fuels are killing the planet. We MUST TRANSITION FROM THEM NOW and continue our progress toward a clean energy economy.

My favorite paragraph in the public notice was this:

“More generally, both agencies will fully review any additional information that becomes available through the PUC’s EIS revision process, including public input to the PUC, prior to making decisions on the pending applications. Neither agency will take final action on the Line 3 Replacement license and permit applications until there is an approved EIS.”

MPCA/DNR Joint Statement on Line 3 Decision, my emphasis added

What this seems to indicate to the PUC is that their process must be robust, “including public input to the PUC”, which means that we should again have space to comment on the EIS proposed changes. We will again be able to state if We the People have determined that the supplemental information does indeed make the EIS adequate. Based on past performance, I am not sure this will be as quick or easy a process as Enbridge and their cronies keep saying in the news coverage. I’m pretty sure this one may be the delay that causes Enbridge financiers to perhaps realize their investment in Line 3 is NEVER going to pay off.

Not sure why they haven’t yet determined this. It seems clearer to me each day that the “ole boy” way of doing things, with lots of bribes and payoffs and public deception, is no longer working. There are too many of us watching, waiting to see what happens. Too many digging into the hidden memos, too many researching the science to refute the findings of the corporation, too many sending in public comments that reveal the shortcomings of the work done in collusion with corporations. We are waiting with pens poised to write to the Governor, the Attorney General, our Senators and Representatives, our Facebook Followers, our Blog Readers. Yes, the public has revitalized the idea of civic engagement. And our Young People are once again realizing the only way to make government work for you is to be in its face when it isn’t doing things that actually help YOU. The Tide is Turning.

And there are front line camps waiting too, watching the pre-construction efforts and live streaming their work to assure the public can see what is happening in “Indian Country” – largely where this work is happening now. They will show you a group of a half dozen water protectors holding protest against the Line 3 pre-work. And they will show you the law enforcement that engages them in full riot gear. The visual gives a peek into the astoundingly excessive reaction of law enforcement to citizens in this arena.

This is a war. But it is not to protect We the People. It’s to protect the Corporate interests. And you, dear Taxpayer, are supporting this work.

It’s time to speak up against our law enforcement being used against our fellow citizens who are working to prevent environmental destruction. They are protecting a future for ALL of our children. Please support the citizens standing for climate justice if you can. Click below to learn more.

Anti-colonial Land Defense, Friends of the Headwaters, Ginew, Indigenous Action Media, MN350, Northfield Against Line 3, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, Stop Line 3, and anyone you see taking a stand for our Water.

You want to be on the right side when the tide turns…