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Some are still crowing about Enbridge stock. [Note the author gives no credence to the effects of our changing climate and the growing unease humanity is feeling about these changes as we realize fossil fuel development has played a big part in destroying our planet… ] But it appears Enbridge may be well on its way to collapse. Their stock price has been dropping of late, with Enbridge losing about 10% of its stock price in the last few weeks. [Argus Reasearch currently has them as a HOLD.]

From Yahoo Finance

Unfortunately, the collapse of the fossil fuel industry may coincide with the collapse of many other empires.

It means, in a realistic sense, three quite literal and pragmatic things. One: that democracies collapse into authoritarianisms, fascisms, theocracies, tyrannies of various kinds. Two: that economies collapse into stagnation and depression. Three: that societies collapse into premodern forms of organization — castes, feudalisms, tribalisms, dynastisms. [Sound familiar?]

Umair Haque, Eudaimonia & Co.

Collapse is already here for many. And, as Jem Bendell noted in his address to the leaders of the European Union, even White People have already stated to see those inevitable tipping points start to arise. [Yes, I am insinuating that until White People are affected, nothing will be done… Sad, but evidently true… Perhaps Britain will be the first of the major white countries to collapse. Here’s the sad news from Jem: 20% reduction in food production in Europe last year while we pass 415 ppm and sea level rise is no longer linear (@ 6 minutes).] And while we haven’t even seen the devastation that will arise from the carbon we’ve already put into the atmosphere, we continue to push more and more… faster and faster (2.7% increase in global carbon emissions in 2018, the highest increase ever). And when I say “we”, I mean, mostly White People. Though the developing world is rapidly seeking their own satisfaction-through-consumerism adventure so… Difficult conversations ahead, indeed, Jem. If we bother to have them.

Of course if you are living in many parts of the world, you are already seeing the collapse… already seeing the tipping points. Perhaps our most prominent at present is the Amazon Rain Forest with its fires making Sao Paula dark as night during mid-day. And the LA Times reports today that this could be a tipping point of severe consequence. Amazon moisture is highly important for Brazil’s agriculture and should we go too far, at some point, like California forests, perhaps the Amazon will frequently catch fire even without human intervention. America started with far more forest than we currently have and we’re seeing the degradation in air and water quality as we continue to fell trees. This may now be coming home to haunt us… “One study found that deforestation of the Amazon would affect precipitation in North America, including in California and the Midwest.” (LA Times) Who you vote for really does matter…

Deforestation in the Amazon

In some parts of Africa and India large populations are going without enough clean water. And, as is evidenced by the crisis at the southern border in the U.S., many have begun to move toward more hospitable climes. If you don’t think this water crisis is coming to America, maybe call a friend in Flint, Michigan or Newark, New Jersey.

Why no link for Africa’s water crisis? Well, it seems no one cares. For decades we’ve known of the suffering in Africa yet what has happened? Continued exploitation, robbing of resources, corruption that devastates the local people. We have not come so far from the days when ships would transport loads of human cargo to slavery destinations like “New England”. Note: this knowledge reduces my hope that we will find a solution for the pending human extinction due to climate change. 😦

And the reason for all this? So those few who live in comfort can continue to live in comfort. Or more bluntly, so the rich and powerful can become even more rich and powerful, ignoring the plights of their brothers on this planet that result from this life of ease.

Perhaps Dave Wylie says it best: ” The disparity in incomes and existing power structures create two classes of people: those who have the money and power and those who don’t. Whatever we say or do about reviving a dying planet becomes impossible if the wealthy corporate class controls the levers of government to their advantage and leaves the rest of us out. It’s a scenario that inevitably leads to global economic collapse.”

Border Outpost 8-26-19

And what language do they understand best? Money. How do we speak to them? Divestment. Let’s continue to divest from the world we no longer see as promising – Fossil Fuels, Big Ag, Big Pharma – ever notice how all these guys are all tied together? [Ever notice how our health is affected by all three – and how our overall health is getting worse and worse over the years? It’s no coincidence.]

Let’s continue our investment in our neighbors, our families, our local communities. It may be the only hope we have for survival.