She startles me

   suddenly appearing on the horizon.

Large and orange,

   five times her normal size.

She hovers, as if testing the waters.

I enjoy her dark light

   flashing through the branches.

Disappearing behind rolling hills.

I thrill with each glimpse as we fly

   through the night toward home.

Slowly she starts

   rising… and brightening to a creamy white.

Shrinking as she goes,

until she resembles a rice bowl tipped on its side.

As the forest closes in

   home is now minutes away.

Though high in the sky,

   Nokomis plays hide-and-seek in the branches.

I keep her in sight until my neck aches from the effort.

As she flies high, shining brightly,

    her brilliance catches my eye.

Again and again, we connect.

I love her with a great gratitude

   as her bowl pours goodness and light into the sky.