Will we now begin in earnest our fight for our continued existence?

Will the anthropogenic and artificial timeframe of a new decade make us feel like we have a new chance to save our species from extinction?

Will we begin to turn away from shameful excess that causes the devastation for other humans who suffer to deliver said excess?

Will we think first of our children whose lives are cut shorter and shorter by the environmental destruction of greenhouse gas emissions?

Will we finally begin to only drive to town once a week, or even once a month, instead of every day or just because we feel like getting into the car for a drive?  Because we failed again to plan and thus minimize travel?  Because we need another diversion?  Will we  quit driving to town so often of our own decision?  Or only after the stores no longer have milk, eggs, and produce to sell?  Or even then, will we drive in for the Not-Meat produced in factories and the New-Milk generated from who knows what?  We already eat a lot of processed foods.  Some in food deserts already rely on these processed foods for the little nutrition and fulfillment they bring.  They already have no choice.

Or will nothing change this New Year’s Day…

Nothing much changed this New Year’s Eve.  We watched as Sydney exploded fireworks into the air… just a day after 4000 were forced to evacuate, some into the ocean, as wildfires encircled Mallacoota.  In other areas, people sleep on the wharf in case they need to escape into the ocean. And this says nothing of the kangaroos and koalas.

More than 4,000 people were trapped on a beach by advancing fires in southeast Australia on Tuesday as devastating blazes encircled the seaside town of Mallacoota, where sea or airborne evacuation was being planned. 

DW Australia: Thousands trapped on beach as fires approach

The people of London too, celebrated with a long and fiery display of the colorful lights in the sky.  How many more of these shows will they have before slipping into the sea?  Or will that be reason for MORE fireworks?  MORE seems to be what humans do best.  We are the addicts of the planet.  At least there will be plenty of water in case something does catch fire.

But perhaps we will be the ones to catch fire… as we dream of a future for our children, as we hope for a return of the possibility of grandchildren, as we watch the world transform with our actions.

Perhaps we will dismantle the “American Dream” culture that makes “white” not only “normal” but “right”… “rich” preferable to “poor”… “have” superior to “have not”… rendering all other “less than”… leaving all other powerless and voiceless in our society.

We all suffer in this space where not all are valued.  We lose a large part of our perspectives, practices, and ideas that could connect us… instead of dividing us. America’s culture is based in fear that damages all.

We’re only here for a short time… It’s a lie they tell about comin’ in and goin’ out alone. It’s a lie they tell, that your worth is in what you own. But the truth is the truth. You either get it or you don’t.

Wake up now, and dream with me. Live your life coherently. America, it don’t understand their submission, of power to this fucked up system. They’re the fearful tribes of Europe – fear of the Devil, of God, and being poor. “

Annie Humphrey, The Truth

80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity is in the care of Indigenous Peoples.  Even though we’ve robbed Native Peoples of much of the land and resources, with which they have lived in harmony for millennia, they have managed to sustain this life force. 

“Comprising less than 5% of the world’s population, indigenous people protect 80% of global biodiversity.” 

Nat Geo November 2018

It is time to listen to our Indigenous voices.   And it is time for all of us to make change that can bring a future for humans. Else, let’s all just party like it’s 1999 because the end is near.  This is my despair’s default argument…

So today I ask…

  • Can we focus now on love instead of fear? 
  • Can we work for a more egalitarian world where all are valued and we find success in working together? 
  • Can we forget about money and instead focus on what we need as humans, living together in peaceful community? 
  • Can we sing more songs instead of building more bombs? 
  • Can we share the wealth of our commons instead of selling them off to a private industry that will profit off the backs of poorly paid workers as they eat up all that remains of the natural world?

I sit here this morning, on this first day of the year, looking at pictures of children in the ocean as red skies blaze all around them, and I cry tears, not just for Aussies, but for us all.  Australia is another canary in the coal mine.  Yet we keep digging coal…