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Well, it seems we’re seeing the revelation of the media bias in the Democratic race. Because America’s two-party system are wings of the same bird – and one who doesn’t want anyone else in the nest – we’re seeing the struggle of an Independent candidate trying to work within the system we have to give THE PEOPLE a voice.

The irrationality of the charges pundits are now making is appalling and should disturb us all, if only for how long it’s been ongoing. And the evidence just keeps mounting.

Thanks, Shawn Olson!!

I watched last time as the DNC and Mainstream Media (MSM) fucked up royally, totally excluding the “change” candidate from coverage (as America was still in “we want change” mode… mostly ’cause you rich motherfuckers have really made a mess of things) and nominating their choice with superdelegates. Then Hillary fucked up, in all her hubris, by running a “Let Them Eat Cake” campaign where you couldn’t get a yard sign at caucus time to save your life. And then they wondered why no one showed up to vote! Well, they’ve been fucking up for decades. The Democratic party has lost its soul since the days of FDR. That’s for sure… siding with the Wall Street side of the party and abandoning the Working Class side. THIS is why Vote Blue No Matter Who is a bunch of fucking bullshit. But many are eating the cake…

You don’t think you’re eating the cake? Watch this video and tell me if you’ve changed your mind.

Imagine the world that would have been…

I’m really hopeful that we’ll start listening to the CHILDREN who are saying that enough is enough. It’s time to stop with the fossil fuels and move to a green economy. The fossil free industry has raked in almost $2 trillion since 1990 in profits while driving us to the brink of extinction with their destruction of our natural environment, all while denying that it was fucking happening!!! And now their boom is coming to a bust, and guess who will be cleaning up the mess? Our kids. So they’d like us to 1) stop making the problem bigger, and then 2) start cleaning that shit up, right fucking now! You know, while us oldsters who created the mess are still around to help! And, you may not have noticed, but we’re seeing uprising around the world as movements of people stand up to the tyranny of the corporations and governments working against the best interests of the people. In Canada, we’ve seen their national rail shut down by groups protesting that the RCMP stop their invasion of sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory for construction of a natural gas pipeline. And we’re seeing the facade of Canada’s “reconciliation” attempt fall away as The Narwhal reveals that leaked documents show the government was colluding with extractive industries.

“The B.C. government and corporate lobbyists representing major resource industries sought the “surrender” of First Nations land rights immediately following the Delgamuukw decision, a precedent-setting legal ruling that established Aboriginal title to unceded land, according to Freedom of Information (FOI) documents obtained by The Narwhal. The records, from B.C.’s Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, provide a glimpse for the first time of a corporate lobbying effort urging government to push First Nations to surrender their newly recognized title rights through modern treaties to achieve “certainty” for commercial interests.”

The Narwhal, 2-7-20

Our CHILDREN who are asking for leadership that recognizes everyone equally. And we’ve seen in the last week that three candidates have acted so egregiously that they’ve all but lost the BIPOC vote: Bloomberg, Mayor Pete, and now Minnesota’s own Amy Klobuchar. Awww… and just as she was getting some momentum! Darn.

The CHILDREN are changing their own habits and we should follow. Even the fashion addiction of the wealthy is killing our planet. Oh, yeah, the excessive consumers… we’re everywhere. This reminds me of my son Tom’s reluctance to get a driver’s license and propensity for bike riding or walking if that is a possibility. Has he been living with an understanding of the climate crisis that I have underestimated? He always was smarter than me…

And the CHILDREN understand that the very wealthy are at the very least, not cool to work with, and certainly NOT to proudly emulate. Our CHILDREN understand the problem with big money in politics. {Darn, another hit for Amy.} They understand that the it’s time for a major change in management.

Yes, these CHILDREN who are saying they won’t have children themselves… FUCK, they can’t even see a point in finishing high school! They are frightened.

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So, as one who didn’t do enough to stop this thing sooner, I’m standing with the CHILDREN.

And the CHILDREN have endorsed Bernie Sanders.