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This blog was originally written prior to the Arizona debate (in D.C.) and perhaps it is irrelevant in these Days of Corona… But, for what it’s worth. [I’ve added a bit of new following the debate.]

Biden has little ability to defeat Trump.  They are both demented old men, which becomes clearer each day as Joe fails again and again – lashing out at voters…. [Joe actually started out better than I expected in the debate. Though he had no ability to understand that even dictators can have improved living conditions for their people. It’s shades of gray, Joe.]

The difference between Biden and the current Republican President?

Everyone has already OK’d Trump’s dementia and insanity – for years now!  But they will play every gaff of Joe’s endlessly. [And every lie, as it becomes clearer each day how much Joe stretches the truth and outright lies. Three times in a row, he LIED at the debate tonight about his statements on the floor discussing cutting Social Security, cutting Medicare and Medicaid, cutting veteran programs. He even ended up, in his explanation, telling on himself!! It was just baffling.]

And those Republicans have LOTS of money for commercials.  Of course, it won’t take many to show Joe’s incompetence.  I’m sorry if you can’t see it. Because if you can’t, Joe will be Hillary 2.0 and we’re all fucked. Even if he pulls it out, we all still lose.

Look at Biden’s cabinet.  Look at all Biden’s Dark Money.  Jamie fucking Dimon FFS!!!! Look at the insanity of those who adamantly and angrily opposed him… now falling in line… for money or power… or maybe a bit of both? 

Why can some see the Dark Money so readily in Republicans but are blind to it in Democratic circles?  How can one see the inhumanity of Republicans and watch cheerily as Dems work as the other wing of the same bird…. shitting all over America as it gathers up all the juicy berries and sticks for itself.

The oligarchy is KILLING US.  The vote in Michigan was split among the young fearing for their very lives voting for Bernie and the older Dems, standing on their necks, wishing they “could get better health care… and thinking it sure would be nice if we all had it” siding with Joe.

These are literally grandparents stealing the rights of their descendants to have a voice… as they line their coffins with gold.

I get that older Dems are afraid too.  But it’s time to pony up for the children – is it THEIR FUTURE we’re fighting for? Or our own?


How about giving the young some time to fix the planet?  Fuck! Maybe they can save it if we get out of the way fast enough.  And if they don’t?  Well, we pretty much assured they couldn’t to start…

Us oldsters had our chance to do something and WE HAVE FAILED.  As the planet spins into human extinction, could we maybe try it the kid’s way?  Just this once?? 

WHAT DO WE REALLY HAVE TO LOSE AT THIS POINT!!!  It’s like, the car is dented, bumper hanging off, almost out of gas – could we let the kids drive for a moment, while they still have a chance?  Or will oldsters hang on bitterly to the Biden steering wheel and doom our children to the future we’ve all earned for them? 

We sacrifice our children to the Gods of money, stuff, and power. It is sad.  But it is a fact.

I spent some time on the phone recently with some Millennials.  It was bittersweet to hear THEIR understanding of why older people are doing what they are doing.  THEIR acceptance of the fact that there is probably little that can be done to stop them, as this has been their lifelong experience… from infancy to present day. {Tommy. I am so sorry for all my failures…}

Their commentary was all so HEARTBREAKING TO HAVE TO HEAR!!! Especially when THEY think they have another election cycle to wait all you Boomers out.  When we now know they don’t have that luxury…

We will distract ourselves with this new thing…. viral infection of the cancer that has taken on the planet.  Kind of like a chemo for Her to quell the thing that has been raping and killing her for centuries.  And, while it may calm the GHG levels to a point that gives us a while longer, watch the reaction of the powers that be… as they prop up the industry!!! And abandon the people…

Fund the Market so it won’t crash!!! Make MORE STUFF!!!!  The addiction is obvious. Inhumane. Insane.  Yet it continues.  And we think our children need rehab?

Meanwhile, I fear the feedback loops will not survive another 4 years before they overlap in a way that we see MASS human effect.  {In case it’s not clear, “effect” means removal from the game.}

Sadly, these Millennials were mostly accepting of their fate. 

They’ve known their whole lives that the chances for their future were slim.  They’re not stupid.  They’ve watched as “adults” have denied and delayed. And they are far more understanding of the indifference to their fate than I will likely ever be. 

I wish you could all hear the children. These are OUR CHILDREN we’re working to save.  Aren’t we?

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised… after my own father so readily disowned me.  Perhaps some care more for saving their bank accounts and retirement funds – though they already have more money than they will EVER need – than they do their own children.

I’m sorry if this alarms you.

Imagine how it feels from the children’s perspective.


Can you give them just a few moments of consideration?