I can’t help but think that this is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Perhaps we needed a Corona virus to strike the world so that many many more would understand what it’s like to not be able to breathe as you struggle to maintain your life. Perhaps we needed the mass unemployment that she would bring to show us how fragile our illusion of security and abundance has been.

Snowpiercer seems now to be quite timely perhaps an indication of how all the injustice has finally reached a point of unsustainability.

In that movie they often openly recognized how many they needed to cull from the herd… how many children they needed to run their engine… how many they could steal. how many they needed to keep feeding…

And they only needed 26% for viability of the conductor and their elite society. The system can do with 74% less of us.

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They have no bullets… Thanks, PureVPN.

We are seeing uprising in Minneapolis and now around the country. And Walz and the powers that be in Minnesota have shown themselves to have no power. All their power is illusion.

The reason our Tactics are new to our Managers is because we are awakening to our power. We are finding solidarity. The gangs are aligned. The races are aligned. We are all ages, all genders, all nationalities. No power breaks our chain. We are the power.

What of the Old Powers? Do they truly retain any power? Watch what they’re doing. They have no power.

They don’t have enough bullets to kill us all. They don’t have enough gas. They don’t even have enough sticks to beat us all. We are the power!

They continue to mine the humanity from our communities. A day at a time… Forcing us to work dirty jobs for long hours… and shit pay. I say “us” because it is not a race war. It isn’t a class war. It’s a war between light and darkness, love and fear, compassion and self-centeredness.

We are the power – they rely on us to keep the engine running. It’s time to take the engine. Time to force them to rebuild an equitable economy.

We thought we needed them to continue… but we don’t. In fact, the less we support the systems of tyranny, the more we have to sustain ourselves. The system needs us to survive… to maintain the fancy lifestyle… to continue the luxury life… to attain and retain their illusion of power. We pay the bills! [Shout out to Nicky Bradford.]

With the actions in the last weeks, we didn’t just pull the curtain aside so much as we burned it away. For all to see how powerless the powers truly are. And as we stand together and keep moving, never backing down, they don’t have the power to stop us.

Just like when we march… stay together keep moving, don’t stop going forward.

The cops don’t have any bullets. Their guns don’t have any mags. That means they have to have time to get a mag out and put it in the gun before they can kill us. That gives us the advantage. Perhaps many of them will recognize our message when we tell them… THEY are the power too.

They are the power to stop this. They are being used by the elites to maintain their luxury lifestyles and it’s time for that to end that system. It’s time for all of us to have an opportunity to live. Simply fucking live.

The National Guard are our neighbors! The powers that be are bringing in our neighbors to hold us at bay. How have they managed to continue to coerce us to surrender when we are the power?

The system had the power. The managers didn’t use it appropriately. They failed to maintain the social contract that Timmy 4 fingers so loves to extol. And now they are paying the price of their arrogant ignorance. Of their racist system. Of their heartless capitalism. That only serves a few while riding on the backs of many, including our law enforcement officers. That is the next thing to break… When we win them over? Our numbers will increase exponentially. There are many Veterans already on board, heeding the call from General Mattis regarding the protection of the Constitution.

Remember dear friend, not all our allies are real allies. This will be a hard time for those with hearts in law enforcement… those who signed up to serve the people. We need to help them find their way to the side of light and love.

Law enforcement are doing their jobs, thinking they’re doing things for good, just like all of us. But all of us have been working for our own mutual destruction… financing the very wealthy at our expense. We work to keep their engine running while we live in squalor with voiceless impotence.

We are the power! It’s not about black versus white. Or us versus them. It’s about us caring for us. Breaking down a system of greedy oppression. And healing with love… after an officer of the law murdered a citizen in broad daylight… on the asphalt… in a major US city… while fellow citizens begged the officer to have mercy and to not kill the man… all recorded live on Facebook.

Ben Okri tells us… We have seen the jackals. We saw the jackals consume a fellow man… and it has driven us past the limits that have been holding us back all this time. The world watched as the jackals consumed an innocent.

Once we have seen the jackals we can no longer pretend they do not exist. We hear this over and over: “Did you watch the video?” The response? “Yes… twice.” Because we cannot comprehend what was seen on the 1st watch.

You witness him shift his weight on that knee crushing a man into the ground. Cutting off the blood flow to his brain until he died. The jackal knew what he was doing… he knew who he was killing… it was not suffocation from a health issue… it was not a heart attack… it was murder.

George’s nose was broken from the face plant on the pavement and, useless, he couldn’t breathe. All he had was his trachea… and that was being crushed… restricted.

Yet the police cannot be restricted. And they refuse to restrain themselves.

No warnings no words from the police simply flash bangs – tear gas – rubber bullets – marker rounds.

I just pray that we don’t stop. We cannot stop this time or it’s game over… we’re dead if we allow them to continue to crush us into the asphalt taking every bit of life we have as they continue to build their palaces in the suburbs and stoke the stock market with trillions of our tax dollars. While the human heart of our economic engine dies of heart dis-ease.

This is a perfect storm: people without income watching their children slowly starve with no food security, no financial security, no health security, no housing security. What the fuck is there left to lose?

As we wait for the man to come and take the rest of what we have away… for his own consumption. The final thing they take is our breath… our life.

So let’s all use our breath to speak up.

This should have changed with Rodney King. But all that taught them was to figure out how to do it without being caught. As they increased their armor – left over from the atrocious wars the U.S. creates around the world. We are seeing now how that amped up, riot gear festooned, militarized, terrified force is destroying our own country.

Now every citizen is a journalist & every journalist has a camera in their pocket… and we are speaking up.

We continue to reveal the illusion of their control… the illusion of their power.

We are the power. It’s time for a power outage. Let’s stop supporting their machine and force them to rebuild a system works for us all.