Greetings from the Timber District.

Welcome to the Hunger Games.

So in case it hasn’t become clear to you yet, the end will not be Logan’s Run or Mad Max or even Threads (my personal prediction).  It’s more like the book of the same name for the year Threads came out… 1984.

The doublespeak is insane. The arrogance with which they are acting is more blatant each year.  They seemed to really kick it in to high gear with the Kavanagh debacle and I’ll be dammed if that shit didn’t stick!

They’ve escalated the antics, right through an impeachment “trial” with no witnesses or evidence.  We’re living in a recession, eight months in to a global pandemic,  and Congress left for recess! [Well, of course, they’re people of means… why wouldn’t they head out for vacation, while millions of Americans suffer? It seems the way of the wealthy – their Cancer of Greed has gotten to Stage 4.]

People are being evicted from their homes, finding themselves without enough money to buy food and medicine, largely due to severe unemployment, levels we haven’t seen since when? 1958? [Many of us experienced this in 2008… and many since have struggled for employment, or worked multiple shitty paying jobs to make ends meet in the “new economy” of the last decade. I will say the 2008 Recession was Dan and my clear sign to GTFO.] And yet the Stock Market is soaring!  [You know, as the Federal Reserve pumps 15 Trillion of our tax dollars in, like so many little blue pills, to prop it up…

And NOW! They’re taking out the fucking mailboxes for Christ’s sake!!

So,  yes, it’s the hunger games.  For realz now. 

Got a text this morning from a friend: 
Is Mother Earth trying to give us another wake up call??? I’ve had some really dark meditations and it’s focused on the earth. Maybe it’s as simple as my mind working through all the data points.

Have you or any of your more spiritual friends sensed that something really bad is going to happen?

I don’t watch the news, don’t have any subscriptions online but the number of natural disasters I’m aware of is increasing exponentially.

You and I talked a few years ago and I ignorantly said, “nothing catastrophic has happened”. You rattled off 3-4 significant natural disasters around the world.

(Stopped) reading because I need to put this out there.
In the last 2 weeks I can think of 8-10 non precedented weather events. …
• Mumbai, India 50% of the slum population has COVID and they are experiencing monsoon rains with more rainfall than ever recorded.
• Ice melts in Serbia and Canada.
• Heat wave in CA.
• Severe thunderstorm, heavy winds, tornadoes from the Midwest to NE.
1. Cedar Rapids, IW had hurricane level 2 force winds, 1M trees down, 300K people without power.
2. IN power outages all over, trees down and damage to structures.
3. Same storm hit the NE… CT lost power for 9 days.
• Earthquake in NC or GA
• Excessive rainfall in MN

Yep. And I sat on the porch last night thinking:
• It’s August and I’m on the porch excited about drinking a WARM beverage…
• We got 8″ of rain in the last week…
• And what’s with all the rocket launches? Is there already a secret war on Mars? Who has a relative or friend in Space Force? Anyone?

I replied to my my friend:
Yeah. Dan had been saying ‘we’ve gone too far’ for a while now.  I think because HE senses it based on data. I just thought he was a pessimist, which he can be, but I’m wondering more each day. Yeah. We had 8″ of rain in 6 days this past week. Sunday-Monday 4″+ in 48 hours, then Friday we got 4″+ in 24 hours…

IT is happening. (has been… for decades) again..  water on the toes… some of us have been feeling it for years now but the powers that be aren’t listening. Watch The Power – #1 movie on Netflix this week. Pretty accurate depiction of a metaphor of current situation. Mankind keeps pushing limits until there’s no breathing room. Literally. 🤨

I think it’s gonna be mass migration and starvation this year… even in the US.

Get ready, my friends. It’s seems a train is coming. A big train.  It’s begun picking up passengers… thousands by the day. The climate chaos predicted is happening… at an exponentially increasing pace it seems –  and the starvation and migration have been happening for years in some places on the globe.  Places the humans in power don’t look at or talk about… as much as they can avoid it.

The pace seems to be quickening – or at least bumping up in fits and starts – but I am hopeful many will remain to rebuild – more sustainably, I hope – after the starving times. And there will be some who have enough to share with their communities around them to help them survive.

I shared with my friend the Prophecy of the 7th Fire (this from Winona LaDuke in late 2017):

You’re all pretty enlightened, so you know that the Wiindigo system doesn’t work like ours. Instead of understanding and respecting the natural world or the rights of Mother Earth or the Creator’s laws—the highest laws— we live in a society that writes a bunch of laws based on who’s in power, redistributes pollution, arbitrarily changes recommended daily allowances of radiation and contaminants, and pretends that it’s all right to allocate the water in western basins until there’s no water left there. That’s the arrogance of a system that has no check with reality. And that’s what’s going on. There is no understanding for a cyclical system. We all live in a super-linear world instead of a cyclical world, and perhaps one of the best examples of that, in addition to the pipeline battles, is the fact that we live in a society with something like 13 trillion pounds of waste produced annually in the U.S. That doesn’t include waste water, and I ask myself, what is waste water? There’s no new water being made. In 2010 Americans wasted some 133 billion pounds of food. With a 430 billion pound food supply, that’s more than one-third of the whole being wasted. Economically, it’s $161.6 billion in food wastage. 

In an Anishinaabe or other indigenous economy, one’s stature is associated with one’s generosity. That is why we have massive giveaways; that is why we have massive potlatches, which are ceremonial feasts at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth and enhance prestige, because your stature in your community is ensured by how much you give away. In today’s society, people’s stature is ensured by how much they accumulate, and wealth is aggrandized. We don’t ask where they got it, how they got it, and how much they need. We act as if it doesn’t matter, and what I’m saying is that perhaps the time has come to turn that around because it’s not going to work out.
Let me tell you what I think about this. And I won’t go into the consequences because I think you already know about the destruction of so many species of life. For example, fifty million buffalo, the single largest migratory herd in the world, destroyed. General Philip Sheridan, commanding armies of the west, urged destruction of the buffalo herds, foreseeing that when they disappeared, the Indians would disappear along with them; by 1885 the buffalo were virtually extinct, and the Indians were starving.

Excerpt: Winona LaDuke Prophecy of the Seventh Fire – late 2017

Winona goes on and I recommend reading her entire piece. [Makes one pretty pissed to realize local lumber company Potlatch is such a salt in the wound brand name…] I told my friend:
I think all this – and it’s in the “Heartbeat of Wounded Knee” and recent stories in movies – talks about this human (male/dominator/white supremacy/colonial culture) tendency to destroy being the main way we eliminate enemies..  by destroying their food sources, their villages and homes, or taking their lives… this becomes the devastation for those that follow… nothing remains when destruction – or even thoughtless overharvest – depletes completely. We’re apparently far too short sighted a species to make much more than a couple thousand years before we annihilate ourselves… and this time we’re taking a bunch of species with us.


But. Keep hope!  (And plan…) it may turn out some of us make it. And enough of us may die… or be sacrificed? I imagine Billionaire Bingo… where each of the 26 richest billionaires get to face trial for their gluttony and convince us that they are worth NOT SACRIFICING because they are going to commit to full time problem resolution with their cash going to good causes. (Of course, this vision requires a planet capable of human survival, so it may be a pipe dream at this point. But hey, a girl can dream!)

Let’s hope those billionaires find their hearts soon. 26 people who could remedy it all… if only they’d share. Perhaps we can put them all on a rocket to Mars to discuss it?

There might yet be time for a peace train after all.

Stay Brave.

Stay Together.

Stay Organized.