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It seems like everything is slower than normal… or faster than normal, depending on who you are. Perhaps.

If you’re a retired engineer in the north woods, awaiting some special news, time drags like an eternity, regardless of how much you do. 

Days end as you talk with a friend realizing hazily that it seems two days have passed since this morning, when you happened down to the river to pray and ran into that surprise.

Days seem to have 48 hours instead of 24.  And yet, so little seems to get done. 

All talk. No sense of any progress. 24/7 “news” cycles crowing together in a cacophony of chaos.

Perhaps it’s those currently overwhelmed for whom time seems to race?  As one tends vent tubes, receives new patients, swabs noses, or transports victims of our newest plague, perhaps the time seems to flash by as the end of the day arrives before one is aware… though grief persists around all the lost hours missed with children and lovers.

It feels a prayer for the world is in order in each moment.

Yet we are the gods creating each day here on Mother Earth. We are the ones managing the planet’s infrastructure now, as humans have become their own sort of plague upon the planet… some spewing excessive carbon for glorious lives of ease… while others toil for pennies, hoping to have enough to eat each evening.

It seems us children have gone a bit too far with Mother these days.  She’s hotter than ever about our obstinance – our commitment to fashion and fast, our desires for more.  In our haste, we’ve seemed to have bypassed all the tipping points She tried to provide as warnings.

The arctic waters no longer cool and the forests are burning with abandon, while floods wipe away dreams and beings perish at ever increasing rates. In the last year humans have reckoned our pending demise as the pandemic dead pile and require disposal. For those who care to heed the signs, evidence is clear.  Losing a “9/11” of American victims each day seems enough, does it not, to make it clear?

So what of those who will not see?  Those in denial? Is it truly all of us?

What is to be done when many among us fail to consider their fellow man?  Those who fly about, not considering the tremendous impacts personal actions have for all others? Those who blast through the fast food bag, throwing it out the window as they speed to work, where they will earn only enough to afford that cheap substitute for nourishment? Those who piss into potable water as many around the world struggle to find clean water to drink?  Will this be the fate of us all as we poison our surroundings to assure we can keep living faster? Giving back far too little in reciprocity to the Mother keeping us alive each day?

What of those so afraid of their loss of perceived power that they’ve allowed their secret plans for insurrection to become real… and revealed?  Will we ever truly know the truth of what has transpired in our government, our agencies, our law enforcement ranks, as the power of money has trumped the power of compassion for our fellows? Will we ever find our ways forward to a place of peace?

Time will tell.  She always does.

Thanks to BrainPickings for these fine graphic additions today.