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As humans race with track-hoes to pretend they can keep doing what they’ve always done…
And the world floods and burns and withers from drought.

As engines beep in movement all around me, building a pipeline for the dirtiest of crude – Tar Sands…
it’s hard to pretend we have any notion of saving ourselves.

As we cut down the very beings that provide us oxygen to breathe.

As many grow excited for schools to open… ready to go back to a “normal” economy…
[Normal? Are we psychopaths? Apparently so.]
… we see the numbers in cases and infections beginning to surge again.

We watch millions focus on dollars and economics… giving not a thought to the water, trees, plants, and bees that make everyday life possible.  Will we soon realize how dependent we have become on systems that do not support life but instead bring death?

The fossil fuel industry is taking itself out… as the climate chaos we saw in Texas – and throughout the middle of the country – was a result of the burning we’ve done for centuries now.

And for decades now – longer for those selling the fossil fuels – while we knew exactly what they were delivering… we did nearly nothing?  Simply burning fossil fuels faster and faster?

How will our children forgive us? Or rather, will they?

In addition to the fuels and plastics, the oil industry brings death and extinction for life of all kinds. 
And now – are we realizing… that “life” is ours?

As loads of freight remain in place, unmovable with no electricity to fill tanks with gas, ratios of loads to drivers go to astronomical figures… Indy shoots from 7 loads per driver to 37… while in Cincy reefer trucks, normally around the mid-30s, report their status as not available… with over 200 loads and zero drivers to move them.  Watch those store shelves as we “catch up” from the backlog caused by the polar vortex we created?

Or will we get to watch as production lines slow… because there is no shipment of already done freight…
and before you can make more, you need to move out what you have?

And will we again have loads of milks and potatoes dumped and buried as we have no way to move food in the massive system we’ve created… so un-localized and heavily reliant on fuels?

Can many of us foresee how much worse 2021 will be in comparison to 2020? Even with the vaccinations… and the talk of environmental justice… and green paths going forward… from the all-hands-on-deck portrayed administration that is calming and encouraging so many?

The new managers don’t calm us.  Not those of us who’ve seen that already [!!!] we’re headed for 5-6° warming…
with 1.5° being a dream scenario that we lost in decades past.

It’s been 875 days since the IPCC 1.5° report was issued giving us a dozen years.
And I heard this past week that the UN is now giving us 10 months to get it together?
Anyone noticed the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) slowing?
Faster than many can predict? [Well, than many are realizing…
The scientists always have someone quietly saying, “You might want to consider this…”]

As we watch a Tar Sands pipeline project proceed across the state of Minnesota…
just outside the living room window.

As if we can all just…
Go back to “normal”.

The worst of the 1918 Spanish Flu were the deaths in the Spring of 1920. Does this still await?

While some caw about vaccines, we also watch as these quick-whip cures kill with cytokine storm jump starts via injection.  I see why some aren’t ready… even if they aren’t on the list… of those who can get the magic elixers.

Every day, we watch… as it seems we lose ground…
sacrificing the trees and wetlands of Northern Minnesota…
to a Canadian corporation treating this place like it’s their colony.

Bought and paid for agencies beholden to their regulatory captors got us into this mess. 
Will they have the courage to save us?
If not, will the courts? 

If not, we will simply keep trudging toward extinction…
like the elephants seeking water in African deserts…
or polar bears seeking another ice island on which to take a breather?

Or will we be running from the flood as it wipes our house away?

Or from the flames that race to devour us?

As the world burns…

Water Protectors – Speaking up with so few listening. Perhaps they’ll listen now?