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Well, I missed my regular Monday blog post day by a couple… as it’s been a whirlwind of a week! [This is only the second miss as I recall… the first was planned, for a Tommy visit, in the early days of blogging… and I want to keep it to a minimum, so I’m counting this as an approved Birthday Delay in posting!!]

So many blessings… and World Water Day coinciding with my birthday! Surprising Serendipity!!

  • Cards from many and over 100 FB wishes as I recall. {Big thanks for the money, Momma!}
  • Many donations to my Friends of the Headwaters fundraiser. In case you missed it… you can still donate here.
  • A beautiful soft shawl to add to my Melodee Collection! [I’m wearing it in the webinar photo below.]
  • Helpful neighbors and friends bring success in getting a mile+ of No Parking signs at the Mississippi River Valley removed so I can continue to pray at the River without feeling unsafe. And so tourists too can stop and take a photo with the Mighty Mississippi where she’s still narrow and quick! Hurry, before Enbridge rushes to drill under her… more on that at the end. đŸ˜‰
  • A Gathering of Spirits, A Festival of Friends at the Mississippi River Valley a week before… [SO GOOD to see some LOVELY FRIENDS! ~35-50 folks showed up!]
  • Puppets!! Ma’iigan for Dawn… Mukwa and a Jingle Dress dancer too! What a fun blessing.
  • And… another gathering on my birthday as well! [EVEN MORE FRIENDS!! I’d guess ~200 – with about 75 remaining to sing me Happy Birthday!! WOW – what an overwhelming surprise… The love of this movement never ceases to amaze me.]
  • And… a Drum Song and Circle Dance for my birthday!!! {Oh, the love… and the lessons in humility. Big thanks to Angel Stevens for capturing the song for me!! :D}
  • An Honor Treaties Webinar with Dale Greene, Jr., Bob Shimek, and Martin Case speaking. A powerful learning, once again, this time on Kinship with the Land and Honoring Treaty Responsibilities.
  • A successful tamale casserole recipe made an easy dinner. [Basically, a can of meat (optional), can of pinto beans, can of diced tomatoes with chilis, then smooth cornbread mix (with an extra egg & can of cream corn added) over the top, bake, and enjoy!]

And the fun continues… so thrilled to get a fun shout out from Smart Mark Agee of The Evening Skews (with Trae Crowder). [Love those guys.]

And thrilled to hear what seems like some judges who had done their homework on the Line 3 Challenges in the MN Court of Appeals. [The key is reading the dissent from PUC Commissioner Matt Scheurger, as he laid it out pretty succinctly (Pages D1-11). Here’s a lovely video from seekjoy on the last big public hearing at the PUC… with love going to Commissioner Matt (2:20 of the 2-2:30 coverage marking his courage)] The submitted briefs appear to have been well read as good questions ensued indicating Enbridge had perhaps NOT provided a Demand forecast for their project (as required by law)… and instead gave only a fantasy SUPPLY forecast for the PUC to consider. Sure hoping we see a reversal of the PUC’s Line 3 Certificate of Need order – as it was given capriciously and without proper consideration of Minnesota law. (IMHO)

Hoping you all have a blessed year as well.

Chi-Miigwech Miinawaa, Indinawemaa Odinawemaaganan!
{I’m learning… and believe this translates to… Big Thanks, again, to All my Relatives!
Chi-Miigwech to Naabek who is teaching me.
You can join us… every Wednesday… That’s TONIGHT! 7PM Passcode: 054633
Bring your emikwaanensan! :D}