The Clearwater County Sheriff does an exemplary job of traffic control and safety presence in multiple events along Becida Road (ClearWater County 40). He arrives at gatherings for ceremony and celebration at the Mississippi River Valley and engages with the public there in a friendly way. He shows up alone, in a simple Sheriff’s SUV, and quietly protects and serves watch over the event.

In comparison to confrontational actions we’ve seen in Aitkin County at the second Mississippi River crossing on the proposed Line 3 pipeline route, Sheriff Halverson provides a comforting law enforcement presence that assures people an ability to peacefully engage in their First Amendment rights. 

Intelligent policing involves a focus on de-escalation and equitable protections.  Sheriff Halverson provides a great example of good policing in maintaining a peaceful presence.  He does not escalate with an over-the-top police response for a simple traffic control situation on a not so busily travelled roadway in the quiet part of his county. 

Thank you, Sheriff Darin, for your kindly humane and intelligently implemented law enforcement techniques.  I look forward to you maintaining a peaceful presence at the little bridge over the Mississippi. 

Sheriff Darin Halverson on World Water Day with ogichidaa water protector. (Thanks, Jaci!)

If you want to give Darin a thank you for his effective law enforcement, perhaps we can encourage more to follow his lead.

You can reach Darin at 218.694.6226 or or

213 Main Ave. N. #102
Bagley , MN 56621