How Humans May Simply Be Unable to Conceptualize Personal Mortality…

[let alone the extinction of our entire species.]

I really thought that we’d find a way,
to share information and get folks to say,
“Holy Fuck are we fucked, hey?!?
If we’re saving ourselves, best get on our way!”

Though most folks seem, it seems to me,
happy trudging along not daring to see,
what’s coming to be?
[The end of the world – fast and furiously.]

Many listen to those who assure and deceive,
(mostly to secure more… oh, my, the greed!)
that “All is well, there’s nothing to see!”
As the dangers increase. Every day, indeed.

We’re the frog in the pot,
Not sensing the hot,
Just a bit more each day,
Makes it easy to not!

But the changes we’re seeing,
exponentially breeding,
defy the strength of our mentality…
Bringing an end… to our very Being?

How many are we losing?
How many due to choosing
to follow the deceivers?
And leave the rest of us boo-hooing.

How to know who’s talking true…
With all the misinforming cues?
That each contain a bit or two…
of fact to keeping us swilling lie-filled stew?

And to what ends,
do we depend,
on those who lie,
and truth do bend?

Are we hungry for something,
that with a bit of truth rings?
Because it’s less painful?
Than a true reckoning?

Yes, that is one way,
to survive each day,
in Blissful Ignorance,
rather than be swayed.

By the reality around us,
literally drowning us,
in cognitive dissonance…
“Hush, Baby! Hush!”

Don’t look for solutions,
or make resolutions,
let alone change your lifestyle,
that’s full of delusions!

Just keep on doing,
What you’ve always been doing,
as we wipe away the dreams…
that all our children are hoping.

Or maybe join with all those trying,
to keep humanity from dying?
Indigenous & Water Protectors,
for our Water, we’re vying.

Because Water is Life,
without Her, there’s just strife,
How can tension over this fact,
require such a big knife?

To find common ground,
and in abundance abound,
Are those feet I hear coming?
Can you hear their sound?

As hundreds and thousands and millions arrive!
All of us merely hoping to survive…
the insanity of the Corps(e),
and their endeavor to thrive.

We can’t have it both ways,
Our face or ass we must save,
meaning a bit of humility
might be what we crave?

A return to the simple day,
the natural and peaceful way,
reciprocal care for the Mother of all,
as we find ourselves willing to say…

Let’s choose life over death!
Let’s end all the mess!
Let’s take back our power,
Together we can redress!

Perhaps only in our little space,
can we put on this courageous face,
and make the changes that will bring,
success at a quick enough pace.

Putting emphasis on enough,
letting go of extra stuff,
giving up the personal excess,
so each of us can have some love?

Maybe it won’t end up saving the race,
or our planet tattered like lace,
but in the mirror we will find,
a face that we can face.

Considering… blissonance.