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The CDC updated their Breakthrough Case Data as of 5/10/21… giving a HUGE a drop from their 4/26 report of 9245 breakthrough infections to only 1359 cases!! How, you ask? 

Well, one reason is that the CDC chose to CHANGE how they count a vaccinated person as a positive Case… They must show positivity by 28 CT vs. 35 CT for unvaccinated people… AND the CDC are now ONLY reporting those folks who are hospitalized or die from Coronavirus after being vaccinated.

So, viola! We makea a buncha cases a-go away, yah?!? [BTW, this sounds so good when I use my shitty French… and then Italian accents to say it – with a huge batch of sarcasm thrown in! Just seemed appropriate to throw in a little Mario and Luigi… for this video game we call life.]

While the number at the top is down, the death and infection numbers for May 10th showed a HUGE increase in the number of people dying and being hospitalized after vaccination. We saw a 36% increase the number of hospitalized and a 68% increase in the number of dead. Even though the figures are NOW only for 65+, instead of previously reported 60 year-old and up vaccinated folks. Hmmm….

So next time they update, it could be even scarier? (You can read how this compares the jumps this week to those previously reported.)

Yet they’re still (media, politicians, late night hosts, big pharma, your aunt Mary) all pushing vaccines as the cure all? I mean, if it means we don’t need masks anymore, it’s for sure a cure, right!?! Even if not enough of us have the vaccines for herd immunity? It’s like science is a non-thing these days…

I continue to stress:

Wearing a Mask prevents the level of infection that enters your body if you are exposed to SARS-CoV-2. Whether you’re unvaccinated OR… vaccinated and feeling bulletproof – if you run into the B117 or P1 or B1.617.2, or whatever other variant that might arise, you’re gonna have less chance for a BIG EXPOSURE (which, spoiler alert, is what helps the virus take you into a hospital or casket).

Jamism – Mid-May, 2021 (actually, it’s been a long-time quote… just updated for the various new strains here)

Mask Up, Motherfuckers. PLEASE.

If we do… then we can cull the unscientific from our midst and possibly get a chance at saving the planet for human habitation? 🤫[Shhhhh…]

It’s just a thought…

5/18/21 update: as usual, a day later, Chris says it far better than me.

Peak Prosperity’s Dr. Chris 5/18/21