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Note: Partway through blogging about this video, it was pulled from YouTube… so I got what I could… This one is currently still up (on the Informed consent and reproductive toxicity of vaccines); a portion of their 3-hour talk, now pulled (additional pieces linked below). I’ve also considered titling this blog: The Science Behind Vaccine Hesitancy.

Three guys discussing the COVID-19 situation – a long discussion, so it was good to listen to their thorough consideration. Who are these guys? Two were vaccinated with Moderna and one on Prophylactic Ivermectin – simulating a ‘composite herd immunity’. Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology. Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist (the Ivermectin user).

One could argue, that if everybody just took Ivermectin for a month, worldwide, we would end the pandemic.”

~Steve Kirsch “How to save the world, in three easy steps” @4:45 minutes

I got turned on to these guys by my buddy James Kunsler as a part of his recent blog:

Big Lie No. 1 is actually a whole bundle of lies surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The chief national health official, Dr. Anthony Fauci (a.k.a. “The Science”) can’t get his story straight about whether or not he funneled US taxpayer money to a lab associated with China’s People’s Liberation Army, to engineer a virus that was turned loose on the rest of the world. An email train of evidence shows that he did.

That was bad enough. Then Dr. Fauci (and most of the nation’s medical bureaucracy) worked hard to suppress cheap and effective treatments that defeated the virus and cured patients if used in the early stages of infection, namely, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, and Fluoxetine. (Fluoxetine, or Prozac, used “off-label,” modulates brain inflammation.) The suppression actively continues to this day. Dr. Fauci & Company promoted the use of a PCR viral testing system run at excessive cycle thresholds that flooded the medical system with false positive tests. The test’s inventor, (Nobel Prize winner) the late Dr. Kary Mullis,said the test was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.

Dr. Fauci and the medical bureaucracy are promoting an experimental “gene therapy” as “vaccines,” or so says the man who invented the mRNA vaccine procedure, Dr. Robert Malone — and you can hear him say that in this three-hour-plus roundtable discussion on Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse YouTube podcast (if it hasn’t been taken down by the time you read this, because to-date YouTube suppresses all mention of Ivermectin, etc.). You will learn in this detailed discussion that the three vaccines being used have produced more deaths and “adverse events” in aggregate than all the other vaccines medicine has developed over the past thirty years. Let that sink in. You will also hear Dr. Malone describe the spike protein, which is the chief mechanism activated by the vaccines, as a “toxic” agent.

This cannot be good news for the millions who gave their consent to be vaccinated. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be, but it’s apparently the case that the toxic spike protein does not behave the way it was supposed to. That is, it does not remain in the intramuscular vaccination site, but rather migrates all through the body, with a special affinity for causing cardiovascular mischief, neuromuscular disorders, and damage to reproductive organs. Stand by on how all this works out. And beware of fresh attempts by your government to coerce you into a vaccination, or a series of them.

This is a fast-developing story, obviously with many sub-plots, but the net effect for “Joe Biden” will be to badly erode whatever shreds of legitimacy still hang on him. News about vaccine deaths and “adverse events” has also been suppressed, but that effort appears to be falling apart now, even as the government ratchets-up pressure to jab the substantial number of the “vaccine hesitant.” (Count me as “vaccine fuggeddabowdit” on this one.)” 

The Three-Way Squeeze by James Kunsler 6/15/21

So what are the main pieces of info that struck me that struck me from the discussion at Dark Horse?

Steve Kirsh’s carpet cleaner got the Phizer vaccine and had a heart attack 2 minutes later. His wife also had hand trembling after being vaccinated. This triggered him onto questions on the safety of the vaccines. The guys then had a discussion of how the mRNA isn’t staying in the shoulder muscle, instead moving throughout the body after being injected. Though the FDA knew about the biodistribution, they determined the spike wasn’t biologically active. We know now, that spike is very dangerous.

The literature noted that, if the mRNA didn’t stay in the place where it is injected, the scientists knew it would be problematic, though they believed they have engineered it to “stay stuck”. Normally, before we would release this for human use, we would do animal studies but this was not fully understood before human vaccinations began with these emergency use products. Kirsch believes, “that’s the smoking gun.”

The group discussed the details of how this works in the body. The problem is NOT with mRNA vaccines but the issue is that, with the spike protein, the action of the body with this vaccine and the spike protein allows it to interact with the many places in the body. They claim that 200K vaccine users have died. And the issues is that voices on that have been censored while the “safe and effective” message has been promoted very widely.

Mr. Kirsch explained next about a woman with a miscarriage which was something never seen before. The baby was bloody, the brain was split in half – from a woman vaccinated at 25 weeks pregnant who’d been vaccinated a month earlier. The doctor assumed it was NOT the vaccine – because “it’s safe” – so the issue is reported as a genetic defect and not added to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System]. Dr. Malone calls this the Groupthink problem; relies on assuming something not necessarily true. They go on to discuss how we get to a place where we understand the real data.

Bret Weinstein astonished by the large number of stories he’s heard from the vaccinated – which could be sampling error and is surely anecdotal. How do we confirm? Older people seem to have less issues – again in his small sampling.

Dr. Malone, a regulatory professional who talked with folks at the FDA, reports that adverse events were occurring and were atypical for a vaccine trial. This gets to the core – a problem is seeing Coronavirus as “every other vaccine we’ve seen”.

[I’d ask, if we are assuming it is a natural evolution, and not lab made with splicing, then perhaps we missed very critical things in the trial development? I mean, how DO they explain that strange polybasic furin cleavage site in the SARS-CoV-2 sequence???]

Dr. Malone was alarmed by the very unusual findings he read. Noted first the absence of reproductive toxicology package, normally in the genotoxicity – toxicity to the genes of the test system (in this case, the Aims test largely) – level one of genotoxicity analysis in vaccine development. Peter Marks, director of SEVER(?) says that new data is now available from Phizer in last couple weeks and is currently in evaluation. Mr. Hirsch noted that the study was on rodents who lack the same ACE2 receptor reaction as humans. Dr. Malone says we can all agree “corners were cut… in an emergency situation”. Hirsch says, “They took a risk and they lost, basically.” Though they would have done the same things… this is Monday morning quarterbacking, for sure. However, the FDA cartoon indicated that there were no corners cut…

Bret says this is not even a large-scale human experiment as an experiment would require that we’re doing systematic collection of data for analysis on all of the recipients, which we are not. Hardly any tracking is happening and much of the data is being lost or not reported. Hirsch argued that “nobody knows about VAERS, they’re told to report to V-SAFE.” Doctors are told to not report to VAERS, reports from doctors have been reversed without their consent…

The hypothesis of “there is a problem with these vaccines” is supported by the flatline data over years in VAERS now suddenly showing a spike in reporting.

Well… Youtube removed the video… so… there’s that. Guess they saved me from three whole hours… so let’s jump to the new video… below. First a couple other links

Medical journals, such as JAMA, Lancet, Nature and Chest are supported by pharmaceutical ads. They all rejected the largest, 600-patient prospective RCT from Egypt showing hospital rates with Ivermectin of 1 percent vs. 22 percent standard of care and mortality rates of 2 percent vs. 20 percent, respectively. These types of rejections are common.

Most of the world governments and institutions are acting like they have earned our trust. They have likely lost it. Patients want free flow of information with accountability.

Powers that be suppress the truth about COVID-19 by Richard Eggleston 6/13/21

Based on what I now know about the miniscule vaccine benefits (approximately a .3% reduction in absolute risk), side effects (including death), current COVID rates, and the success rate of early treatment protocols, the answer I would give today to anyone asking me for advice as to whether to take any of the current vaccines would be, “Just say NO.”

The current vaccines are particularly contraindicated if you have already been infected with COVID or are under age 20. For these people, I would say “NO! NO! NO!

Should you get vaccinated? by Steve Hirsch 5/25/21
Should you get vaccinated? by Steve Hirsch 5/25/21

Still up… the larger one was pulled.

Two kinds of harm are possible from the vaccines: Short Term and Long Term: Possibility for driving escape mutants, possibly responsive to the vaccine, and then risk of ADE (no signal for this thus far!).

Coagulation problems associated with the adnovector. Plausible there are complications from the spike protein of Covid-19. There is no more obvious more plausible hypothesis.

Novel lipids in humans, with little experience of them in animals, is a concern. There is currently a review of a new data package from Phizer in process. Peter Marks at the FDA is recognized as an authority. The data provided by Canadians, we see concentration in ovarian tissue of a novel lipid reagent, unfamiliar to us at this point.

The FDA response to thalidimide has guided their modern-day legislative structure with a concentration on reproduction and consequences for birth defects. Hopeful that Phizer’s new data includes reprotox and genotox-data (though done on rats) and though reproductive risks don’t often become clear in early studies.

However, there have been examples in the past of unanticipated female reproductive responses not revealed by animal testing. Going to the bioethics, we need full and open disclosure of all the data. The burden is on the government, not to tell us what to do, but to convince us with data on what we ought to be doing. Reproductive implications at present require transparency and reports such as dysmenorrhea, often not shared by those who suffer, must be encouraged when they occur.

Giving children ice cream to get vaccinated is wrong. Ethical lines have been crossed throughout history… internment camps in the U.S. during WWII… and judgment calls are made to compromise core ethical principles when people are “at war”… which we, in hindsight, often lead to calling “mistakes”.

Steve Hirsch notes that knowing what he knows now, he would NOT have vaccinated his three young daughters and would have encouraged them to not be vaccinated. [9:10] Experimenting on our children is frustrating him. [Understatement…]

He attempted to get information to Biden to no avail, instead was gaslighted with non sequiturs. There was no willingness to debate the data, only dismissal. So many are standing on the “academics” calling vaccines “safe”. Instead of reviewing the data, the reliance is on those promoting vaccination. Instead, those speaking against all the “experts” are called wrong. [Reminds of the Enbridge Line 3 narrative in Minnesota…]

The spike protein is not a harmless antigen.

The NIH is basically sandbagging effective treatments, that the CDC is going along for the ride, that the FDA is fooled, and that people in Congress think Tony Fauci – whose been called out as the creator of the coronavirus and caused this whole thing… and then screwed up – yet they haven’t even analyzed any of the cases.”

14:30 Steve Hirsch on Informed consent and reproductive toxicity of vaccines

Dr. Malone notes we’ve been thru multiple cycles of this… as with gastric ulcers where this kind of attack was prevalent also against truth tellers. The guts to continue to speak up, in spite of opposition, is important.

Here are a few other links from their longer talk that remain up:

Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein) From early in their discussion…

“Don’t come back until your lips are blue” (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein) On people being turned away until their blood oxygen is low enough to be dangerous… and given no treatment whatsoever, though some are available. 5:00 Dr. Malone notes in the U.S. primary care docs have sought solutions, resorted to off-label Rx, after reading the pre-prints, and FOUND GOOD SUCCESS in INNOVATION. Innovation is coming from front-line docs, revealing the fundamentals of what makes this country great, which is often not large-centrally controlled enterprises but individual solutions.

Pfizer data REVEAL – Where do the lipid nanoparticles collect? (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret W) It looks like mainly… the ovaries! {Though the CDC says it’s safe for pregnant women, it may not be safe for woman at all???) Bone marrow signals… reactivation of latent human retrovirus (like shingles)… and other data appear to show concerns. While data have been available to the regulators, the messaging has not made it clear to the public. Bret also concerned about auto-immune disease development, which Dr. Malone agrees is something that must be monitored for, in those who receive the vaccines. Animal models give us signals on what to investigate for human impacts.

So… alarming short term concerns with where the spike proteins and lipids are being found, the high uptick in harms in the system (which appear to be conservative), and long-term harms that might develop. Cannot un-vaccinate yourself… says Steve.

Bret notes that Ivermectin is a good solution, yet the stigma against it continues, the censorship continues. And Flovoxamine, which may help with long-haul COVID as it can pass the blood/brain barrier, is similarly targeted.

All being driven by the financial interests of private corporations… who want to try experimental work… and thus avoiding the costs of TRUE studies on their drugs.

Safe range doses of Ivermectin, with a well-known safety profile, are being stymied by those who say Ivermectin needs to be PROVEN… (it has been). As there is no profit in doing this work (the drug is now 0.03 cents per dose!), trials haven’t happened.

Did you also hear that Merck (2/4/21) made claims against their OWN DRUG, Ivermectin? How crazy is that??? Well, what they didn’t tell you is they are working on a brand “new” (aka EXPENSIVE) drug that will work against SARS-CoV-2!! [Wondering if they just added some weird thing to their already proven formula… simply to be able to create a new stream of big dollars. And what the side effects of that might be…]

So… Good Luck, Everybody! And Keep Researching and Investigating… cause we’re all on our own now!!

Here’s Kuntsler’s latest blog… which brings up the point I’ve asked from the beginning… do vaccines have a possibility of making MORE variants… James blogs:

The leading government policy just now is to hector, browbeat, and coerce Americans to get vaxed-up with vaccines that appear to be pretty hazardous. The Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines so far (which is not very far) have produced more deaths and adverse events than all the other vaccines for all other diseases developed in the past thirty years, and we have no idea what the long-term effects will be of a spike protein that likes to damage blood vessels, brains, and reproductive organs. That’s another thing the news and social media don’t want the public to inform themselves about, not to mention the scientifically-based opinion that vaccinating a populace in the middle of an epidemic is pretty certain to provoke the evolution of new and more dangerous variants of the disease agent.”

Free at Last – James Kuntsler 6/18/21 (my emphasis)

Meanwhile, Bret wrestles with why vaccines are being pushed for everyone. Me too, Bret. Me too.