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Seems people are getting less and less consideration by governments and corporations around the world. We are feeling more each day that we’re reaching a breaking point.

From a day of rain in Greenland… and possibly even worse for the Antarctic – so THAT’S NEW – to add to Fires, Floods, and Droughts all around.

Robert F. Kennedy on including the cost of cleaning up after yourself… and how polluters pass this on to us. 28 minutes

RFK tells some great stories about the Hudson River… and by great… I mean horrible. My old employer, GE (though I was at Aircraft Engines), polluted and privatized the commons… not cleaning up their mess.

We see the ever-growing Sock-Puppet Agencies, the Compromising of the Press, the Local Sovereignty Elimination, and the End of Transparency. People are saying, “Enough is Enough!”

I mean, we’re supposedly working to stay below 1.5 degrees Celcius… and we’re already at 1.23?

Last week in Minnesota, we saw:

Standing with Indigenous groups, Physicians call on Biden to revoke Enbridge’s permit.

Enbridge has said the upgrade is needed for safety reasons, to reduce maintenance needs, and to “create fewer disruptions to landowners and the environment.” But opponents from the medical community disagree. According to Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate, or HPHC — the advocacy group that organized Tuesday’s nationwide protests — the project poses both immediate and long-term threats to Minnesota communities and Indigenous peoples, whether from an oil spill or from the pipeline’s contribution to climate change.

Vishnu Laalitha Surapaneni, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota who helped organize the rally in St. Paul, told Grist she is particularly worried about the pipeline’s potential impact on water quality. “We’re in the Land of 10,000 Lakes,” she explained, using Minnesota’s unofficial nickname. “This is not something that is compatible with healthy water.”

Health care workers join the fight to stop the Line 3 pipeline* Code Red event

* This article may be one of the best I’ve seen on why there is an urgent need to #StopLine3.

That’s what I’m talking about!! Time to focus on CARE… instead of consumption… which is consuming ;civilization’.

Meanwhile, this week in the UK:

Protests starting next week aim to highlight the billions poured into fossil fuels by financial sector

The protests will start with a rally in Trafalgar Square on Monday morning, 23 August. This is the anniversary of the Haitian slave rebellion of 1791 and the international day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition. XR said its events were also intended to show solidarity with people in the global south who are worst affected by climate breakdown.

We are not powerless – you have more power than you think. We are the collective power to be the change that we need.”

Tim Crosland, of the pressure group Plan B, who was found in contempt of court for revealing early a supreme court ruling relating to Heathrow’s third runway plans, said: “We are targeting the City because these are the kind of people who are the real contributors to this crisis.”

He spoke out against recent claims by members of the Conservative party that reaching net zero emissions by 2050 – the government’s target, set out in law – would cost too much money. “It’s embarrassing to claim that it is too expensive to save young people and our country and our planet. This is extremist ideology from some parts of the Conservative party,” he said. “They believe science will have to give way to the market, but it is not going to work that way, it’s the other way round. The economy will have to adapt to the science.”

Esther Stanford-Xosei, a co-founder of XR’s International Solidarity Network The Guardian

By the time this posts, we’ll likely be hearing news from Trafalgar.

And if YOU Want To F*ck The System That’s Been F*cking You? – WATCH THIS!

Protest, Protect, and Build! A coherent movement.
Ends should be human well-being and means should be money, economy, industry.
Instead, we have a consumption-based economy that cares little for human well-being.
The means are Nature and Humans.
Remaining individualistic, we continue to suffer.

In other words:

Slavery never went away. It just got better clothes.”

Dan… as we watched the video

We cannot have social justice without environmental justice… until we behave justly to the planet upon which we live, our host system… our Mother.”

Russell Brand 10:47

Individualism is rooted in Separation. Division must be overcome. Long live difference and diversity… [as we eliminate caste?] dancing together. … We Belong to Each Other!”

Satish Kumar 13:57

Blessed be.