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A few months ago, on about day 500 of quarantine, an official hippie declared us “Hippies”. It was quite a day, as I’ve long worked to be a hippie.

Early on in C0VlD days, on a phone call to a sister, bitching about how I felt about all of the bullshit going on with Line 3… and living in rural Minnesota and being ignored… and the white supremacy idiocy… and all of that. My Indigenous Sister laughed and said,  “Oohhhh, yeah, now you know what it’s like to be Native!”

It was bittersweet, and though I’ll never really know what it’s truly like to be Native, I’m learning more every day. The up side is it drives me to continue to bring a new world… one where the ways of the Anishinaabeg are again revered and practiced more widely.

I was texting my son last week, as his company Deck Nine Games prepared to launch their newest offering, “Life Is Strange: True Colors“.  I’m really proud of what he’s done and I think this game has a timeliness to it that’s almost magical.

True Colors Square Enix website

A few days ago, he called to let us know how it was going… to give us an update on how he’s managing through the launch. And things were going pretty good.

Critically, True Colors’ story is well-rounded, with a satisfying and definitive ending for both its central mystery and for Alex’s personal journey (and as all good thrillers should offer, there is a resolution you can deduce for yourself if you are paying enough attention). It’s not a failing to me that True Colors tells a lean story which prioritises quality over quantity, feelings over finer details, and a sense the series, like Alex, has come back to its roots after a period of absence and change.

Whereas Life is Strange 2 acted to disrupt the original’s formula and engage in heavier themes, True Colors is a safer riff on Dontnod’s debut, but one whose quality allows it to stand on its own without feeling too much like a cover band. Deck Nine is a supremely talented studio, True Colors makes clear, and more than worthy of continuing the Life is Strange franchise.”

Life is Strange: True Colors review – Eurogamer (my emphasis)

While I spoke with my son I shared about how I’m feeling right now, just pretty overwhelmed with being steamrolled by the pipeline project, aided and abetted by the Walz administration – and their lack of conscious, courage, compassion, cognizance, creativity, and common sense.

I spoke about how it feels hard to imagine that there’s any meaning in doing anything at all except just holing up in the woods and playing video games all day long… plugging into the electrons and pretending that the outside world doesn’t exist as it does. Feeling hopeless about how much time there is left for humanity. Feeling frustrated at the lack of any lack of any action – by the powers that be – that feels geared to serving the people.

I told him that I often think of how he shared with us, midway through our now 560-day quarantine, about the fact that he’s known most of his life that his generation would be the throwaway generation… that they would get nothing. I told him how horrible I felt about my inability to do anything about that.

His response?

“Welcome to being a Millennial.”