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I’m finding the power of MSM to take people to a place where, instead of ingesting information for themselves and deciphering truth from it, people are emboldened to simply dismiss, without consideration, the input from those MSM has othered as “anti-vax” or “disinformation” mongers.

Instead of asking questions, ppl stand firmly in their silos of “TRUTH” which prop up the given narrative of the CDC, FDA, Biden Administration, Dr. Fauci… all of whom have been proven, time and again, to be ruthlessly ignoring facts, and worse, creating harm, rather than preventing it.

This is true whether the topic is the pandemic, Afghanistan, or climate change.

Here are the questions I continue to have about the ‘management’ of the pandemic in ‘Murica:

  • WHY are there no TREATMENTS for C0VlD-19 from the CDC? [When many are finding – AROUND THE GLOBE – that there ARE safe, effective, INEXPENSIVE treatments? 😔 Spoiler alert: If there are treatments, it negates their ability to enforce EUA vaccines – which require there being NO AVAILABLE TREATMENT.]
  • WHY are C0VlD+ people told to simply go home to wait and see what happens… when there are MANY GOOD SUGGESTIONS for surviving the virus? The medical community instead seemingly wants only to hospitalize (That’s the BIG $) people once they are REALLY SICK. [Though still, no real treatment… save – here in MN anyway – Remdesivier and ventilators (which other countries have found to hasten death).]
  • WHY are there no recommendations on immune boosting, Vitamins, sleep, diet? Instead managers and MSM promote ‘VACCINES’ as ‘OUR ONLY CURE!’ [As we see more and more breakthrough cases…]
  • WHY is there such a focus on the “unvaccinated infecting the vaccinated” – implying us deplorable folks – who still question the validity of mRNA vaccines as ‘fully-tested’ – are HARMING those who’ve been prudent in taking their prescribed EUA jabs? [The idea of vaccines as “safe, effective, and free” may be wrong on all three counts… as we know it is for sure on the last, as us taxpayers funded not only the development but the purchase of said jabs.]
  • WHY all the shaming of those – having been given no other option than vaccination – who try other means to protect themselves, be it immune system boosting, exercising, staying home, masking, and/or minimizing contacts? [Yet, even when MSM information is found to be false, like about all those horse dewormer victims filling hospitals in Oklahoma, it remains on the web. As ‘fact’.]
  • Meanwhile, good doctors – who are saving C0VlD-19 sufferers – are being harassed, chastised, forced to NOT Rx drugs they have seen work… [FFS, how is this not obvious as a political battle AGAINST public health?!?]
CDC Breakthrough data NEW disclaimer, now suggests their data includes also victims of other causes of death? This helps muddy the waters, eh? Just another in the ever-changing data reporting… that we’re all supposed to trust?

It feels to me the powers that be are truly getting scared of the information that is defying their idea that Vaccines are the ONLY WAY OUT of the pandemic. Is it perhaps their fear that Ivermectin could, in fact, replace MANY other patented and expensive Rx that are less effective? Are they seeing the simplicity of safe and well-known medications – used as off-label taking down their high-profit (and thus highly promoted) meds?

You know about off-label uses… like Viagra for hard-ons and Rogaine for baldness – FFS is it ONLY OK if it does something MEN want??? Fuck nurses and teachers who COULD be PROTECTED with prophylactic Ivermectin – like Argentina discovered? Or India?

Conclusion: Two-dose ivermectin prophylaxis at a dose of 300 μg/kg with a gap of 72 hours was associated with a 73% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers for the following month. Chemoprophylaxis has relevance in the containment of pandemic.

Role of ivermectin in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers in India: A matched case-control study

Actually, there are lots of off-label uses… from Ativan to Beta-Blockers to Lorazapam, and MANY OTHERS that are used EVERY FUCKING DAY. Like 20% of all Rx are off-label… but suddenly, there’s an all out war to demonize Ivermection as a possible Covid treatment?

Did you hear that Merck poo-pood Ivermection – as it’s manufacturer!! What???? You don’t say???
[Whisper: they left out that they are… wait for it… No, Really, you’ll love this…
They’re working on creating a new oral Covid treatment. SHHHH!!!! It’s gonna be patented and cost a TON of money because it will be so popular – a pill to prevent getting Covid, Oh, My!
I mean… SHHHHH!!! Keep it under your hat]

“Merck said its new trial will study experimental drug molnupiravir for the prevention of COVID-19 among adults in the same household as someone diagnosed with symptomatic coronavirus infection.

Pfizer, Merck launch new trials of oral COVID-19 drugs

I’m especially confused by those who can easily see the Regulatory Capture Enbridge has unleashed upon the state of Minnesota, but fail to see that Big Pharma has taken over what now seems… the entire US Government AND the control of all media.

I will continue to pursue truth.
Regardless of those who lose faith in me.
I’m not the first to be ostracized by those who once I thought were friend, trusted confidant, comrade.

If we get to the point of the government forcing us unvaccinated to wear a Big Yellow “A” on our chests, I sure hope none of my “friends” will go for the bounty of turning me in… as an enemy of the state.

Too dramatic? We’ll see how far this goes, folks.
[Did you notice Biden is heartlessly deporting people back to Haiti too? New boss… same as the old boss…]

The vaccination narratives are dangerously reminiscent of what I read about happening in Germany in the 30s… sweet potato hitler or no.

Today I’m wondering how many of those Germans back then cried all day long wondering why their fellow citizens would not awaken to the brainwashing of ‘Jew as Vermin’ from their “leaders”. 😥 At least I know they weren’t just Jews crying back then.