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Presentation on Enbridge’s Aquifer Breach and other Impacts of Line 93 (New Line 3) Construction

Well, after re-watching the presentation by folks regarding the aquifer breach, and knowing that Enbridge is still being allowed to move forward on their work… it seems nothing will stop the insanity we’re seeing as the State of Minnesota continues to seemingly collude in assuring Enbridge a new Line 93 to smoosh tar sands sludge through Northern Minnesota watersheds… risking everything from the Red River Valley to the Mississippi Headwaters to Lake Superior.

Enbridge’s latest status update, as evidenced by lies and coverups revealed in the video above, reveals a meaningless “Environmental Updates to Note Since the Last Report: The Project work activities continue to be monitored daily by Enbridge Inspection staff, Third-Party State Agency Monitors and Third-Party Tribal Monitors.”

I say meaningless as these are the SAME PEOPLE who have been monitoring FROM THE BEGINNING… and now we have multiple violations of permits without action by Minnesota agencies, frac-outs all along the Enbridge Corridor of Death, and an unremediated aquifer breach.

Latest Quakes in La Palma (VolcanoDiscovery.com)

It seems to me that perhaps even the ongoing concerns in La Palma may not be enough to awaken folks though perhaps we’ll see? Some like to say pipelines are safe… as some insist this island is… though, time always tells.

On Day 22, Bushcraft Bear reports eruptions in La Palma continue to concern. The north side of the cone has collapsed and huge chunks of lava continue to flow. This video shows a cut-off portion of the island and, if the island does fall apart, as some predict… (that red line about 1:45 into that video is where volcanos are currently erupting) there will be about 7-8 hours to evacuate the east coast of the United States for possible tsunami impacts.

Realistically, as all the data to date hasn’t worked to awaken folks… my guess is that NOTHING… perhaps not even a La Palma generated tsunami wiping out the east coast… ever will.

Though there is someone who may change your mind… Friend, David Huckfelt wrote an amazing piece for the Duluth Reader this past week and he makes good points:

With the potential to raise global temperatures .4 degrees Celsius, Line 3 is a glaring example of spiritual bankruptcy and greed, the alcoholic’s equivalent of just one more drink. 

An interview I did with Duluth TV station WDIO generated more than two hundred comments on Facebook, a litany of vitriol and misinformed insults from people who apparently love oil as if they drank it for breakfast.”

In a climate emergency, every pipeline leaks David Huckfelt in the Duluth Reader

I’ve always said, we all need a 12-Step Program.

Good luck, Everybody! Hopefully we all get to keep coming back! 😀