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I’ve been pretty outspoken about my concerns about the recent Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Covid vaccines – which has earned me a few lost friends… and many attacks, which I try to walk through by having conversations… though most poo-poo my references… as apparently ANYTHING ONLINE is suspect… WTLiteralF???

Except the Daily CDC briefings? The Fauci Updates? The Statements from the White House? The Minnesota Department of Health data?

Is the TV a GOOD SOURCE for info? Like CNN, Maddow, and Tucker? (FFS)

I mean, as I said to someone recently, just because you have a YouTube channel, doesn’t mean you are no longer a Pathologist. Like Doc Martenson… who has been called some pretty interesting things in recent years as he’s reported on Coronavirus and the economic systems of the United States. He admits his errors when he realizes them, I find him an honest and thoughtful data synthesizer… as well as a good BS detector, though, not perfect. And who is? But some will dismiss ANYTHING someone like Chris has to say, if Chris has said something or done something the person perceives as out of alignment with their own beliefs. These are politically motivated concerns I’ve found, rather than anything based in disputing his data and analysis. Chris is a data guy, not a left-right guy.

And hey, am I not STILL AN ENGINEER and a Permaculture student? And does Dan not retains his degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision (which makes him super smart on understanding how PEOPLE WORK) AND his training in Permaculture by a few of the best (Peter Bane, Keith Johnson, and Rhonda Baird), so when we post stuff on our YouTube channel HARN Theory, does that mean all our ideas are now BUNK? FFS, people. Look at the data, eh? Quit dismissing the value of someone because you find some concern with their ideology. We’re all humans doing the best we can with the info we have.

Here’s a few dated FB exchanges which show some of the Corona conversations I have had…

Facebook Friend to Jami Gaither: Are you opposed to vaccination. Look what’s happening.

  • Jami Gaither to Friend: I’m not opposed to vaccination. I’ve been vaccinated many times in my life. I’m opposed to mandatory EUA Vaccines that are not fully tested being pushed as the only fix for the pandemic. Masks work. At least they have for me. With social distancing and hand sanitizer and keeping MY TERRAIN immune boosted. Things we really don’t hear much about anymore… and I’ve NEVER heard much about ppl taking Vitamin D, zinc, and other therapeutics that WORK ALL AROUND THE WORLD. One of the interesting things i noted in the CDC breakthru data last week is that they are now noting some of their dead reported aren’t Covid dead. Wtf? Seems to just be adding to confusion. When we hear SOOOO little about vaccine-related events like bleeding, clotting, and sometimes quick death… it makes me wonder if these now upticking deaths are related to Covid… or vaccine reactions. And I’m not alone in these ponderings.

[BTW, more and more coming out on the Adverse Effects people are experiencing… and it’s pretty Fkn Scary how FUCKED UP our medical system is here in the US… based on these two guys alone.]

Friend to Jami Gaither: Do you have any information or rumors about people having vaccine effects such as – pneumonia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney problems? I’ve asked a couple of people but I would have to ask a skeptic. (I’m not getting a booster shot.)

  • Jami Gaither: In the data we’re getting, it’s mainly blood clotting issues – so heart attacks, aneurisms, strokes, extremity discoloration/numbness type things.Young men appear to be having myocarditis development – in their 20s.Women are showing menstruation issues – spotting, changes to their cycles, RESTARTING A PERIOD AFTER BEING IN MENOPAUSE (My main reason now, in case that isn’t clear… 😃) And we’re seeing these spike protein mRNA replicants gathering in the ovaries (sorry – that’s my layman’s way of saying it for all those ready to pounce on how I’m not using accurate medical terminology… I’m a metallurgist, not a geneticist).In general, the mRNA seems to be getting OUT of the arm muscle (where the public was promised it would stay) and into the blood system where it then can reek havoc, though, YES, is SEEMS to be in a ‘small’ percentage of the ppl… [There are some who claim it takes about 30 minutes to enter VAERS report… and their system is designed to time out and clear the fields at 2200 seconds – 36 minutes. Imagine busy docs and nurses trying to enter this – with all the crisis interruptions… so I imagine the problems are far larger than we’re seeing in VAERS.]Just my understandings…

Jami Gaither to Friend: what I’m truly interested in is a listing of deaths by county in the US compared to vaccination rates.

  • Friend to Jami Gaither: That would be interesting. I hear, by state, that deaths and hospitalizations are highest where vaccinations are lowest. (Maybe you could get counties in Minnesota? Lot of counties in the US)
  • Jami Gaither to Friend: That is the message they are spinning. I’m just seeing that they aren’t playing all the records… (for an old school reference)… as they continue the playset of Vaccines will Save us All. I wonder how many gay men are reminded of AZT days with Monster Fauci. As they hear stories of adverse vaccine events. And the “officials” say little about this except: Your chances are slim to have that happen! Take the jab!

Well, guess what!?! Someone has evaluated that data! The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH!

No Discernable Relationship between vaccination and new Covid cases 10/19/21 Dr. Chris Martenson Peak Prosperity YouTube [Source: US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health]

As Chris puts it…

As time rolls on and the months go by, more data is becoming available around the actual efficacy, safety and other attributes of the new experimental mRNA technologies which have been injected into billions of people. And that data is becoming less convincing and reassuring by the minute. …

Our public health “leaders” and their sole reliance on vaccines alone to mitigate the public health disaster of COVID-19 has proven a short sighted and flat-footed strategy for a complex problem requiring a multi-pronged and nuanced set of solutions.”

10/19/26 Peak Prosperity “No Discernable Relationship” between Vaccines and Cases
Positive relationship… not negative… between vaccinations and cases. 10-19-21 Peak Prosperity with Dr. Martenson

The above chart was from a study that noted: “Of the top 5 counties that have the highest percentage of population fully vaccinated (99.9–84.3%), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies 4 of them as “High” Transmission counties. Chattahoochee (Georgia), McKinley (New Mexico), and Arecibo (Puerto Rico) counties have above 90% of their population fully vaccinated with all three being classified as “High” transmission. Conversely, of the 57 counties that have been classified as “low” transmission counties by the CDC, 26.3% (15) have percentage of population fully vaccinated below 20%.” [From Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States] Hmmmm….

Also, did you note the recent UPTICK in data on Breakthrough Cases from the CDC? FUUUUUCCCCKKKK.

Weekly data presented by the CDC summarized. We regained the dead we lost going from the 10/4 report to the 10/11 report… (went from 968 dead to 951 dead that week… for some strange reason…) when, on 10/18/21, we re-added them and 1,331 MORE!

So… not so great at preventing death or hospitalization? And, hey, they STILL haven’t updated the latest week’s data on Breakthrough cases… so who knows what’s happening? [OH, SHIT! Monday Update – the CDC Breakthrough case data website is TOTALLY CHANGED AND NO LONGER SHOWS THE DATA!!! WTF???]

We DO know it’s not preventing the spread…

The authors found that although the vaccines did offer some protection against infection and onward transmission, Delta dampened that effect. A person who was fully vaccinated and then had a ‘breakthrough’ Delta infection was almost twice as likely to pass on the virus as someone who was infected with Alpha. And that was on top of the higher risk of having a breakthrough infection caused by Delta than one caused by Alpha.

Unfortunately, the vaccine’s beneficial effect on Delta transmission waned to almost negligible levels over time. In people infected 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, both in the UK, the chance that an unvaccinated close contact would test positive was 57%, but 3 months later, that chance rose to 67%. The latter figure is on par with the likelihood that an unvaccinated person will spread the virus.

A reduction was also observed in people vaccinated with the jab made by US company Pfizer and German firm BioNTech. The risk of spreading the Delta infection soon after vaccination with that jab was 42%, but increased to 58% with time.

COVID vaccines cut the risk of transmitting Delta — but not for long nature 10/5/21 [Note this link changed overnight to a new article… so strange.]

And now we want to give them to kids… what could go wrong??? We apparently will see… as many follow Fauci still. {Note: In Minnesota, less than 0.05% of our dead have been kids under 15. That’s 4 of our over 8500 dead. The risks of them dying of covid are SOOOO LOW, and unknown are the risks of Emergency Use Authorization vaccines… Why oh why are we sacrificing our young to unknown risks? Reportedly as a method for saving the very old and infirmed. Hmmm…. I just cannot fathom a society that devalues its young people so callously… Oh, wait! Yep, same one that is not likely to be giving them much hope after the COP26 in Glasgow… as the measly offerings of the G20 indicate. What a joke our ‘leaders’ have become. So deluded…

Just in recent days, Dr. Martenson has been reporting on the economic impacts of Days of Corona… as the powers that be are destroying our middle class economy. If you don’t think this is gonna bite YOU in the ass… you’re not watching closely enough.

And now… Fauci has been revealed for his cruel experiments on Beagles.
[As Saagar notes, It’s Our Money… prompting my comment: It’s our money… but they spend it the way they want. Like pumping Trillions into the pockets of Fat Cats via dumping funding into the Stock Market. The puppies are a small part of the problem… though puppies are likely the place we MIGHT discover some will awaken to the lack of care for people by our so-called “leaders”? (see above video…)]

Cruel testing, on the apparent ‘dog of choice’ – Beagles.
For what end exactly?

Who knows? But I’m not gonna be a beagle.


There’s been a whistleblower on the Phizer study. And it doesn’t look good. AND THE FDA KNEW ABOUT IT IN SEPTEMBER 2020!!!

“Since Jackson reported problems with Ventavia to the FDA in September 2020, Pfizer has hired Ventavia as a research subcontractor on four other vaccine clinical trials (covid-19 vaccine in children and young adults, pregnant women, and a booster dose, as well an RSV vaccine trial; NCT04816643, NCT04754594, NCT04955626, NCT05035212). The advisory committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is set to discuss the covid-19 paediatric vaccine trial on 2 November.

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial (my emphasis)
Dr. John Campbell will read you all the news if you’d rather not read the medical study.

“Two former Ventavia employees spoke to The BMJ anonymously for fear of reprisal and loss of job prospects in the tightly knit research community. Both confirmed broad aspects of Jackson’s complaint. One said that she had worked on over four dozen clinical trials in her career, including many large trials, but had never experienced such a “helter skelter” work environment as with Ventavia on Pfizer’s trial.

“I’ve never had to do what they were asking me to do, ever,” she told The BMJ. “It just seemed like something a little different from normal—the things that were allowed and expected.”

She added that during her time at Ventavia the company expected a federal audit but that this never came.


The more you know…