I am a 46 year old Midwestern girl.  I have no problem with the word “girl” but I am a grown woman as well.  I like to think we are all still kids inside, if we are able to connect with that energy.  I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter and, yes, the sequence makes sense. I became a mother in 1993 to a wonderful son who is now making his way to his dreams at Purdue University.  In 2002, I married a wonderful man with whom I am now pursuing dreams for post-full-time family life.  We were married a year from the day we started dating so we have a double anniversary.  And I am a daughter again as in 2014 my husband and I moved in with my mother and her husband.  Having not lived in the same state as my mother for almost 30 years, it’s been wonderful reconnecting with her.  And, yes, I know how lucky I am to have this opportunity as many do not.  But, yes, there is still the teenage girl inside who sometimes is like, “Mo-om!”  And the wonderful man I married… he is adjusting well to life with the in-laws.

I spent my career in Steel as a Metallurgical Engineer.  I worked for Inland Steel, which became ArcelorMittal Steel.  I left there for Rouge Steel, which became Severstal.  And then left for Dofasco, which also became ArcelorMittal… and for which I took some blame from co-workers.  My final stint was at Steel Dynamics which, so far, remains Steel Dynamics.

I am also a Cat Lover, Puzzler, Crafter, Problem Solver, Counselor, Dreamer and Artist.


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  1. Ok, soul sister, I’ve like everything I’ve read thus far and it’s midnight so I need to get some sleep. I’ll read some more tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll like that as well!


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