What I Believe…

I believe that dreams can come true.  I don’t believe this happens without hard work and dedication, but I do believe there is often a lot of luck and magic involved.

I believe in Dream Pages where you put together images and words of what you hope to attain, how you hope to transform and where you desire to proceed.  I’ve done several pages since 1995 and almost everything on the pages has come true.  The first thing that came true from my very first dream page was finding a job that allowed me to be home with my son, just as I became a single mother again… this time through the blessing of a welcome divorce.  One of the more recent dreams come true was being able to retire at age 45 and continue forward on my plans to be an Upcycle Artist and Permaculture Homesteader with my husband, Dan.

I believe anyone can do this, as long as one believes it is possible.  Belief is pretty critical to success.  And, again, some hard work and dedication are also required.

So what I plan to share is how I’ve gotten to here, Retired at 45, and where I plan to go from here as I find my next great adventures in this life.  I’m not sure where this will go, who may find it useful or entertaining, or even how it’s done at this point!  So have patience with me.  And, for those who know me, I can be wordy… so I will try to work into the blog some of the more critical ideas and themes so they are easy to find.

I envisage that it will bring peace, smiles, that feeling of “I KNOW!” and hope.  And I hope to meet neat people with big dreams who can teach and guide me as we all travel through space on this third rock from the sun, looking for happiness.  That’s really what this life is about.  My husband told me the meaning of life, I believe on the day that I fell in love with him…

To be Happy and help others find Happiness.

So that is my goal.  Feel free to join me.

Feeling like there ought to be a bit of an update after a half dozen years almost now writing this blog. Most will have figured out that my Upcycle Artist and Permaculture Homesteader roles have largely taken a back seat to my role as a Climate Justice Advocate.

When we retired to Minnesota and moved into Mom’s, one of the first pieces of mail forwarded from our old Indiana address was a notice from Enbridge that they would be installing a new pipeline in our neighborhood. Little did we know that our property was on the proposed pipeline route as a part of an alternative, only later moving to the neighbor’s property after we built a structure on our retirement place in 2009.

I’ve spent thousands of hours working to oppose this pipeline project as Tar Sands are the dirtiest of all crudes and have no business in a future where humans hope to retain a comfortable life on the planet. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the rise in floods, droughts, fires, tornados, hurricanes, melting artic ice, warming oceans… Those last two are now engaged in a feedback loop of no apparent remedy. Dan predicts a near-term failure of Greenland’s ice sheet, should the earthquakes and warming continue. Perhaps that would awaken those folks still denying human impacts on climate? Or… perhaps it will simply be more “Nature has cycles – nothing we can do!” from the climate denial crowd in the U.S. [And it is pretty solely a US phenomenon – well, UK and Aussies too – you know, the colonizer nation and her babies. FFS.]

So… this has meant, for me, far less homesteading and art… and far more focus on government’s failure to protect citizens – from a Minnesota perspective.

Hope folks are enjoying the information and using it to raise their own voices to help protect our only home… Mother Earth… Nimaamaa Aki. [Oh, yeah, I’m really LOVING learning Ojibwemowin – The Ojibwe Language! One practice, along with Tao, that I will continue. I’m even making time for yoga occasionally! And I’m in hopes we will defeat Enbridge’s Line 3 project soon… so I can focus more on fun.]

1 thought on “What I Believe…”

  1. Great meeting you yesterday out by the “Front Line”, and offering optimism regarding the court cases there with Line 3.

    Take care. Maka


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