With many questioning his mental stability, intelligence, and health, GOP Leader 45 recently underwent his first annual physical, given by Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Johnson*.  And the results were… well, a bit questionable.

We’ve seen many memes regarding his height and weight but we have failed to discuss the details and their ramifications. The fact that he’s only gained 3# since his last assessment (by his personal doctor in September, 2016) seems to defy the weight he appears to have gained during his first year in the White House.  But the even bigger surprise is that he GREW AN INCH in the same time frame!!  In January 2017 he was 6’2”. But NOW he’s 6’3”!! Now that is gravity defying!

I think the most amazing report in his assessment  is his fasting glucose.  I find it hard to believe he is at 89 when he is constantly eating McDonald’s.  However, if it’s true, we might want to pull him for critical study to determine what chemical in his blood allows this to occur.  It could save America by Making us Less Diabetes Prone Again.

Though I am also surprised by the cardiac performance demonstrating “above average exercise capacity” for a person of his age.  I’m wondering if he did the chemical stress test as opposed to the treadmill test.  I’ve heard people say it’s easier.  I just can’t imagine a guy who had to take a golf cart last year during his time in Europe being “above average” in exercise capacity.  Remember when he pushed that other world leader out of the way because he was later on arrival for the cameras?  Not the leader of the pack by any definition.

Some experts have “weighed” in…   And they give some pretty good photos with which to compare 45 to others in the same height range.   It’s uncanny how he can make himself look shorter than people who are reportedly shorter than him!  Must be a talent only a Stable Genius has.  Oh, along those lines, Eugene Robinson has written a lovely letter to 45 on this topic.

I think if we really want to see Genius Stable Boya “stable genius”, it’s this kid… and he knows how to use a button.

What I haven’t seen is much outpouring of concern over his mental assessment.  With all the concerns being expressed of late, hearing he had a “perfect score” on his cognitive assessment was confusing.  So, we at the Gaither Place decided to do some research.  We wondered what exactly the questions were on this mental assessment and we found it!  The Montreal Cognitive Assessment:

Montreal Cognitive Assessment

Doc Ronny Johnson noted that 45 did “exceedingly well” on this assessment.  But is this truly meaningful?  I mean, if a second grader got a 30/30 score I might be impressed.  But really, every grown adult who is free from Severe Mental Retardation, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s should be able to easily answer these questions correctly.  And should we be concerned that the part we (ok, I) mostly expected him to fail is not worth any points?

The foreign press says his exam did not include a psychiatric evaluation.  Well, the Daily Mail is fake news, of course!  But the Guardian did not expect news of his mental acuity to be shared.  And were they right?  Was all the reporting on his evaluation modified?  Possibly for National Security reasons?

Should We the People have concerns due to the fact that the White House Physician is selected by the President?  Though Ronny was selected by G.W. Bush, and appointed by Obama, are his loyalties truly with us, the American People?  Or is he somehow guided, heck even directed, by the National Security Administration or the Department of Homeland Security?  Why would they lie to us?  Why would there be any cover up of what their responsibilities are in the process of the Annual Physical for the President?

Which brings us to the Super Bowl…  “What?”  Yes. The Super Bowl.

One of the interesting news bits of late in Minnesota is concern over whether the Federal operatives will push out the Minneapolis Police Department – there was a recent blurb on MPR but I can’t find it, though I did find this article that notes: “The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is the lead agency for security at this year’s Super Bowl, and they are being supported by an impressive team that includes dozens of local police departments and public safety organizations, along with federal agencies including the FBI and multiple components of the Department of Homeland Security.”

However, our experience in Indy for Super Bowl XLVI indicated DHS was truly in charge.  The DHS built a Command Center in Indy [a “gift to the city” that was so poorly built it was falling apart a year later] in which camera monitoring and security oversight took place.  While they may say local officials are in charge, the fact is that if anything happens, DHS will be running the show. As they probably already are.

Why should we believe there is any difference in what they say about the Super Bowl security and the information they provide on 45’s physical? They are really only telling us what they want us to hear.

The good news for Mikey Pence is that they have told us some things that could work out well for him.  With a declaration of 45’s cholesterol issues, the plan for taking him out in a year or two can now go unquestioned.  They can reasonably claim, “It was a bad ticker!”  Then Pence can get a short term, to finish out The Don’s first term, and then still be eligible for 2 more terms!!  They just have to be sure to keep him alive long enough to get to that point where it won’t make Pence ineligible for that third term in the Executive branch.  And how long is that?  Well, here’s a meme that gives you a hint.

Trump Businesses Closed

Imagine if next year we see:

1/20/2017 Trump Inaugurated

1/20/2018 Government Shutdown

1/20/2019 Trump in Critical Condition after Heart Attack

Then we could see 10 years of Mr. P.  [Or, if they take him out before then, whoever fills Paul Ryan’s post.]  You see, the Twenty-Second Amendment says a person can only be elected to be president two times for a total of eight years. However, if said person (typically a Vice-President) takes over for a president who can no longer be President and serves two years or less of the last President’s term, he or she may serve for two full four-year terms.

Now that is something to ponder.

* Dr. Johnson… and he’s a Rear Admiral!!  Think about it… You can’t make this shit up!

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